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This time last year:
Cock-a-Leeky Savouring her Punishment

Victoria Hash House Harriers'
(all the pubs are closed)

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This time last year:The obligatory rabble shot.  Yeast Infection, one of our 'mad hares' can easily be picked out of the crowd (the only one wearing bunny ears).Click here for a larger image

See the VH3 Run The 'Mad as a March Hare' Run - March 23, 2019 for more photos from 'this time last year'.


 Saturday  March 21th 

Start Time

3:30 PM Current time:


Now and until ... maybe when the pubs re-open

How to get there
Hash-finder Map

(At least for now buses are free)
While you are out and about,
here is how to make COVID-19n Hand Sanitizer.
Seems appropriate; it involves alcohol.

All Hares are in hiding, or staying 'socially distant'.

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We encourage you to drink beer at home... but let us know through social media.

Check the Dark Side for more hashes.