Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2020

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
789 December 12 Whoremoan N/A
 The 28th Annual 12 Stops of Christmas Run didn't happen this year on account of there being  'to many Coronas', according to Whoremoan.  Whoremoan's first 12 Stops was in 1993, and it has run continuously until this year.  If there was a creed for the 12 Stops it could be 'neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night stays the 12 Stop', but that doesn't include COVID-19.
789 November 28 Not needed At home and via Zoom
Click to enlargeThe eeelectronic Annual (hopefully not) General Pissup and Run eVote.
A herculean effort was made by Stroke Alone, and Blue Balls to establish a email list of 54 hashers who had come out in 2020.  Stroke install a free mailing list manager call Mailman to send out nomination requests, an invitation to a Google Meet pre-Vote online meeting held Sunday the 22nd of November, information on how to vote, and a reminder of an AGPU Zoom meeting to announce the winners.  That mailing list was based on years of accumulated email addresses compiled by Stroke, emails addresses exported from the soon to disappear Yahoo! Groups mailing list, knowledge from anyone who might also have email address of hashers, and the VH3 Participation Google Sheets spreadsheet for 2020.Mailman GWU logo: Click to expandZOOM logo: Click to expandGoolge Sheets logo: Click to expandLime Survey logo: Click to expandGoogle Meet logo: Click to expand  Stroke installed and application call Lime Survey on the web site.  Blue learned to use it and established a VH3 Votes set of question that came from VH3 hashers, and nominations for the 2021 Mismanagement.  Hasher connected to the survey and voted-in the new Mismanagement. There were some last minute adjustment made:  The hound elected Blue Balls to two positions (to punish him for being so useful).  He chose to bow out of the On Sec position (he didn't want to be that useful), handing it to Dikkus.  The Webmeister pointed-out the recently posted VH3 COVID-19 2020 Booking Summary (with nifty links to the runs booked that year), and said, 'now that there is an On Sec' that he wouldn't be doing any booking in 2021.  Dikkus pleaded for help, so a second On Sec position was created.  That got handed to Some Bitch C', as a runner up for the position.  The role of Hash Hour Coordinator was abandoned as there were no Hashy Hours foreseeable, but some argued that a Hash Cheerleader could still be of use.  Following that it was determined that a second RA would be nice to have to handle event that were split into more than one group.  Of course there was no run, and the run number was carried over to the next event.
788 November 14 Deep Shit The parking lot across from Ma Miller's Pub at 2903 Sooke Lake Road
Goldsteam Group 1 Rabble: Click to enlarge
The first Group of the Goldstream rabble.  Click here for a larger image.
The 25th Annual Goldstream Park Salmon Run
This run was the silver jubilee of the Gold Stream Salmon run. Silver marks a 25th anniversary, also known as a quadranscentennial anniversary.  In any case I got there late for the second group, but didn't miss the group photo, because there wasn't one.  We did get our region photographed, and that was good, as we had a naming.  Run photos get really confusing when there are photos from two different groups.  We had a 1:30 PM and a 2:30 PM group of 10 to 15 runners and walkers.  I initial headed in the right direction to soon hear the cries of 'on on' way below me. Marni gets named: Click to enlargeSlowed by rough terrain, I cross the familiar log over the stream (first used in 2002 on run 316), and I soon cough up to hashers near the highway.  For November the weather was good.  No snow. No sleet.  No rain.  The normal amaretto with hot blueberry tea and beer were very welcome. The first Goldstream run was set by Cliffbanger & Hot Nuts on run 181.  In the bundle of photos from this run, Hot Nut included some very old scanned photos (there were no digital camera in 1997), taken on the first Goldstream run 181 (for which, unit now I have no photos).  Those are very small and hard to make out, so I am going to see if I can get better version of the photos. Currently the earliest Salmon run photo gallery is the 1998 run 210 set by Hot Nuts & Testicular.  On this quadranscentennial run we had visitor Shitty Shoes, her dad Crive, and mom No Woman, and Vertically Challenged.  For letting her hound Zoe off leash Just Marni got herself named "Bitch Gone Wild".  Zoe was named "Tripping Hazard".
