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    VHHH 741th - New Years Day Run - Muck Sucker Dark Side 297 - Little Blow Peep & Cheap Pickup VHHH 742nd - Wet Taco VHHH 743rd - Robbie Burns Run - Kitty Licker Dark Side 298 - Boomerang and Just Katya BASH #96 - Blue Balls - TuTu Ride VHHH 744th - Little Blow Peep and Premature Evacuation VHHH 745th - Some Bitchy C' and Just Katya K9VH3 DHASH #25 - Sir My Cocks A' Fallen Hashy Hour #9 Dark Side 299 - Hare(s) Needed VHHH 746th - Stroke Alone VHHH 747th - Yeast Infection and O Candida Dark Side 301 - Premature Evacuation VHHH 748th - Digger and Little Blow Peep Hashy Hour #10 K9VH3 DHASH #26 - RCMP with Jonners and Lakey VHHH 749th - Stoolie Andrews Dark Side 300 - The DSMH3 Junta (Blue Balls, Premature Evacuation, Digger, and Dikkus) VHHH 750th - Some Bitchy C BASH #97 - Jonners and Lakey VHHH 751th - VH3 Red Dress Run - Stroke Alone VHHH 752th - Gin and Tonic Hash - Test-Tickler and Pussy Whipped Blue Buck Dark Side 302 - Dolly Boy VHHH 753rd - Stoolie Andrews and Cock-a-Leeky BASH #92 - Little Blow Peep, and Digger VHHH 754th - Ice Breaker K9VH3 DHASH #27 - Flush assisted by Yeast Infection and Oh Candida Dark Side 303 - Premature Evacuation VHHH 755th - Speedy Whorezales VHHH 756th - Slippery Dick Dark Side 304 - Black Moon Run - Dikkus K9VH3 DHASH #28 - Drugged Detection Dog & Richard the Thurd VHHH 757th - Hoopalong Chastity and Bag Liquor - Sooke Potholes VHHH 758th - Wet Taco Dark Side 305 - Stroke Alone and Wet Taco K9VH3 DHASH #29 - RCMP & Lakey & Jonners VHHH 759th - Sexi Lexi VHHH 760th - Just Brett & Boomerang Dark Side 306 - Premature Evacuation BASH #99 - Scouts needed; volunteer now! VHHH 761th - Some Bitchy C and Muff Diver K9VH3 DHASH #30 - RCMP & Lakey & Jonners VHHH 762th - Stroke Alone Dark Side 307 - Blue Balls VHHH 763th - Shigella and Lovely Lady Bush - Salt Spring Glampout - Day of the Dead K9VH3 DHASH #31 - Drug Dog Detector and Richard the Turd VHHH 764th - Deep Shit- Goldstream Dark Side 308 - Hare(s) Needed VHHH 765th - Stroke Alone and Wet Taco - AGPU Dark Side 309 - Xmas Run - Richard the Turd VHHH 766th - Whoremoan, Newfie Priest, Stuffer and SHIT - 12 Stops of Christmas K9VH3 DHASH #32 - Attaturd with Yeast Infection and Oh Clamidia VHHH 767th - New Years Day Run - Hare(s) Needed

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