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Victoria Hash House Harriers'
Annual General Pissup and Run

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Saturday November 16th

Start Time

2:30 PM Current time:


A regular hash, followed by an irregular AGPU.

Victoria Hashers, this is your chance to elect another Mismanagement, or re-elect those who managed the mischief this year.  It is also a chance to bring up new ideas, and resolutions.

If you don't know who Missmanagement is right now, ... we must have done a good job!
Click here to see who the VH3 2019 Mismanagement are.

And for all you hounds, as "James Bovard wrote, "Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner", your GM writes, "Democracy must be more than two hounds and a hare deciding over what to have on their pizza."


2515 Victor Street

How to get there
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Bus Routes Map that might gets you to the start.


Stroke Alone and Wet Taco

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Cost $6 for the run


At the AGPU, 2515 Victor Street, bring what you want to drink (BYOB), and we'll order-in pizza.

Check the Dark Side for more hashes.