Combined Vh3/Dark Side/CCRAP Calendar for 2018

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Contact Stoolie Andrews (for VH3), or Dikkus (for Dark Side), or Jonners (for the BHash)
when you want to set a run by using using

VHHH 715th - New Years Day Run - Muck Sucker VHHH 716th - Puss 'n Boots Dark Side 285 - Homer (a.k.a Gary Glitter) VHHH 717th - Robbie Burns - Kitty Licker Hash Hour #3 VHHH 718th - Blue Balls and Lovely Lady Bush VHHH 719th - Yeast Infection K9VH3 DHASH #17 - RCMP assisted by Jonners and Lakey Dark Side 286th - 76th Anniversary of Gispert's Death - Stoolie Andrews Hash Hour #3 VHHH 720th - Stroke Alone's 300th Dark Side 287th - Dikkus & Preemie VHHH 721st - Geri Bait and Shigella BWASH #1/BHASH #91 - Wining ExLax CRRAP - Just Atley and Some Bitchy C VHHH 722th - Stoolie Andrews K9VH3 DHASH #18 - Flush assisted by Yeast Infection VHHH 723th - Some Bitchy C' and Wet Taco Dark Side 288th - Dolly Boy VHHH 724th - Stroke Alone (Mystery Hare) VHHH 725th - Stroke Alone and Circle Jerk K9VH3 DHASH #19 - Some Bitchy C & Wet Taco Dark Side 289th - Dikkus VHHH 726th - Jonners and Lakey Dark Side 290th - Blue Balls, and Lovely Lady Bush VHHH 727th - Saltspring Island campout - Shigella, and Lovely Lady Bush VHHH 728th - Yeast Infection BASH #92 - Stroke Alone K9VH3 - DHASH #20 - RCMP assisted by Lakey and Jonners Dark Side 291st - Some Bitchy C' VHHH 729th - Stoolie and Temporarily named Sh*tbox VHHH 730th - Ice Breaker Hash Hour #3 VHHH 731th - Hoopalong Chastity, Bag Licker, and Stoolie Andrews BASH #93 - Jonner and Lakey K9VH3 - DHASH #21 - F... Franklin and Muzzle Meat Dark Side 292nd - Premature Evacuation VHHH 732nd - Testicular & Pussy Whipped Blue Buck K9VH3 - DHASH #22 - TBD VHHH 733rd - Boomerang and Hooter Shooter Dark Side 293rd - Dikkus VHHH 734th - Kitty Licker - Annual Red Dress Run VHHH 735th - Cock-a-Leeky and Pisstifferous Dark Side 294th - Hare(s) Needed VHHH 736th - Stroke Alone and Pisstiferous Hash Hour #7 VHHH 737th - Some Bitchy C' Dark Side 295th - Stroke Alone and Cock-a-Leeky BASH #94 - Premature Evacuation K9VH3 - DHASH #23 - Richard the Turd VHHH 738th - Deep Shit - Salmon Run (Gold Streem Park) Hash Hour #8 VHHH 739th - Blue Balls and Nut Job - AGPU VHHH BUB Memorial Dark Side 296th - Xmas Dark Side - Richard the Turd VHHH 740th - 12 stops of Christmas - Whoremoan? BASH #95 - Jonners and Lakey VHHH 741th - New Years Day Run - Muck Sucker

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