787 October 31 Puppy Porn, Sexi Lexi, and Hardhooker Blackwood Park 2550 Blackwood St.
786 October 17 Stroke Alone École Marigold Elementary School 3751 Grange Rd, off of Burnside Rd W
The three images to the right represents a collections of winter art done by the students of Marigold Elementary school (click on each to expand). Student art - Trees: Click to enlargeStudent art - Winter Trucks: Click to enlargeStudent art - Moon in the Fall Trees: Click to enlargeThe Back to School Run was to be a text-book run, with walkers and runners' routes that interacted with one another, and examples of all the regular trail marks including the not often used BFC.  - which is not currently in the VH3 Gallery of Trail Marks.  Setting a hash trail is all about location, and within running distance from the start are some 6 parks, and 3 schools.  Originally the start was going to be at Spectrum High, but during scouting on the Saturday prior to the run I discovered that only on Saturdays is the parking lot for Spectrum closed, so the start got moved to École Marigold, and the BC moved to lower Marigold park.  Then when setting the trail near Marigold park I saw a lot of kids in the area, who will endanger your trail marks.  As the X's in the park were strategic (see the map), due to how The Back To School Run Map: Click to enlarge close the trail came to the BC, I planned-in a YBF and some delaying checks around the schools early in the run.  This gave me time to check my mid-run trail marks before the hounds got to them.  Sure enough 3 of my marks had been kicked out, and, under the guise of going with the walkers, I was able to prevent the hounds accidentally running onto the BC by replacing the missing marks.  It was a generally sunny day.  Threatening showers in the morning, but not during the runs.  There were 3 walkers and 9 runners in the first group, and 5 runners in the second group.  All while within BC Athletics COVID-19 running group rules.  At one of the BFCs on Burnside Road SBC grabbed Just Shanthi before she stepped out into traffic, so at the BC we named her "Roadkill".   All-in-all the hounds enjoyed the trail, and the walkers and runners reached the BC at about the same time.
785 October 3 Stoolie Andrews and Beaver Fever 3:00 PM runners ONLY from the Trillium Trail parking lot on Highland Road. 3:30 PM runners ONLY from the Prior Lake parking lot on Highland Road. 3:30 PM walkers ONLY from the Trillium Trail parking lot on Highland Road.
A rare double location trail start: Click to enlargeWhen I learned that there were going to be two start locations my first thoughts was, 'that's ambitious'.  I know it was to keep the groups small, and physically distant, but it would require more co-ordination.  The weather co-operated, hounds co-operated (those complaining about the delay were in the minority), and everything seemed fine, except Stoolie seemed agitated. Beaver had loss track of time, and had arrived late, and his car had the beer (or something like that), and he had the 3PM group, who were just heading off at about 3:25PM when I arrived.  Stoolie quickly ran off to set the BC, apologizing for the delay.  Stoolshad the keys to Beaver's car, and I think had agreed to hide the keys under or inside the bumper of the car - I think this was for a second BC (not sure).  Not long after he returned, the circle started, and everything from there on seemed to go great.  I always look forward to a Stoolie's woodlands trails.  This was very scenic, running along Craigflower Creek with good twists and turns, and places I hadn't been before.  I am not entirely sure what happened at the BC, but there seemed to be confusion, and maybe only half the beverage necessary.  A bunch of walker had been misplaced, but found - it's hard to get lost there as the road and the creek set good boundaries.  The main issue was that, in his hurry Stoolie had hidden Beaver's car key in the bumper of someone else's car, and that car was no where to be seen when Stoolie arrived.  Beaver did not have a spare set on him.  Modern car keys are expensive to replace.  Wet Taco, our RA, forgot to conduct religion, so no order came about, adding to the atmosphere of chaos.  On her way home from the run, Cock-a-Leeky, near the southern end of Highland Road, spotting something odd ahead of her, and being very smart, and always conscientious, and a bit curious, stopped and found Beaver's car keys.  They were a bit worse for wear, but I am told still worked.  I have good reason to believe Stoolie continues to hide keys Winkunder vehicle bumpers (manly his own), but now takes care to put them under the correct bumper in a predictably place - according to some mischievous hounds.  At some point the RA should honoured Cock-a-Leeky for finding those keys, and the hares for the interesting events - not just any old hash!
