Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2019

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
766 December 14 Whoremoan, Newfie Priest, and SHIT  
The Christmas Hares: Click to enlarge.The 27th 12 Stops of Christmas Run
After the previous night's Dark Side Xmas Run my regular 'hash' running shoes were so befouled by particulate soil in colloidal suspension, that I had to use my non-hash running should (an identical pair).  I suspect others wore the same trainers, whereas, Speedy Whorezales was running in a pair of dress shoes.  Pat and his bike: Click to enlarge. Maybe it was for style, but this was the guy who had earlier in the year broken a bone in one of his legs (or was it both; hard to keep track). The three hares did a spectacular run, and this year Pat Meadows (the source of Sour Apple Martinis) actually joined us on his new bike.  It was mild and a bit showery, but not as cold as past 12 Stops.  Another spectacular 12 Stops.  As Whoremoan is retiring from his day job soon, this year maybe the last where we do the Christmas quiz in a class room!.  At religion, for wearing her cute puppy in a puppy carrier on her person Puppy Porn is named: Click to enlarge Piss N'Boots is re-named: Click to enlarge Just Rhea was named "Puppy Porn".  The GM, Shiggela (because she believed she can) renamed Puss 'n Boots, after Just Nicky miss-named him "Piss in my Boots", and the GM though that name was simply a funnier name.  The rest of the evenings pot-luck and gift exchange carried on wonderfully.  With no planning a full assortment of food was on available, and gifts (and thefts) were in perfect hash style.
765 November 30 Stroke Alone and Wet Taco 2515 Victor Street
The Annual General Pissup and Run.
Stroke and Wet Taco set a winding, civilized, and moderately short trail through Fernwood, and Jubilee Victoria neighborhoods, with the goal of having one representative of the standard trail marks used on the VH3 (see the The Vh3 Gallery Of Trail Markings).  Actually while bored waiting for a slightly lost co-hare the GM placed a YBF to maket this claim true - only Garry Glitter (Homer)  found the YBF.  Somewhere near the Jubilee Hospital Circle Jerk, freshly returned from travels in warmer climates, along with Cock-a-Leeky, got lost having wandered way off flour. probably while gabbing.  They arrived at the BC, just before a decision was made on sending out a search party - actually I think the rabble had decided not.  It was another sunny fall day - it still has never rained on a Stroke trail. It wasn't that cold, though I think Circle Jerk would disagree (but he was wearing shorts).  The circle at the end of the run was fairly uneventful, and relatively short given the AGPU was next.  There was free pizza for those who stayed to voted for a  new Mismanagement.  With the deft assistant from Blue Balls on the Internet, following Stroke's best guess at what the rabble needed to be fed, a variety pizzas were ordered, and that set a approximate 45 minutes for the AGPU voting to be wrapped up before food arrived.  Once food got there the AGPU devolved into food eating.  Stoolie took charge during the deliberation, and in record time most position were filled with acclamations.  The most interesting vote was for GM, with a choice between Some Bitchy C,  and Shigella.   No grand decisions were made, nor were there any other business discussed. That was either a testament to a well managed 2019, or the clever ordering of pizza that would arrive in 45 minutes!  I personally would like to think it was the former, but I suspect it was the latter.  To see the outcome of the election click here.  Photos to come (I hope). 
764 November 16 Deep Shit In the parking area across from Ma Miller’s Pub at 2903 Sooke Lake Road
763 November 2 Shigella, Lovely Lady Bush, and Geri Bait Drummond Park, Salts Spring Island
The 6th Salt Hash I missed this weekend galmpout and run, but I was sent the following fantastic summery. I trust there may be some discrete photos on their way, but I am not holding my breath.  I understand these days that what goes on on Salt Spring Hashes, says at the  hash (and may be in the memories of those who were there).

Thetis Lake: Click to enlarge Just Roxy is names Peepee: Click to enlarge It was a great hash and fun evening.  I think Mudsucker took a bunch of pics.  The hash included a dead body view point, running through a cemetery followed by a shot check of Salt Spring Vineyards blackberry port.   There was some shiggy amongst the giant ferns and a pass by a pet cemetery.  Religion was held next to a fire in Shigella's back yard.  There was a naming.  Just Roxy is now "Peepee".  The potluck was fantastic as well as pool and hot tub shenanigans. Including the burning question of who was your first kiss whilst in the hot tub.  The ever amazing Sexy Lexi started off the dance party and her moves were infectious.  And breakfast at our local diner the next morning was an event in itself.  Day of the dead shirts were a huge hit 18 ordered.

