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Victoria Hash House Harriers'
2021 Robbie Burns Birthday Party Run

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Saturday January 23rd and Sunday January 24th (your preference see signup sheet)

Start Time

Special - on account of this being a COVID-19 year. Current time:


Start is at Playfair Park parking lot.

Special This will be run individually or by hashers living in a household. Booking will be in 1 hour time-slots from TBD to TBD. There will also be no hanging around the BC.  Sanitize your hands, grab 2 beers and go back to your car to sulk, drink beer, or just go home.

This is a similar style COVID-19 hashing response created by Preemie in the Dark Side of the Moon run 312, then repeated by VH3 744.  See A Hares and Hounds Guide to Hashing in the Physical Distancing Era.

Bookings will be done on a first-cum-first-satisfied basis.

IMPORTANT: Unlike the previous runs show mentioned above, there will be no gathering at the BC of any sort.

Please check the link above to see who is booked when, and, if your choice time is not booked, book it by emailing vh3rsvp@vh3.ca (click here if you are using a PC mail client; not webmail), and let OnSec and Hares know your hash name - or just your name -, and the time you want to run, and maybe provide a an alternative time incase OnSec or Hares haven't updated the bookings prior to your looking at the website.

Click to enlargeThere will be a Highland Games - Click to see videobeer check, prizes for best dressed, and a run quiz on VPs.

Religion will be done by Zoom.
Topic: Hash Religion
Time: Jan 24, 2021 7:00 PM
Join Zoom Meeting: TBD
Meeting ID: TBD
Passcode: TBD

How to get there
Hash-finder Map

Map to the run.   

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Bus Routes Map that might gets you to the start.


Premature Evacuation and Kitty Licker

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Cost $5


Your house (Zoom religion at 7pm on Sunday)

Check the Dark Side for more hashes.