784 September 19 Some Bitchy C Off Markham St at the Vancouver Island Technology Park (lot P1, next to Layritz park)
783 September 5 Boomerang and Jonners Frank Hobbs Elementary School, Haro Road off of Arbutus
Boomerang/Jonners' 80th/50th Birthday HashGroup 2 Circled-up at Religion: Click to enlarge
Group two circles up, and Boomer is hidden in the back.  Space Case and Fruit Loops (from Vancouver HHH) are first and second from the right.  Click here for a larger image.
Boomerang/Jonners' 80th/50th Birthday Hash  I have to say this trail was well planned, and certainly had Jonners' touch.  It was also a fine, sunny, late summer day.  My only disappointment was, despite planning and setting such a clever trail, especially  around Uvic, they couldn't plan a day that they could both be present at their own birthdays runs.   We got to punish Boomerang for his advance endurance (his birthday), but we will have to reserve the right to roast Jonners next time he comes out.   The 3PM and 4PM rabble together had 26 participants with 7 walkers, and a nice balance of runners in each group.  We had a backslider in the person of Full Server, and she made her fiend Just Ly come.  I have a photo of Full Service at the 2014 12 Stops of Christmas - not publish on account of the Deep Shit still has photo for me -, and she was at the Special Pirate Hash that same month, but we have no record of her coming out until now.  The hares were also honoured with a visit of both Fruit Loops and Space Case from Vancouver HHH - who last visited in January 2017 for run 690. One of the funnier (to me) tales from the trail in the 3PM group was our discovery of a sign post right at a check with a campus map showing the only path we had not checked out, only to discovering Stoolie on the other side calling 'on on', frustrated that Group 2 at whisky stop: Click to enlarge
Group two being nonchalant at the Finnerty Cove whisky stop. Click here for a larger image.
we couldn't hear him through all that steel and concrete.  There was an echo of their last birthday hash (run 653) with another bottle of Whyte & Makay at a Finnerty Cove lookout stop hosted by Premature Evacuation.  I have some few photos, but none yet of Boomerang.  Given it was his birthday run I hope someone thought to take his picture .  I will wait patiently for more photos.
782 August  22 Shigella and Cock-a-Leeky Simcoe St Parking Lot next to MacDonald Park  (212 Niagara Street James Bay, Victoria, BC...)
The Hares. This phot is from Last Year's RDR: Click to enlargeThe 22ndAnnual Red Dress Run was also a wedding run for Blue Balls and Lovely Lady Bush.  Maybe now 'Blue and Lovely Lady-Bush-Balls' ?  It couldn't have been a better day, sunny and a perfect temperature.  For the Geri Bate modelling her mask: Click to enlargeoccasion our brilliant Hash Haberdashers created a wonderful VH3 logoed face masks - hand or machine wash, hang to dry, as they will survive a dryer a limited number of times. The run had 24 hashers, split into 2 groups, each with a group of walkers.  Where the first group successfully found a pre-BC drink stop, and then powered on into the BC, the second group was challenge by the trail.   Physical distancing was ensured as the second group got lost  on the way to the drink stop.  They used technology on trail - once a chargeable offence -, and called for help.   Shigella auto-hashed - once a chargeable offence - to bring the fist beverage stop to the BC, and putting the second pack back on trail.  I was in the fist pack, and shamefully complained about too many arrows, because it put the red dress FRB out on their own, drawing strange looks from the neighbours. Later I realized the benefit of such was it speed me to the perfectly located BC.  There Premature Evacuation conducted a great hash wedding, twice, one for each group . So the married couple got married three time - we hope three's the charm.  This year's accumulated  donation of $230 went to HeadWay, the Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre. The only photos I have of the hares came from last year's Red Dress run photos. If I get photo I will post them, but so far I have none.  No write-up, even though it was the Scribes wedding!  Just Tess got named "Oh My Nipples", and Just Heather got named "Prosucker" . 
