The Lore of Hashing

Will Turner: This is either madness... or brilliance
Jack Sparrow: It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide.
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

The first rule of hashing is that THERE ARE NO RULES!  ... there are more "customs" or "conventions".  We do however want to keep people safe so follow instructions from Hares or the Religious Advisor (RA).

There are no monthly dues and no "joining."  Nobody cares how fast or slow you run, or what you do for a living.  Just come out and run with us.

We are dreadful time keepers, so if you arrive on time, you might be the first there!  Always check the VH3 Web Site's 'Next Hash' for detail as to where and when a hash starts.  Even if on the rare occasions they are not in the Capital Regional District, there will always be a 'numbered' Hash every second Saturday- in 2014 we had one regular run in a foreign country (Hares argued that there are no rules).  Occasionally there will be 'special' un-numbered hash runs or event, such as Hashy Hours (nights out at a pub). If they exist they will appear in a Special Events section on the VH3 Receding Hareline, a.k.a. Calendar web page.  There you will find a few links, the most interesting might be the VH3 runs? Click here link.  We record how many times hashers come out.

Typically we 'circle-up' - where there are introductions, and the Hares give instructions on the trail markings - about 20 minutes after the start time.  On a warm days it might take a bit longer to get around to circling up.

When you first arrive find the 'Hash Cash' who will take down your name (to identify the body later), and collect your run fee (normally that gives you 2 beers, but there may be extra on special occasions).  Check the website for fees and they may vary.  With some rare exceptions (where your following run is determined to be your first run) there is no charge on your first run (your 'virgin' run) with the exception of the Christmas run (the 12 Stops of Christmas).  At the beginning of the 12 Stops run we will either handed you a card giving you a free run when you return, or we will make a note to remind us that you are due a free run (probably both).

We follow trails of flour, many false, but we try hard not to lose anyone!!    The trail marks may very between kennels, but 'The VH3 Gallery of Trail Marks' contains images of trail marks from actual VH3/Dark Side of the Moon runs, and CRRAP BHashs.   At the beginning of every run one of the Hares will describe the marks they have used, especially any special marks, and give instructions, especially those related to any unusual marks.

By convention all hash runs are called runs, but the VH3 recognized that there are walkers too, and we welcome them.  Not all hashers run, and there are times when a hasher recovering from too much beer, or from injury, needs to walk, and get out into the fresh air.  Often there are walkers routes, or a walkers map, but always let the Hare(s) know if you are a walker (especially if he forgets to ask), and you will be accommodated as best can be.

After the Hash we either go to a pub, or a hasher cooks for all for a per-person fee.

We usually get 15-25 out to a run.  More for the special ones.

We usually meet on a Saturday afternoon, around 2:30PM year round.  Always check the VH3 Web Site's 'Next Hash' page for up-to-date details and weather.

On On!

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