On On!
Geri Bait
762 October 19 Stroke Alone Lakewood Elemetary School, 2363 Setchfield Ave., Langford
The Return to Lanford Run Map:The Return to Langford Run.  Back in 2008 Jonners and Flirt - actually '(sweet) Flirt' - set the 'Hunt the Bears on Bear Mtn Run'.  From that run I  received a GPS map showing all the wrong ways to go.  For sometime I have wanted to reverse engineer that map - find the right way to go -, and set a trail that hopefully reinvented Jonners' trail.  Fighting-off some on-going vertigo from a head injury, I set an autumn trail, while hoping to avoid rain.  It rained the day before, and the day after, but not on my run.  Continuing my record of never having rain when the hounds are out running one of my trails - and I have set more than a few trails.  The walkers were delayed due to someone not reading the map, but Blue Ball assisted with a clever text message to Lovely Lady Bush (one of the walkers) with the GPS co-ordinates of where we were at the BC.  Sadly no one encountered my devilish YBF.  I was a bit disappointed that Jonners and Lakey did not make it out to the run Wink- but they are very busy people... or maybe they thought, 'been there, done that!'  
761 October 5 Some Bitchy C & Muff Diver 560 Coral Drive (Thetis Heights)
Thetis Lake: Click to enlargeI though this was going to be a run through the older parts of Langford's suburban sprawl, but I was wrong.  Once parking was found, and the run got underway, the pack bypassed the 'sprawl', left Langford for what is technically northern View Royal, and plunged in the woodlands of Thetis Lake Regional Park, and became a run around the lake.  Other than a few early checks to get the pack going the correct direction, Muff Diver and SBC.   Our Hares get down-downed: Click to enlargeeverything went like clockwork - that being clockwise around the lake.  The pack was held together with about 3 hash-halts scattered along the trail. It was just as if I was doing one of my Sunday afternoon lake runs - so much so that I somehow missed all the HHs, and was duly  punished in the circle.  It was a nice sunny and warm October day.  We had a great turnout.  On-afters at  The Loghouse Pub was a bit tight given it was music bingo night and they didn't take reservation, and were very busy, but we captured a couple tables, and everyone found seats.
760 September 21 Just Brett & Boomerang Leda Road, top of Parkheights Dr, off East Sooke Rd, East Sooke
SBC, Muff Diver, and Stroke Alone at the VP: Click to enlargeThis was a sunny run in the woods, taking advantage of the various trails in of East Sooke Park.  It was Just Brett's first experiencing setting a harrier's trail,  but he had with him Boomerang's years of haring experience. The run started on Parkheights Trail (the pack circled up at the intersection of Leda Road and Parkheights Drive).  I believer it soon veered off on a unnamed trail to intersect the Endurance Ridge trail.  At a HH next to a signpost there was a eagle/turkey split. The eagle trail lead hashers uphill to a second eagle/turkey split!   The Hash Halt Trail Sign: Click to enlargeThose brave enough to continue further up the second eagle trail found a dead-end at a VP, a back check, and just to be safe, a check back - just incase the hounds didn't understand that it was unhealthy to run beyond the lip of a cliff.  This was the top of Babbington Hill, 230 meters above the Straight of  Juan de Fuca, and with a great view toward the Olympic Penisula. The trail headed back to an intersection with the Interior Trail, and from there on to the BC.  Normally a FRB Speedy Whorezales, decided to take the first turkey trail due to a bad ankle, and on rejoined the turkeys the eagles  found Speedy hobbling along with a couple of dead branches as support.  On the turkey trail he landed the wrong way on a rock and rolled his good ankle!  Speedy we are sure will be speedy again (soon, we hope).  Later I read this in the blog post (Endurance Ridge (Babbington Hill) to Cabin Point) of a hikers description of the trail, "the ground was loose and the roots threatened to sprain an ankle".  The on-afters was at 17 Miles House.
759 September 7 Sexi Lexi 2583 Prior Street I missed this run, but Wet Taco's summary (an economy of words) was, "great run, glitter disappeared for crackers and cheese at a friends but showed up for the circle, no naming, great weather".  By 'glitter' I believe he means our Garry Glitter (A.K.A Homer).  That Taco remembers the bit about crackers and cheese over all Winky Faceother aspects of the run I hope isn't telling use just how interesting, or exciting,  this event really was.