781 August 8 Whoremoan 1734 Tiffin Place (Gordon Head)
Whoremoan the summer Hare: Click to enlargeBuilding on the happy interface of Dikkus' run with Whoremoan's place the hare raise's lack of hare was solved, and this run became a pool party event.  With hashers evenly space around the pool, religion could be done with some physical distancing.  The run was fairly long, and the trail marks devious.  Actually I understand  the hare had to make a marking correction between groups.  There were only 2 groups on this run, but even with the  normal separation of an entire hour, some runners were out on the trail for a long time.  One spot on trail provided an opportunity for hashers to take a dip in the sea, but I doubt anyone did. If so they would have been out there even longer.  The 3PM group swept up a lost Wet Taco who had missed the previous dog hash set in the same area, and stated that he must have been following that event's marks (though over a weeks old).  I think he was a victim of the hares deviousness.  While the 3PM run found Wet Taco, it lost Stoolie Andrews.  It wasn't until religion had ended, that someone notice "where's the Stools", but just before a search party was about to be organized,  as if summoned like a genie, he appeared (maybe we mentioned his name 3 times or something).  He had departed from the pack to 'take a stoolie' in some secluded place, then got delayed doing the rest of the trail on his own.  The hare got down-downed twice into the pool off his slide, beer in hand.  Nothing like a little pool water in your beer!  Stuffer was there, but left for work, and SHIT graced us with his presence near the end.
780 July 25 Dikkus Lambrick Park High School parking lot
This was the first run in Gordon Head since the 12 Stops of Christmas, and the first since COVID-19 that had a BC out side of someone's back yard.    It was a nice warm day, and the trail was 'so not predictable' - or we predicted wrongly that the BC might be at Dikkus' place.  I think the hare needed the BC closer to the start so that he could send-off each batch of runners from the start, with time to shortcut to the BC, because it was just him - no helper hare.  A baker's dozen turned up. all split between 2PM and 3PM - Slippery Dick wanted to be the sole 4PM runner, but decided  better, and joined the 3PM group. We even had an appearance of the illusive Hymen Manuever, stating he dragged along Cinderella.  Hymen was last seen ... almost never - our participation spreadsheet starts at run 651 (August 1, 2015) with nothing recorded for him until now, but we had 2 marked down for pre-record keeping appearances.  Cinderella
Cinderella in pink at the Goldsteam Hash, Nov. 27th, 1999
comes out when he can, but is the other extreme of having been hashing countless times since 1999 (or before).  Dikkus even pre-dates Cinderella, but that's another storey.  Some runners stopped for a beer at Beaver Fevers place.  At Whoremoan hashers were offered a beer, and a dip in his pool, but Slippery Dick, not knowing it was Whoremoan's place, ran right by, and the other runners thought it best to catch up to him.  We did however get a venue for our next run.
779 July 11 Yeast Infection and Oh Candida 950 Kings Street - parking lot of the Vancouver Island School of Art
The Dubble Bubble Run Rabble: Click to enlargeBase Ball and Dubble Bubble: Click to enlarge The Blow a Dubble Bubble Run had as many people registered to blow Dubble Bulle gum bubbles for a beer as the Gin and Tonic run had hashers wanting a G & T two weeks earlier.  I suspect that the beginning of base ball season might have had something to do with if, as Dubble Bubble is the official gum of Major League Baseball.  There were 26 runners/walkers/chewers at this event.  They were the hashers of summer, broken into 3 groups.  At the start each runner was given a single piece of gum to chew  blow bubbles with while on a run.  Each was told he or she had to blow a bubble at the BC to receive a beverage, though I don't think that was enforced.  The trail lead hashers up to the top of the Summit Park reservoir and back to the Hares font yard for the BC.The Dubble Bubble: Click to enlarge  At one point I knew I was on trail by the tell-tail pink wad of gum stuck to the pavement ahead of me.  Despite the reasonably well marked trail, at the west side of the almost empty reservoir, home to a few tranquil gulls, as VP had to be treated as a HH while half the pack got un-lost. 
