Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2023

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
864 December 16 Whoremoan 1734 Tiffin Place
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The 30th 12 Stops of Christmas Rabble
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The 30th 12 Stops of Hashmas Run
Being number 30, and the 12 Stops, I thought this would be one of the bigger runs of the year, but attendance was just kind of normal for a 12-Stops, with 22 hashers, including the return of Prickhairyass.  In 1993 Just Tommy, Prickhairyass, and Swollen Bag set the
first 12-Stops of Christmas Run (VH3 #77) and there was hope that Swollen Bag could make a show, but that didn't The First 12 Stops Rabble: Click to enlarge
The 1st 12 Stops of Christmas Rabble
The Hares are circled in the photo.
happen.  Prickhairyass was a real backslider as her last showing was at the 2012 12 Stops of Christmas.  We had two young guys from Brazil and Italy who were getting a real bit of wacky Canadian culture.  Those two just put us over the numbers of the last run.  It was also one of the mildest 12 Stops of Christmas, with all the traditional stops and a new evolving tradition of stopping at Andrew Weaver home and drinking his booze - but don't tell him it becoming a 'tradition'HappyFace.     Two traditions that did not happen were the 12 Stops of Christmas Quiz (started in 1999), and the singing of Christmas carols at the old folks home (last done at the 12 Stops in 2018), which ended with the onset of the COVID Era.  On-after was back to the tradition of a pot luck and gift exchange at the hares, which a modest number attended.  We have a good selection of photos from Goes Down Well and another excellent write-up scribed by Sir My Cocks A'Fallen.
864 December 2 Some Bitchy C' Vic West Elementary School 750 Front Street
863 November 18 Deep Shit and Ice Breakerl At the parking lot across from the closed Ma Millers Pub at 2903 Sooke Lake Road
862 November 4 Ice Breaker and Goes Down Well Chez Ice Breaker, 200 King George Terrace opposite King George Lookout
861 October 21 Flaminghotstuff, Yeast Infection, and Oh Candida Mount Douglas Parking Lot at Glendenning Rd.
860 October 7 Premature Evacuation and Dikkus Anderson Hill Park (Oak Bay) on Island Road, street parking near the main entrance
High Beams returns: Click to enlarge
A tie-dye beaming optical effect highlights the return of High Beams as she is called into the circle for her backslider down-down.
The 'What Happens When Stroke Alone Is Away?' Anderson Hill Park Run.  I missed this run.  I missed High Beams return, a rare showing of Hoopalong Chastity - who I believe normally works Saturdays -, and a very and warm sunny autumn run.  Oh Candida authored the write-up, as Sir My Cocks A'Fallen had a scheduling conflict, and OC  kindly exercise her writing talent. I was able to follow some of the trail from her narrative and constructed photo captions, also based on the shooting time of the photos received from Goes Down Well and OC, and according to our record keeping 29 hashers came to this event - though the write-up says 18 hashers - I believe a double count error happened while I was away.  I follow-up with a question about why the first photo was of the backside of one of the hares presumably off setting some of winkremaining segment of the trail 24 minutes after the normal run start time. Dikkus named the run 'What happens When...' and now I know why. Though even if I were there I can not see how my presence would have assured a perfect run.  I only claim that it never rains on a hash that I am at.  I safe claim given that by the end of July two thirds of B.C.’s water basins were at drought level 4 or 5 — the most extreme rating — and in the following month water restrictions came into place in almost every corner of the province.  The photos show how dry it has been.