758 August 24 Wet Taco 2515 Victor Street
757 August 10 Hoopalong Chastity and Bag Liquor Sooke Potholes - Parking Lot 3
I think it may have rained. I missed it, but it would not have been the first time the Sooke Potholes Campout Hash had started in the rain (see run .the 2008 Potholes run).  Rumours are that this was one of the rare rainy hashes this year.  The expected crowds apparently were not there.  Those lucky hashers that got to enjoy the greatest run of the season, had much of the campsite to themselves.  Participation in this run is still a bit of a mystery to me - the attendance record will be in 'The VH3 Book', which I have no access to -, but it will be hard to have not beaten in numbers last year's attendance of 8 (which included Just Ben, Zack and Cat, strays swimmers we convinced to join us on the run).   I hope there are some press photos, or a write-up, forthcoming for this event, because the VH3 'event of the summer' this year needs a bit more press!
756 July 27 Slippery Dick Rainbow Park - Rainbow Street and Sevenoaks Road
755 July 13 Speedy Whorezales Jocelyn Hill Trailhead, 700 Emma Dixon Road
The Rabble at a view point: Click to enlargeThe Hare in a Star Trek Original Series command uniform: Click to enlargeAccording to Some Bitchy C this run was a picture perfect day to have a hilly and scenic A to B to A run through Jocelyn hills.  So much so that a small continent of walkers decided to turn back and hang out in the parking lot early on.  It was probably a wise move as the trail head many hooks - but one wouldn't expect anything less from the hare Speedy Whorezales!   We had one visitor, Dr Juicy from the Yellowknife.
754 June 29 Ice Breaker King George Terrace (Trafalgar Park)
753 June 15 Stoolie Andrews and Cock-a-Leeky Top of Hartland Ave. at the CRD parking lot (this at the Hartland Landfill entrance if you need a location).
A spectacular run  from the garbage dump parking lot. The trail was well marked.  There were two hiccups;  not far from the BC, and planned optional swim at Killarney Lake, a visitor to the lake landed their beach towel on top of the Hares'  HH, so an number of FRBs took off, and then got lost. Some clever locals altered some of the run's trail by placing an X with their own flour on a planned true-trail , and delayed a number of the pack looking for the trail.  Eventually Stoolie found them, trudging back up the access road down which they had come. On the way they met a bunch of Millennials being lead out of the park by bylaw enforcement for drinking alcohol at the lake. I didn't remember seeing them up there earlier, but I wonder if those were the people covering up Stoolies HH? Anyway after refreshing swim, hashers headed back to the parking lot and religion was held at a turn in the multi-use trail under the power lines, with the occasional interruption as we had to make room of mountain bikers.   Having it slipped my mind I was kindly reminded that Just Richard  was names "Slipper Dick" on this run.
752 June 1 Pussy Whipped Blue Buck and Testicular 3621 Crestview Road
751 May 18 Stroke Alone and Wet Taco At the entrance to Beacon Hill Park, on Arbutus Way near Southgate St.

750 May 4 Some Bitchy C Victoria High School. Meet at the parking lot on Grant Street.
749 April 20 Stoolie Andrews Laval Avenue Parking lot at Mt. Douglas Secondary School
Rambo The Ram: Click to enlargeNormally when the hare has a wonderfully sunny day for his trail - not hot, not cold, just perfect - he almost can't go wrong.   Sure he had to buy beer, because the Hash ran out.  Sure some kids set their own trail with 'X's  in the same park he set his trail, and in the same and only chalk colour he had with him.  Can you still go wrong?   It was most unfortunate (and a reminder always to scout a trail) that Stools discovered the absence of a key shortcut - that Google maps says is there!  - isn't there, while setting the trail, leaving him no time to change things, thus making it longer.  It was sunny out.   We had about a dozen runners, and half that in  walkers.  Of those 6 or more runners disappeared, 3 of whom had retired to the Smugglers Cove Pub (on-after's pub not far from the path of the trail), and another 3 or so - including our Virgin  Just Richard we finally found at the start, having gotten lost.  I knew we were getting our money's worth when the Hare ask, "do you think this trail is too long?"   We had two visitor from the states (Seattle?) - who's names I forgot while I was collecting money into a cereal box  - Hash Cash wasn't there, and I suppose we were lucky Stoolie hadn't dumped all his paper recycling.   It was great to see Mustapha Kunt and Turkish Delight revisiting from Montreal, and they have been here enough to earn a published participation count on our web site.  Despite all the bad luck, it turned out to be a good event.