778 June 27 Pussy Whipped Blue Buck and Testicular Behind the Henderson Rec Centre
The 7.29KM Gin and Tonic Trail: Click to enlargeThe Annual Gin and Tonic, Spring Hot Dog Run
This years Gin and Tonic Run happened a bit by chance (see my comment on run 777), and didn't include the normal wonderful food that we had in past years (see G&T run 752).  I think to make up for this it was a more complicated run, and a less complicated food event - no broken crockery this year! The hares (bless them), made hounds work for their gin and tonics with a nice run that had a true-trail distance of just over 7 kilometers.  That means,  with false trails, and smaller packs (a COVID-9 10 or less)  the FRB ran at least 8KM, or more.   Not that anyone complained - once they got their G&T.  I am still looking for photos that haven't been sources from Facebook - a too reduced in quality to process yet again. 
777 June 12/13 Boomerang and Hooter Shooter Beside Front Runners in Shelbourne Plaza
Boeing 777 Jumbojet: Click to enlarge Being the '777' run you couldn't help think of the Boeing 777 Jumbo Jet.  I couldn't help but call this the Jumbo run, and I wonder now if that was why it was so long.  The start originally was going to be at the top of Mount Tolmie, but a few days before the start that idea changed, and the hares decided that the hounds should climb the mountain.  It was a nice sunny day - good thing too.  I was second to last to start late afternoon on Saturday, and after me was Slippery Dick.  After a couple clever check-backs the trail crossed Richmond at Pearl Street to a path leading up the mountain.  Not far up the path the flour marks ended.  I gather that they had been there at some point in the past.  I followed the unmarked trail to the top. There the trail had to cross Mayfair Drive, which splits the park in two.  I started to slowly jog down the north side of the hill, on the other side of the drive, looking for flour, starting from the crowded view point - there were a lot of people about enjoying the sun and view.  I found flour midway down.  Followed it back to the top, figuring I might be going the wrong way, but curious as to where I was suppose to cross over Mayfair.  At the reservoir I found lots of people, and gave up looking for the true trail.  Back on trail I lost flour at the Henderson Gold Course chip path, but found it again on Henderson Road headed in the direction of Pussy Whipped Blue Buck and Testicular home.  It seemed already to have been a long run, and that would have been a good place for a BC.  Turns out half-way there there was a back-check that had me finding a muddy trail into Mystic Vale.  There I serendipitously came upon Testicular walking Fergus, their hound that they got middle of last November.  That gave me the chance to convince her to set their Annual Gin and Tonic run, before they got to busy with other summer plans.  After that it was on in to the BC.  It was a long run.  Slipper Dick never showed up at the BC.  He had his family in tow, and getting to the top of Mount Tomlie they never found the flour trail on the other side of the drive, got discouraged, and gave up.  I suspect the trail would have been perfect for a pack of hounds, but it was a nice workout for a solo hasher.
776 May 29/30 Tooloose Montessori School parking lot off of Fairburn Rd. in Gordon Head
Hard Hooker,
             Hooter Shooter, Tooloose, Just Tom, Sexi Lexi, Just Rosemarie, and Boorang: Click to enlarge The 3rd VH3 run-with-your-COVID19-bubble-folks event, or better-than-a-lonely-wolf run.  Tooloose was excited to set her first run out in the wilds of suburban Gordon Head, and 16 hashers responded. They booking into 10 start times at 3, 4, 5, 6, 6:30, 7PM on Friday, and then on Saturday at 2, 3, 3:30, and 4:30PM.   The Hash paparazzi came out on Hard Hooker, Just Rosemarie, and Just Tom on trail: Click to enlarge Saturday;  Sexy Lexi, Hard Hooker, Just Rosemarie, Just Tom booked at 3:30PM.  I ran at the near traditional time of 3PM - wanting 3:30PM but it had already been booked.  Even with the 30 minute to 1 hour start separation there was enough variance in time and speed to allow for some overlapping of groups.  With appropriate physically distancing some enjoyable visiting could happen between hashers in the adjoining group.  I got to visit with 'The Slow Beams'; the not-often-seen-out-these-days Slow Cooker, and the almost as rarely seen High Beams.  They were booked at 2PM, but I Sexi Lexi and Hard Hooker: Click to enlarge easily caught up with them at the BC.  Sister slow told me she often works on Saturdays, but had the day off, so she could accompany High Beams, wanting a bit of walking exercise following flour to beer (FFtoB).  Tooloose's trail was very well marked.  No one got loss.  It was partly clouding with a slight threat of a shower.  No one got run over.  At the BC we received an update from the Sexi Lexi group that they were running late, and had arrived at the school at about 4PM.  I missed them by 30 minutes, but arrived back at the start just in time to crossed paths with Boomerang and Hooter Shooter who's started was 4:30PM.  A very enjoyable afternoon.