859 September 23 Slippery Dick & Wet Taco Sierra Park - San Juan Avenue
858 September 9 Wet Taco & Dikkus Rutledge Park Meeting @ The Pink Elephant
857 August 26 Boomerang & Jonners Hendersen Park off Hendersen & Arden Rd.
856 August 12 Stroke Alone & Wet Taco At the Centennial Trails sign, Brydon Park, off Viewmont Ave.
The Brydon Park Run Rabble: Click to enlarge
The Brydon Park 'Hash-past Mystery Photo' Run Rabble
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The Brydon Park 'Hash-past Mystery Photo' Run
Some time in 1996 a hare set a run and then forgot about it, but there was evedence of it left in a monochrome photo of a bunch of hashers at a
BC.  It remains a mystery when the photo was taken, and where the photo was taken.  The photo from the event was posted on the main page of our photos galleries with a question to hashers asking if anyone knew where the photo was taken.  See the two response on the Photos page.  All these years the building in the photo couldn't be found.  Base on hasher response I was looking in the area of A Daiquiri: Click to enlarge
The discovery of the Mystery Photo location
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McKenzie at Shelbourne.  Then, while looking for trail ideas I stumbled on a building that looked like the one in the photo, but in Royal Oak, a location far from the previous suggestions.  I thought that make a theme for a run.  I would set a run in that area with a stop at the mystery building, hoping that some of the hashers who were on the original run also turn up on this run and the location would jog their memories.  Wet Taco agreed to help me set it.  Hash Flash couldn't make it, but I got a photo of those who did turn up.  Richard the Turd is in both group photos.  Dikkus was hashing in 1996, but was not in the older photo.  Searching for trails set in Royal Oak in the 1990's I find just two; (1) run 164, April 12, 1997, Squilchuk's Easter Run, and (2) run 138, April 6, set by Dikkus & Throbus.  Dikkus swears that the BC in the photo was not on his run, but then that makes CUS' 100% certainty that the photo was taken in 1996 an uncertainty.  Turd couldn't remember.  The mystery remains a mystery, or maybe a certainty an uncertainty.  We have a write-up expertly scribed by Sir My Cocks A'Fallen.  If you believe you know which run the older photo was taken send an email to Contact Us (Click here).
855 July 30 Dikkus & Ice Breaker Francis King Park Munn Road
The 2023 Setsubun Rabble Shot: Click to enlarge
The Francis / King Park 'Just Another Hash In The Woods' Run woodland Rabble
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The Francis / King Park 'Just Another Hash In The Woods' Run
Looking for my sun screen caused me to arrived a bit late, only to discover that most of the run was in the shade of larger trees.  They were not moving very fast (the hashers not the trees), so I was easily able to catch-up, despite difficulty finding 'elevated' trail marks.  Dikkus had decide not to risk using traditional flour on the ground, but was using chalk on posts, rocks, trees etc.  In 2021 he was left paranoid by his encounter with a Capital Regional District bylaw officer ithreatening a $300 fine for each hasher running the trail without a permit (
see the full story in my 2021 postponed 799 run comments).  Back in 2021 I had researched this and an annual permit for a non-profit community group wanting to hold events in CRD parks appeared to be free, but maybe we would have to register as a legitimate (sober) 'non-profit'.  Its seems easier just to dodge the law.  The odds are in our favour that nothing bad will ever come of the hash running trails on CRD lands.  We have set hashes in Francis / King park for about 27 years (in 1998 Squilchuk set run 188 there), and only in 2021 did we have an issue.  While setting the BC for run 452 I had a close encounter with a CRD parks attendants while attempting to hide a sack of beer in the bushes.  Not at all suspicious, but I also had just dropped a can which sprung a leak.  It was spraying beer everywhere.  The officer hadn't notice, so I quickly threw the can in a puddle.  It floated, so I stepped on it to hide it from view.  He turned towards me.  I smiled and waved at him.  Not really knowing what else to do, as if it was totally normal to be standing with one foot in a puddle wearing running shoes while holding a large heavy looking garbage bag.  Nothing came of it.  That hash went as almost-planned (best you can hope for).  On this hash, including the hares there were 14 hashers (I am counting Just Benjamin, Slippery Dick's young son), and no CRD bylaw officers.  Hash Scribe has written a good write-up and some photo captions have been cross-linked to text in the write-up - a new feature that I am still debugging. Photos came from both Hash Flashes.
854 July 15 Yeast Infection and Oh Candida Queens Park on the corner of Queens Ave and Chambers St
853 July 1 Gary Glitter & Wet Taco Cattle Point (near the porta potty)
The Canada Day Rabble: Click to enlargeThe Cattle Point Canada Day Rabble
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The Canada Day Hash  This gallery took a long time to assemble photos given neither official Hash Flash made it to this hash.  I had almost forgotten what had happened, but fortunately our Hash Scribe captured the most important parts of the event.  What I do remember was it was a very short trail basically staying inside of Uplands Park.  Unlike Blue Ball's 2017 live-hare hash run 693 this was dry and free of any shiggy or apparent difficulty.  I suspect true trail was less then 3KM (we didn't work all that hard).  The photos are from myself (Stroke) and Muck Sucker.  I found his photos from July 1st at the end of October in a Drop Box folder describing its content as 'Downloads' - he seemed surprised that I hadn't noticed them.The Cattle Point parking lot: Click to enlargeThe Cattle Point parking lot where the run start was.
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  The run started at the Cattle Point parking lot, '(near the porta potty)' - perhaps a portent of an event and charge describe in the write-up.I love cocktails: Click to enlarge  The BC was at the waters edge just under 180 meters from the start.  Thus the BLAB had no problem finding the FRB at the BC.  The following gallery has a new feature with a link in the caption text back to a highlighted part of the scribes write-up.  This way I can link the story found in the photos to relevant part of the story that the scribe provides in his text.  I can also be a bit more lazy about how much text I put into the captions.  This new feature can be found in the captions for Muck Sucker's down-down, and Dikkus and Ice Breakers' shared punishment.