748 April 6  Digger and Little Blow Peep  Blue Heron Park, Sidney, next to the Soccer Pitch 
747 March 23 Yeast Infection and Oh Candida 200 block of Summit Avenue (eastern end of Summit Ave.
746 March 9 Stroke Alone - your GM Pemberton Dog Park, at the corner of Richardson Street and Gonzales Ave.
745 February 23 Just Katya and Some Bitchy C Beacon Hill Park - gravel soccer field located near Mile 0 monument Douglas and Dallas Road
Katya and SBC's Fairfield confusion.  This was a great run actually, but the first that I can remember where, on the same road, within a block of each other, there ended up being an arrow pointing west, and an arrow pointing east. Trail marks that got left in our wake were confusion incarnate. No real big deal, unless your the BLAB.   We lost two visitor in the park, right at the beginning of the run. They turned up at the circle at the end of the run, I didn't see much of SBC for the first half, because she was gallantly preforming  sweeping duties attempting, find those we lost.    Stoolie Andrews came up with a hash name from a superficial reflex found in human males caused when their inner thy is stroked.  I zoned out part way through his explanation of why he chose that name (I expect the Hash Scribe to deliver on that one day),  so Just Barbara was named "Cremasteric Reflex". Our first naming this year!  It was all-in-all a weird run.
744 February 9  Little Blow Peep, and Premature Evacuation   Claremont-Goddard Park, off Halliburton Road, Saanich  
Click to expand: Dikkus run tracker outputThe hares for this run called it a 'No Frills, no Hills, no Theme Run', but it was a cold and windy run, and about no hills, they lied.   Preemie was a moderating influence on Little Blow when she wanted to add one more hill into the run.  Use it next time.  As-is it felt like 8 KM, but was actually just short of 7 KMs, and the runners probably climbed over 350 meters during the run (See Dikkus' run tracker output).  At least it kept us warm, until we stopped at the BC.  By the time we got religion it dawned on me that it was a good thing to have had a set of dry cloths to put on before circling up.   We had a visitor from Ottawa, Backwash. who must have felt right at home, and two new VH3'ers  just moved from Comox (Pissonya, and Brewkiller).
743 January 26 Kitty Licker and Just David (Kitty's nefew) w/ Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties Chef Jack Off 1049 Monterey Ave.
742 January 12 Wet Taco 2515 Victor Street, Victoria
741 January 1 Muck Sucker with a assistance of Cardinal Sin leading the walkers 3320 Lanai Lane, Colwood
Click to see video:  Hasher take a cold dip in the sea.The Annual New Years Day Run and Polar Bear Swim
One of the mildest New Year's runs that I have ever been on - no ice or frost anywhere, and my fingers only got a little chilled.  This year the Hare cleverly had us start the runs on a less predictable route, down along the waterfront, and up a steep sandy bluff at Perimeter Park - unless you wimped out and took the longer foot path.  The Hare proudly stated that he got away with only having used one water bottle of flour to set the trail.  "Frugality is misery in disguise."  ~Publilius Syrus   Added to a habit of some neighbours' Penis Tree dogs eating flour, and the FRBs found predictability in this trail to be a blessing.  Fortunately, at the top of the hills, the trail had only one way to go along Grantton Rd. to Metchosin, Click to enlarge: Sardines and predictably straight on into the familiar paths in the woods of Royal Roads.  Hounds lost the trail, but were able find it where it was expected, making it to the familiar beer check location near the Penis Tree.  Cardinal Sin (leading the walkers) had them visit her new condo, and almost missed the BC if it were not for the use of a cell phone to call and reminder of her mission. Post BC hasher reconvened at the Hares home, and then from their made a 3 block trek to the beach to get wet, followed by supporters and 6 or 7 paparazzi.  With the aid of a number of large buckets of warm water hasher rinsed sand off themselves before filling the hot tub, like sardines.  The potluck was very good; no one left hungry.  No sardines were in the menu.