Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 1987-1993

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
77 December 11th, 93 Just Tommy, Prickhairyass, and Swollen Bag Gordon Head
69 September 25th, 93 Dikkus, Carmel &  Road Kill Goldstream Park camping out
July 24th,93 ? ? Wrong Way & Maytag's wedding hash
50 December 5th, 92 Longest Member &  Icebox Sandown Racing Track Dolly Boy and penetration meet
? ? Carmel Sidney Blue Heron
Various Various Various Various Old Hashes, between 1990-1994 - 27 photos from unknown hash events.
1b November 4, 1990 Ian M. (Founder of the Victoria H3) Spinnakers VH3 inaugural hash with all Victoria contingent. Trail laid by our Founder Ian M (later to be named Longest Member).
1a October 14th, 1990 Sheepshagger, Drip Dry & High Beams (Vancouver H3) Spinnakers
? October 16th, 1987 Unknown The Richard Wilson residence, University of Victoria
The UVicH3 Martlet AdThe Martlet crest: Click to enlargeThe date of the first VH3 hash run had long been debated as having either started October 14th, 1990, or on November 4th that same year.  Some believe it was the day of the first run, even though that trail was set by Vancouver hashers. Others say it was the run that the local VH3 members set.  Finally, when the VH3 was facing its 500th run milestone, a compromise was made to list both runs as run 1a and 1b.  That was settles,... or was it?  End of October 2018 the VH3 Web master receiver evidence from the a friend that their was an active Hash House Harrier club at the University of Victoria much earlier, and that their first run may have been on the same week as run 1a, but  three year earlier in 1987.  He found advertisements in The Martlet news paper, first appearing October 15th, of 1987, UVic coat of arms:  Click to enlarge for a run October 16th.   Whether this run actually occurred or not is unknown, however, the ad appeared in the Martlet until January, when it was changed, removing the specific starting location at the student residency.  I gather they realized that it was more interesting if the start changed for every event.  The change to the ad in January that year supports a hypothesis that the club remained active throughout that year, as normally a club at Uvic would have their advertiement automatically repeated in the Martlet throughout the year until  the Martlet was told otherwise.