852 June 17 Ice Braker 200 King George Terrace, opposite the lookout
851 May 20 Some Bitchy C' & Speedy Whorezales Queen's park (right behind George Jay Elementary School)
The Mill Hill Park Sign: Click to enlarge Mill Hill Regional Park Hash
Having done a bit of scouting of this area a week or two earlier the hares kind of sooped me, so I had to be at this run too see how these hares made use of the area.  I did the walking trail so missed most of the adventure, so the day after the run, and before the trail marks had faded away, been eaten, or been scuffed out I came back to the start and followed the running trail.  Going to all that trouble I tooks some 45 photos as I went.  Yeast Infection had his phone GPS track where he went while setting the trail, and
Click to enlarge had sent me the data from the phone.  I then combined that with my photos that I took of the trail made the following day, and then figured out how to combine a mapping of Yeastie's tracking data and the photos.  Click the image in this comment to see the results.  There are 6 sub-galleries off the photo icons on the map gallery.  There are also many links off the map gallery captions including some historical images and two video on the Pacific Fleet Dive School, and Cole Island.  Of course it was a dry sunny day, and those who missed the run missed the fun, and some interesting terrain, and a dead deer.  The deer was probably killed by a cougar only meters away from an elementary school.  Either that or children are more vicious than I remember when I was a kid.  In any case we also have a great write-up by our Hash Scribe, the 'official' photos by our Hash Flash who was also with the walkers, and an interactive Google Map with the hares orginal trail recorded as he set it - show perhaps what parts of the trail the runners missed.
850 May 20 Some Bitchy C' & Speedy Whorezales Queen's park (right behind George Jay Elementary School)
The Kilted Hash Rabble: Click to enlarge A 'big sky' Kilted Hash Rabble shot by Deep Shit.The 1st GM's Kilted Hash
Missing this run - a replacement for the
annual Tutu / Black Dress / Red Dress Runs, as all these were improper/undesirable - I looked forward to the photos and the write-up.  I wished to live vicariously through the photographers' lenses and the text from our Hash Scribe.  This run was scribed by Oh Candida, since our regular Hash Scribe was unable to attend.  While waiting for the reports from the trail, the next day I tried to run it on my own, Click to enlargeDikkus and Richard the Turd pose in their matching skirts but it took so long for me to find the trail marks, especially around the Crystal Pool, I had to give up 2KM into the trail (having run much more than that to find the trail).  Also, my lame right leg was about to give up on me.  I now have photos from 4 hashers (Oh Candida, Goes Down Well, Beaver Fever, and Deep Shit), and it took over a month for them to all come to me, but that was ok as it gave me an excuse to do other things.  Oh Candida followed the Scribe's habit of getting the write-up to me well before I had any photos to go with it, other than her own photos.  Through the photos I learned that both Dikkus and Richard the Turn enjoyed running in matching school girl skirts, but it turns out that others had their own skirts (but not matching school-girl skirts).  An eye opener, but the hash embraces differences (or should) and guys can wear matching skirts these days Winky Face The Scribe has done a fulsome report of the event; however, she did not mention that supporting a charity is one of the key reasons to have these runs, since 2008.  Click on the Victoria Hike for Hospice logo to go to our Red Dress run history page, and click the 'Sort Year in Descending Order' button.  Yes, Click to enlarge this year's charity was the Victoria Hospice, and we collected a modest $200 for it.  Maybe next year we will join the 'skirt twins' and have our 1st Annual Skirt Run.  One of a trend of many odd 1st annuals (4 so far).
849 May 6 Testicular & Pussy Whipped Blue Buck 3621 Crestview Road
848 April 22 Hooter Shooter & Boomerang Galloping Goose Trail parking off Rocky Pt. Rd.
847 April 8 Stroke Alone & Wet Taco Rudd Park in Irma St., off Harriet Rd.
The Easter Routeshuffle Shufflers' Shot: Click to enlarge The Easter Routeshuffle hounds bunnies 'up against the wall' shot.
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The Easter Routeshuffle Hash
I told Wet Taco (my co-hare) that it has never rained on any of the runs I have set. I think he said, with a smile. "There's always a first time."  It didn't rain.  I designed the trail using two criteria; A) It had to be near Wet Taco's place (just because), and B) It had to be lazy, so I used a computer application to give me a trail (almost).  I used
Routeshuffle (click here). Click to enlarge Later we realized it landed on Easter weekend.  We now needed Easter Eggs. Wet Taco got those, and the beer, and we decide the Easter Eggs had to be the hounds' reward at the BC.  It chilled off by the time the rabble made it to the BC, so we did religion there.  A search of the VH3 website for the word Easter only finds it in 67 web pages out of 4,214 The last VH3 Easter run was in 2021, run 795, The Fool on the Hill (or Easter) Run .  We had 24 hashers make it to the on-afters. I had planned with Turkish Delight (who bowed out of doing the trail) to hang out at Browns Socialhouse , watching Broken Thong's luggage (from Montreal HHH).  Broken had to split right after the run. Browns has sofa's and a fire to sit by, and, as Browns doesn't do reservation, Turkish could warn the staff to prepare for 15'ish (so I under counted) hashers.  We got their largest table for 14, then two more tables for 4 (hashers just kept turning up!).  The run had 25 hashers on it.  A run on a resurrection weekend, with just one less hasher than the Peach Pit Memorial run a month earlier (seems like bookends).  At least one hasher who had planned to come didn't.  I hope all is well with him.
