Combined Vh3/Dark Side/CCRAP Calendar for 2016

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Contact Little Blow Peep(for VH3), or Dikkus (for Dark Side), or Jonners (for the BHash)
when you want to set a run using using

VHHH 663th - Annual New Years Day Run - Mucksucker & Frogger and Happy Sperm DHASH #7 - RCMP and Flirt VHHH 664th - Digger & Preemature Evacuation VHHH 665th - Robbie Burns - Kitty Licker Dark Side 260th - Dikkus DHASH #8 - Head, Jiggles with Beer and Double Hump Dark Side 261st - G-Day - Preemie & High Beams VHHH 666th - Valentine's Day Run  - Stoolie Andrews VHHH 667th - St. David's Day - Stroke & Blue Balls Dark Side 262nd - Some Bitchy C' and Wet Taco VHHH 668th - Saint Patrick's Day - High Beams & Cock-a-Leeky BASH #84 - Early Easter BHash - Stroke Alone VHHH 669th - Double Hump & Stoolie Andrews Dark Side 263rd - Blue Balls VHHH 670th - Deep Shit VHHH 671st - Little Blow Peep Dark Side 264th - Bag Liquor & Pimp 'N Whore BASH #85 - Stroke Alone and Blue Balls VHHH 672nd - Annual Red Dress Run - Some Bitchy C, and Yeast Infection VHHH 673rd - Jonners & Lakey Dark Side 265th -Double Hump VHHH 674th - Yeast Infection & Oh Candida VHHH 675th - Langford Explorer Hash - Testicular and Pussy Whipped Blue Buck BASH #86 - The 9th Birthday Bash - Jonners & Lakey VHHH 676th - Stroke Alone Dark Side 266th - Sir My Cocks A' Fallen VHHH 677th - Blue Balls & Just Diana VHHH 678th - Cougarbait's Birthday Hash - Pisstiferous & Stroke Alone Dark Side 267th - Digital Scavenger Hunt II - Hot Nuts VHHH 679th - Whoremoan, Stuffer & SHIT (Santa's Helper In Training) VHHH 680th - Salt Spring Campout - Blue Balls and Self Service Dark Side 268th - Boomerang VHHH 681st - Digger and Little Blow Peep VHHH 682nd - Stroke Alone Dark Side 269th - Dark Moon Run and BBQ - Penetration and Dolly Boy VHHH 683rd - Yeast Infection BASH #87 - Some Bitchy C Dark Side 270th - Halloween Ghost Stories Run - Stroke Alone and Some Bitchy C VHHH 684th - Sir My Cocks A'Fallen DHASH #9 - RCMP and Flirt VHHH 685th - Guy Fawkes Run - Lakey and Jonners VHHH 686th - Goldstream Run - Deep Shit Dark Side 271nd - XMas Darkside - Richard the Turd VHHH 687th - AGPU Stoolie & Some Bitchy C VHHH 688th - 12 stops of Christmas - Whoremoan K9VH3 DHASH #10 - Steamie Dark Side 272th - Lakey and Jonners

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