Combined Vh3/Dark Side/CCRAP Calendar for 2015

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VHHH 634th - Annual Polar Bear Swim Hash - Mucksucker & Cardinal Sin BASH #76 - Post-Christmas CRRAP - Jonners & Lakey VHHH 635th - Annual Chili Run - Kitty Licker VHHH 636th - Robbie Burns - Some Bitchy 'C' and Tin Titties Dark Side 248th - Some Bitchy C DHASH #5 - RCMP and Flirt VHHH 637th - Gispert Memorial Run - Stoolie Andrews VHHH 638th - Valantine's Day Run - Cock-a-Leeky and Happy Sperm VHHH 639th - The 2nd Annual St David's Day Hash - Lakey and High Beams Dark Side 249th - Stoolie Andrews BASH #77 - Double Hump VHHH 640th - Saint Patrick's Day - Little Blow Peep and Digger Dark Side 250th Prelewd Pub Crawl Dark Side 250th - Digger, Premature Evacuation, Dikkus VHHH 641th - Boomerang & Just Susan BASH #79 - Double Hump. VHHH 642th - Blue Balls VHHH 643th - Some Bitchy C and Stroke Alone Dark Side 251th - Stroke Alone VHHH 644th - Stoolie Andrews VHHH 645th - Dune Dodger & Cheap Riser, Stroke Alone, and Blue Balls Dark Side 252th - Dikkus VHHH 646th -Testicular & Pussy Whipped Blue Buck Dark Side 253th - Some Bitchy 'C' and Full Service VHHH 647th - Self Service - Salt Spring Hash Pre-lube VHHH 648th - Blue Balls, and Hoop Along Chastity - Salt Spring Hash BASH #79 - Jonners and Lakey VHHH 649th - Prize Prick & Pantsdownbooty VHHH 650th - Just Pirouz and Jack the Tripper Dark Side 254th - Premature Evacuation VHHH 651th - Stroke Alone BASH #80 - Premature Evacuation VHHH 652th - Stoolie Andrews - Annual Sooke Potholes Run Dark Side 255th - Hot Nuts VHHH 653th - Boomerang and Jonner - Their Birthdays, and Boomerangs goodbye (Burma bound) Dark Side 256th - Premature Evacuation VHHH 655th - Some Bitchy C & Wet Taco VHHH 654th - Babes Cruise Prelube - Hare(s) needed BASH #82 - Stroke Alone and Rim Her VHHH 656th - Sir My Cocks A' Fallen and Cock-a-Leeky DHash #6 - Double Hump, Jiggles with Beer and Just Maggie VHHH 657th - Preemie & Dikkus Dark Side 257th - Dikkus Victoria Marathon Beer Check title Digital Scavenger Hunt Pub Crawl - Moon Under Water Brew Pub HSWTFH3 Hash, Camp Dinner, Campout, ABC Run Saturday - Blewb'y & Some Bitchy C VH3-HSWTFH3 Run - Jack the Tripper & Ice Breaker VHHH 658th - Sir My Cocks A'Fallen and Pisstifferous VHHH 659th - Run 1b Anniversary Run - Jonners, Digger, and Double Hump, plus a mystery hare Dark Side 258th - Premature Evacuation BASH #82 -Blue Balls VHHH 660th - Stoolie Andrews - (Deep Shit's) Gold Stream Salmon Run VHHH 661th - AGPU - Digger Dark Side 259th - XMas Darkside - Richard the Turd BASH #83 - Jonners and Lakey VHHH 662th - 12 stops of Christmas - Whoremoan VHHH 663th - Annual Polar Bear Swim Hash - Mucksucker

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