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Happy Beer Birthday!: Click to enlarge

Victoria Hash House Harriers'

Boomerang's and Jonner's 50/80 Run
the we-should-leave-them-even-more-pickled run

The B-Boys w/ sparkly birthday cakes in 2015: Click to enlarge


Saturday September 5th

Start Time

Schedule start time are  3PM and 4PM (up to 15 hasher each) Current time:


Frank Hobbs Elementary School, Haro Road off of Arbutus

Special / What Fireworks In 2015 they got older, and had sparkling cakes made on their heads, and now they seem to have done it again!  Boomerang and Jonners are sharing a birthday.  There will be a whisky stops on the run to toast the birthday boys.

This is a COVID-19-modified run designed to be done in groups of no more than 15 people physically distancing themselves when they stop running, or while walking.

Fire Hazard! An 80 candle birthday cake: Click to enlargeMUST NOT KICK OUT
the checks.  In order that hashers do not bunch up, each run will start on-time, so hasher who arrive late for their booked time will have to run extra fast to catch up, or will have a shorter time at the beer check.  The BC will not accommodate two groups, so the goal is to have the prior group finish at the BC before the majority of the next groups has arrived.

There will probably be walkers instructions available on request. When you request your booking please let us know if you will be a walker.

Bookings will be done on a first-cum-first-satisfied basis.

1.  Check the link below to see who is booked when, and if the number booked in your choice time is at 7 or more, please include your second choice of time, or if you don't care which time, we will book your run time to balance out the numbers between groups.

2.   Email vh3rsvp@vh3.ca, and let us know your hash name (or just your name if you're one of those superior beings that haven't done anything dumb enough to get yourself given a hash name).

How to get there
Hash-finder Map

Map to the run.

View Run #783 - Run Start in a larger map.

Bus Routes Map that might gets you to the start.


Boomerang and Jonners

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Cost $6 (please bring correct change to reduce handling of money)


NA - you're on your own for food and drink.

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