775 May 15/16 Jonners and Lakey Pemberton Park (Gonzales Rd entrance to Pemberton Park)
When I receive from the hares the start location it seemed oddly emphatic that the run 'start pin' on the map be at the 'Gonzales Rd entrance to the Park'.  My start time was 3:30PM, but  I decided to run to the run.  I know that seems redundant, but I only live 1 ½ KM from the start.  I was 10 minutes late, but I could catch up.  A couple of short blocks from the start I came across a check at Gonzales and Richmond Avenue, and a short distance away towards the park a VP of a large brightly painted rooster The COVID-19 Chicken: Click to enlarge with a mask on it - a 'COVID-19 Chicken'!  It is on my normal running root, so seen it before.  No need to go to the park; they headed this way - either right or left along Richmond.  I tightened my shoe strings, and headed out from the first check.  If I had gone for a closer look of the chicken, I would have seen an arrow pointing me away from the direction of the check, up a dead end road to the trail on-in to the BC less than a KM away.  Going the wrong way (confident that I had saved myself some time) I found one clever back-check on Fairfield Road.  There I was stymied.  A check and back-check combination that didn't make sense.  At which point I encountered Yeast Infection, O’Candida (the 2PM start), with  Sexy Lexi, Hard Hooker, and Puppy Porn (the 2:30 start).  It was O’Candida who first realized I was going the wrong way - 'oh you have to yet go around all that way', pointing towards Gonzales Hill.  I gave them a couple hints were to go, and headed back toward the park to start over.  It was a sunny day, no showers, and perfect running temperature.  The hares had the trail loop down through to the Cougar Cutoff pedestrian trail between Falkland Rd., and Mountjoy Ave., then up to the top of the hill, and back down onto Beach Drive with some meanders in Fairfield back to were I met the earlier runners on Fairfield at Richmond.  At beach I passed Boomerang and Hooter Shooter (the 3PM'ers), who I notice were lost behind me, and run a bit with them.  Then I left them - not far from the chicken - to follow the trail up to and through Glenlyon Norfolk School,  getting to the BC at the hares home just as the 2PM and 2:30 PM hasher were leaving.  Boomer and Hooter eventually called the hares from there cell phone to to get direction - trail marks in the last 3 blocks to the BC were a bit difficult to find.  A trail run backward might not make sense, but in the worse case you get to the start without having encountering the BC.
774 May 1/2 Some Bitchy C Oaklands Community Center (park on Belmont St)
Lone Wolf 2 April 18 Stroke Alone 250 Meters East of Transit Road at Beach Drive in Oak Bay
Bored at home with too much toletpaper: Click to enlargeThis was the second Lone Wolf Run, and since April was National Poetry Month,  as part of this hash event hashers were asked to submit a poem to our evil Facebook group, and maybe Hash Scribe (Blue Balls) could harvest the poems from there.  The Webmeister then could LW #2 Map and inspiring run 482 trail photos: Click to enlarge
Click on the cameras to see the photos that provided a clue as to where this trail went.  Click here for a orthophotograph map.
create a COVID-19 April Hash Poetry page.  I never saw any poems, so it seems that hasher were not inspired enough.  This run I tried to reinvent the trail from the April 18th 2009 run 482, Floppy Snatch & Itchy Buns' Oak Bay Exploration Run.  There was no map available for this run, so I sleuthed out a likely path based on the backgrounds in photos of hashers on that run.  The map page under the thumbnail has links to the photos which provided clues as to where the trail went.  I scouted the trail, made a map, and linked the map to the photo at about where they likely were taken in 2009.  I figured if I were to put in all that work, hounds would reward use  with a few poems.  I didn't see any poems.
