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Lone Wolf Running: Click to enlarge
A Lone Wolf Runners Club shirt can be purchase at www.goneforarun.com (they ship to Canada)."

Victoria Hash House Harriers'
(No hounds but 'lone wolfs')

This time last year:The obligatory rabble shot.  Yeast Infection, one of our 'mad hares' can easily be picked out of the crowd (the only one wearing bunny ears).Click here for a larger image

See the Digger and Little Blow Peep's Multiple hooks 'the naming of Speedy Whorezales' North Saanich run - April 6, 2019  - 'this time last year'.


 Saturday  April 4th  (or there abouts)

Start Time

ANY TIME Special lone wolf time! Current time:


Lone wolf run starting location Saxe Point.

Run Map

(At least for now buses are free)
The Lone Wolf Run map is from Run 376 (2005) (Little Blow and Digger's Easter run).
The following image contain paths that do not work.  Click on the map for a larger version.
Remember the map.  Then see how lost you get trying to run it - without the map.  Share your story afterwards.
The digital map is more accurate (perhaps less challenging)
Lone Wolf Run 1 - based on run 376 Map - this is a 6.3 KM run.
 Run 376 Map - Sax Point start: click to enlarge
In the meantime here is a Lone Wolf Motivational Video, ...just incase beer isn't enough.

All Hares are in hiding, or staying physical distancing.

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Cost $0


We encourage you to drink beer at home... but let us know through social media. /td>

Check the Dark Side for more hashes.