Combined Vh3/Dark Side/CRRAP Calendar for 2023

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Move mouse over date for info, and click date for links to photos or calendar details.

Android users may not see the "mouse overs".

Event Summary and Pop-up Event Details
  • Click on the event summary headings blow, or on the total events of this year, to display who set which run/events.
  • Click on the Os, Xs, etc. of upcoming events to see the latest details in the calendar.
  • Once in a detail screen click the arrow keys to move to the next even detail.
  • Dates subject to change - Check back often.
  • Of the 0 events this year, we had:
    CRRAPs Dog
    Special Events
    and Wine
    0 0 0 0 0 0
    Contact Boomerang (for VH3), or Blue Balls (for Dark Side), or Jonners (for the BHash)
    when you want to set a run by using using

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