846 March 25 Some Bitchy C' Camosun Interurban College, parking lot 8 (near the Pacific Institute for Sport Education)
845 March 11 Blue Balls & Lovely Lady Bush Chatterton Park in Brentwood
The Last of We Rabble Shot: Click to enlarge Lots of Hashers turned out for little Peach Pit
Click here for a larger image
Peach Pit: Click to enlarge Peach Pit
The Peach Pit Memorial Hash  Peach Pit would have been impressed by the turnout, if dogs can be impressed like we humans can.  She might have just been a bit bewildered: ' What are all these pig people doing here.  How am I going to get a good sniff of them all.  So much work! '   We had 26 hashers and some hounds show up.  Last time we came close to that number it was in late August on Salt Spring Island .  When it was a lot warmer, and there was birthday cake.  I enjoyed this run, and it wasn't that wet and mudy (for a Blue Balls run).  It was truly a Blue Balls run with a guarantee of 'wet' and muddy feet, unless you were me, and had the excuse of having not 'read the memo' (so to speak) Root Grabber in named: Click to enlarge Root Grabber is named, but t
Click here for her 'flouring' as a newly named hasher.
That's if you followed the trail as intended.  I missed the warnings and forgot to bring a set of dry shoes and socks.  I wasn't alone.  A group of us took a leisurely, mud and water free, shortcut.  After some time, we thought the runners had gotten loss, the various parties - the wet runners, the wet walker, and the dry walkers all come together for the BC and religion.  It was about time for Just Brittany to have gotten named, and for having taken the 'Eagle' route and needing assistance to crawl up a shiggyful hill, she was named "Root Grabber".   Click on her photo and you'll see what happens after some namings.  When hashers have just too much flour near by.
844 February 25 Yeast Infection, Oh Candida, and Thrush (aka Attaturd) Central Park at the corner of Vancouver Street and Princess Avenue.
843 February 11
Click to enlarge
Goes Down Well & Hot Nuts
Click to enlarge
Pioneer Square Park, 1030 Quadra Street
The 2023 Setsubun Rabble Shot: Click to enlarge
The 2023 Setsubun ('seasonal division') Rabble Shot  Click here for a larger image.
The 'Setsubun --Japanese Spring Festival ' Run
Setsubun was February the 3td, but the 11th was the closest hash date to it.  The hares put some planning into this event.  They even found some roasted soybeans to perform the ritual mamemaki ('bean scattering') where the beans are thrown at someone wearing an oni (demon or ogre) mask while shouting, 'Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!' Click to enlarge ('Devils out! Fortune in!'). This  was done at Pioneer Square Park next to Christ Church Cathedral, the home of the Bishop of BC's Anglican Diocese.  If the hares hadn't brought there own oni I would have though this choice of location for scaring away demons to be an interesting choice.  However, the hares had organized three hasher to be red, blue, and yellow oni.  Prosucker was the yellow oni, but looked a lot more like a giant Pokémon Pikachu.  We did this tossing of beans at the beginning of the hash, but not at the start of the run/walk. The real start came at the end of a short walk to Beacon Hill Park .  Earlier in the week there was some concern that the soybeans would be dangerous to birds, but Goes Down Well found beans that were 'bird friendly', while maintain their special properties of being demon unfriendly.  Along with the beans there were appropriate Japanese snacks and treats at a special stop at Ogden Point Pier .  There we has a lottery to choose who would get to perform another practice of eating ehō-maki, a 'lucky direction roll', like a futomaki roll, but with eight ingredients (8 being a lucky number) while facing in the direction of the year of the Rabbit's lucky compass direction - based on Chinese astrology the auspicious directions of the Year of the Rabbit will be the north, south and southwest. We ate a shared roll facing southish.  We had a visiting hasher of the Kabul HHH by the name of Chocolate Starfish.  The weather behaved itself. So did the hashers - no demons or birds were harmed making this hash.
842 January 28 Dikkus & Premature Evacuation Robbie Burns Statue in Beacon Hll park
841 January 14 Sexi Lexi & Hardhooker 2583 Prior St.
840 January 1 Muck Sucker & Bad to the Bone 3320 Lanal Lane