Lone Wolf 1 April 4 Stroke Alone Saxe Point Park
Click to enlargeAfter having postponed the March  21st run, our Grand Mattress suggested that we needed something to 'keep the hashing sprit alive', so we came up with the concept of a 'lone wolf' run.  The 'lone wolf run' term was used by a pulmonologist (lung doctor), who on CBC's The National, talking about what he does to keep fit, used the term to describe his runs, and that it was a safe way keep  physically distancing from others.  Instructions to hashers were to; look at the map, remember the map, see how lost you get trying to run it without the map, share your story afterwards, and reward yourself with a beer.Run 376 Map: Click to expandLone Wolf Run #1 Map: Click to enlarge
Rather than having to come up with a run, I planned to based the runs on the maps or photos from past runs. For Lone Wolf 1 I used the 2005 Easter run 376.  Run 376 was set on the same day (April 4), and was the first year I was hashing. Scouting the trail from the map of run 376 I found that the trail on the map had hashers twice go impossible places. One was through a home.  The other had the trail run thought an apartment building. I know at least Cock-a-Leeky ran the trail, and hope others did too.
773 March 7 Puppy Porn and Sexy Lexi Puppy Porn and Doggy Styles’ Backyard, 4027 Trafalgar Crescent
772 February 29 Some Bitchy C 4464 Markham St (VITP lot P1, next to Layritz park)
The Leap Day Tu Tu Run (2020/02)
Click to enlargeA special off-cycle hash.  February is the third and last month of meteorological winter.  The Romans originally considered winter a monthless period, so January and February were the last two months to be added to the Roman calendar.  They named Februarius (our February) after the Latin term februum, which means purification.  In October of 1582 Pope Gregory XIII created the Gregorian Calendar, replacing the fixed year Julian Calendar, adding 10 day to the calendar to correct a drift in the year so that Thursday 4 October 1582 was followed by Friday 15 October 1582 - coordinated though-out the world before even a postal system and email.  To stop the continual drift a leap-year was added.  The solar year length is about 365.24219 days long (or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds), so the Gregorian Calendar makes the average year 365.2425 days long (365 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes and 12 seconds), which mean our calendar only drifts backward 1 minute  and 36 seconds per year.  This approximation was done by cleverly adding the leap-years with a leap-day.  This occurs every year that is precisely divisible by 4, except for century years that are precisely divisible by 100 and are also exactly divisible by 400.  Jack the Tripper in his tutut:  Click to enlargeFor example the century 2100/400=5.25, so 2100 will not be a leap year, whereas 2000 was.  The nearest 4 years with leap-days (Feb. 29) that land on a Saturday were/are 1992, 2020, 2048, 2076.  It lands in a Friday in 2008, 2036, 2064, and 2092.  This means that a leap day in 2020-02 is rare, and it landing on a Saturday, even rarer.  This calendar event (a testimony to human achievement before computers)  prompted the theme of hashers running in Tutus (we like to simplify things).  This was the third tutu event, and the second VH3 tutu run (the first was run 582).  BHash 96 was a tutu ride in 2019.  We had 17 hashers turn up, and run through Layritz park and the surrounding area.  I am told there was a group photo, so I will have to beat the bushes for that.  There was the occasionally explanation of why we were wearing tutus to bemused locals. Later this extra run confused our RA, who thought it wasn't a real run, and thus requiring a much later update of the attendance book and spreadsheet.  It may be on an irregular hash day, but running in tutus could also be deemed irregular.  After all, he is the Religious Advisor, so pointing out that we are not following our traditions is his role.  In any case a hope that a tradition of  forgiveness is part of the Hash.  Besides, New Years Day, January 1st runs, are real runs, and our last one was a Wednesday!!
