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The ruins of Deertail Resort - Click to enlarge

Victoria Hash House Harriers'
Sooke Potholes Campout Hash

Stoolie Andrews in Deep Water: Click to enlarge


Saturday August 10th

Start Time

3:00 PM Early Start - more time for fun.


Sooke Potholes - Parking Lot 3


Hashers who are looking for a nice summer campout and wet cool run/walk.

Special Note: Getting There / Trail Warnings / Potluck and Camping (best to camp out and share) PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:

We're Here!: Click to enlarge You need to give yourself a minimum of 1 hour to drive from Victoria to the potholes on a Saturday afternoon.  Sooke potholes on a Saturday afternoon is very popular and it will be a chore to find a place to park, so be prepared to walk a fair distance uphill from one of the lower parking lots to the start location (anywhere from 2.5 to 3 km).  If you want to avoid the hassle of finding a place to park at the start time, either plan to arrive somewhat early (just before noon) or get a campsite and spend the night (recommended).

Cliffs: Click to enlarge The hash will be challenging.  If you get vertigo from steep narrow trails on cliff sides or have inner ear/balance problems, this trail is not for you.  There are portions of rough ground, bush banging and cliff-banging.  There will be a lengthy (300 meters) swimming component in cool, deep water through a canyon, and if you are not a strong swimmer you could drown.   You must be fit and in good shape to do this hash.  The swim will be done with your trail shoes on.  It’s up to you to ensure that you have a water-tight container for your Tendency to be wet: Click to enlarge keys and valuables so you won’t lose them during the swim.  Zip-lock bags do not work.  Remember, chip keys will short-out if they get wet.  A helpful flotation device that you can use is a camelback, which can be used for hydration during the run and then emptied of water and blown up with air for the swim.  If you want a towel and dry clothes to change into at the end of the swim, do up a bundle with a towel and dry shirt/shorts in it and place it in a bag. Make sure things are wrapped up tight.  Get to the hash start with 15 to 20 minutes to spare and give the bundle to Hoops/Bag Liquor, and it will get stashed at the end of the swim.  DO NOT include any valuables or prized possessions in this bundle.

THERE WILL BE A WALKING TRAIL, but it will not incorporate the canyon swim or any cliff-banging.

Religion: Click to enlarge Religion will be held at the campground, followed by a potluck dinner.  If you want to attend the dinner, you need to bring some sort of entree, your plate and cutlery. Although it is very likely that a shuttle could be arranged with one of the campers to take people to and from the campground to the lower parking lots before and after dinner.  Dinner probably won’t get rolling until sometime around 7:00 PM.

The GM's bratwurst and collard greens in garlic: Click to enlargePLEASE BE AWARE that the RCMP regularly check stop traffic coming out of Sooke Potholes on a summer weekend. Some hashers will be going out on Friday to claiming camp sites for Friday and Saturday night. There should be a few sites available Saturday morning and in worst case scenario we're pretty sure hashers could squeeze in an extra tent.  Costs per site are $25/ night. Extra vehicles are $10/vehicle. Each site has a maximum capacity of 7 persons. Everything is paid for in cash. There are cycling/tenting sites at $15/night if that’s your thing.

How to get there
Hash-finder Map

View Run #757 - Run Start in a larger map. TBD

Bus Routes Map that might gets you to the start.


Hoopalong Chastity and Bag Liquor

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Cost $6


Pot-luck approximately at 7 PM.

Check the Dark Side for more hashes.