Mismanagement for Victoria Hash House Harriers 2018

The following were voted in at the AGPU on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017.

Run your cursor over each Mismanager's name, from the top down, to see who they are.
The pointer must be on the photo to keep it visible, so moving off the photo closes it.

Grand Mattress Kitty Licker
Religious Advisor Blue Balls
Hare Raiser Stoolie Andrews
Hash Cash Deep Shit
Hash Flash Lovely Lady Bush
Beermeister Premature Evacuation
Hash Haberdashers Geri Bait
Assistant Hash Haberdasher Double Hump
Webmeister Stroke Alone
On Sec Cock-a-Leeky
Special Events / Hashy-hour Coordinator Some Bitchy C

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