771 February 22 Oh Candida and Yeast Infection Queen's Park (corner of Queens Ave and Chambers) Click to enlargeAfter a week of clear but cold weather we had a mild and sunny day for the run.  The Hash Flash commented that not many places in Canada can have a group photo taken in front of a blooming cherry tree.  This was a 'Scouts and Guides Day Hash' with a twist. The hares provided a scout cap, first given to the most likely FRB, who must find someone older help across the street.  Cock-a-Leeky pointed out that in this group it would not be too difficult to pass the cap off to someone older.  Out of necessity that rule got broken, as the cap eventualy migrated from older to young . Stroke Alone got the cap first, but soon passed it off to Boomerang, then received it again from Cock-a-Leeky, and then passed it to Wet Taco.  Deep Shit and Puppy Porn were honoured at religionThe patch Puppy Porn Handed Out: Click to enlargefor wearing their past scouts or guides badges, and Puppy Porn handed out badges.  Stoolie Andrew also came dressed for the occasion.  Hot Nut (our BLAB) led the circle in a rendition of the Ground Howl (Dyb - dyb - dyb -dyb, We-e-e-e-ll dob-dob-dob-dob).  The run made its way straight up Chambers Street to Fort, then back to Begbie and  back into Fernwood using Denman, Walnut, and Empress (less then half a block from the start) to reach the BC in Central Park on Vancouver.  If the hares hadn't directed hashers up Chamber at the start this trail would have been short.  A HH at their home on Queens served for Religion.
770 February 8 Wet Taco 2515 Victor Street

A.S.I. Gispert (1903-1942): Click to expand
Gispert Memorial Day Run Group Photo: Click to enlarge Gispert Memorial Day Run
The VH3 and Dark Side of the Moon have really only had a small handful of these runs, so it's not an annual event.  Piping in the haggis: Click to enlarge.Not yet.  We need to have these occasional to shore-up our foundations. When we name someone and we say, "in the name of Gispert we name you ...", you might be a bit curious as to why a naming is done in the memory of Gispert  (in his name), particularly when none of us would have ever met him.  In a way we use  the memory of Gispert to reinforce our present and Piping in the haggis: Click to enlarge.future.  Academics might call this part of theology or future-oriented memory, and that this is echoed in William Faulkner’s 1950 drama, "Requiem for a Nun" where is his often quoted line "The past is not dead, it is not even past."  They say we need to reinforce the future by reinforcing our memory of the past.  After a week of rain and drizzle the clouds parted, and we had fine and mild weather for this years memorial run, skillfully set by our RA.
769 January 25 Kitty Licker 1049 Monterey Ave.
The Burns' Day Rabble Shot: Click to enlarge. Piping in the haggis: Click to enlarge.The Annual Robby Burns Day Run and Dinner
I missed this run, but made it to the On Afters, which had a marvelous selection of food, including haggis, neaps, and tatties.  There are rumours that a Canadian rye whiskey, and not scotch, was served at some point on the run, but I am sure that our the Hash Scribe this year (Blue Balls) will clear that up in his much awaited exposé write-up.  I discovered that Kitty Licker has another nephew who's really good at bowing pipes.  I'll let our hash scribe give us more details on this.
768 January 11 Peepee and Ice Breaker 1528 Bywood Pl, just off St. Charles between Rockland and Fort
767 January 1 Muck Sucker 3320 Lanai Lane, Colwood
Wild Polar Bear Warning?: Click to enlarge.The New Years Day Rabble: Click to enlarge. The Annual New Years Day Run and Polar Bear Swim
Yet another mild and sunny New Years' Day run and Polar Bear swim.  It almost didn't happen.  The Hare was sick leading up to the event.  Just before  initiating a call for hares to set an alternate run, Muck emailed that he had come out of his 'coma', and can host the event.  He wasn't able to set a trail, but he could give out maps to the BC, and an additional treat stop.  With expensive repairs done to his hot tub, the polar bears had a hot tub to warm up in.  At the beginning of the run I was handed a map to the location of the treats stop, The 2020 Polar Bears: Click to enlarge. and BC, and someone told me to add in a couple false trails - Blue Balls (our missing scribe, and a purveyor of muddy and wet 'shiggy' trails) should be happy to know that I attempted to lead the pack through the wettest route I could to the map's BC.  The BC was moved en route when the hare couldn't get to it with his SUV and the cooler.  The walkers didn't follow the map, so they were late getting to the BC.  I wasn't able to stay for the polar bear splash, Bear and Cougar Warning: Click to enlarge. but from the photos it looks like it happened in the dark this year despite the early start.  It looks like everything turned out ok.  When Garry Glitter and I left the BC, map in hand, we were half a kilometer away when we only then notice that no one was following, but for those familiar with the area on-in was easy to figure out.  It made me wonder if this was an omen for the new year.