Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2017

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
714 December 16 Whoremoan, Newfie Priest, and Swollen Bag 734 Tiffin Place (Gordon Head)
The 12 Stops of Christmas Silver (25th year) Anniversary
Whoremoan emailed me to add to the web site that, in addition to the usual pot-luck dinner, and chance to re-gift that pussy-in-a-can you got last year (or may be not) at the gift exchange, that "It's going to be a beauty!" with extra treats, extra drinks, and special prizes.  It was pretty good.  The weather behaved itself (not even that cold), and we got to polish off 2 bottles of flavoured Tequila, and part of another bottle of strong white Tequila donated by a prominent politicians.  We even lost Swollen Bag.  He started off with the group, but never made it to the end.  Apparently his sunglasses were dropped somewhere on the trail, and I suppose he was too proud to ask hashers for help.  We hope to see him out again so we can get the full story of the missing hare.  Swollen Bag is one of those Victoria hashers who goes back to 'before recorded time', and was named because he only cums to the hash once a year, to the 12 Stops.  Our first recorded history of his cumming was in 1994 to help set that year's 12 Stops.
713 December 2 Some Bitchy C' and Double Hump SBC's house
The Annual General Pissup.  We had a new AGPU method of election using  Hunter Bears Damsels, rather than using run-off voting, or transferable votes - think of Hunter Bear Ninja, and you got it (if not, Google it).  These things happen when growlers of beer are involved. The weather was mild, for this time of year, and mercifully not wet.  The run wandered through Fernwood and South Jubilee, threating to cross over the tweed curtain, but not actually crossing Foul Bay road. The BC was near the banks of Bowker Creek. Trail marks were good, but false trail marks in grass led to some confusion.   Some Bitchy C had onion soup, growlers, and later pizza was delivered (while elections were underway).  To the best of my recollection this is what was elected.
712 November 18 Deep Shit At the parking area across from Ma Miller’s Pub at 2903 Sooke Lake Road
It was a Goldilocks day for a Goldstream hash, and the first dry one in recent history.  The hare laid trail on virgin territory - the Sooke Hills Wilderness trail, which had open last summer.  Cock-a-Leeky may have started a new tradition by bringing a large bag of Maynard's Swedish Fish which was eagerly ravished at the BC.  Lovely Lady Bush's 4-legged companion Just Josie was finally able to run most of the trail rather than being carried.  For her unusual posterior, which was the only thing visible when she was on the grey gravel trails, Just Josie was named "Peach Pit".
711 November 4 Jonners Margaret Jenkins School
Guy Fawkes Day Run Map: Click to enlargeThe annual Guy Fawkes' / Bonfire Night  Run.Horrible Histories: Fawkes' Thirteen - Click to enlarge I didn't go on the run, but understand that the BC was at Jonners and Lakey's new home, deep within Fairfield/Gonzales (4-blocks- from-Oak-Bay deep).  All I know is Stoolie Andrew got lost between the washrooms at Pemberton Park, and the finish, which was after the BC (I suppose a BC can do that to you).  If you have no idea of who Guy Fawkes was, watch the video in the link under the Fawkes' 13 thumbnail.  The next CRRAP BHash, around Christmas, was to start from Jonners and Lakey's, and so far, given the weather, and business etc., all we know is that one day there will be a CRRAP.
710 October 21 Yeast Infection and Oh Candida Oaklands Park, Kings Road between Victor Street and Scott Street
I have never had to set a run in the rain.  I have scouted trails in the rain.  I have run in the rain (sleet, snow, wind, heat), but never set a trail in the rain - why inflict that on hasherswinky.  So when I bumped into Yeast the evening before the run, and he asked me to name the run the  'Wet-side' Run, I knew there was no way I could miss that run, because at that point I kind of felt sorry for him.  It was a damp run, but I have seen rainier runs. and I am getting use to these 'Edmonton Hash Rules', where you don't count dots before you're on trail.  Something he like to do.  It turned out though, that on this run, if you found a dot of flour, you were likely on trail until you hit  back check - or I was, because I never saw a check back.  I developed an idea where the BC was, but I still found the 'YBF'.  After that the candidates were Alexander Park,  Victor School, or Some Bitchy C's home (also on Victor Street). I saw SBC sort cutting to her place.  She  had hot onion soup for everyone, the beer, and we had religion in her living room.  The run was excellent. This year Yeast has set 3 run.  Not the most - Stoolie has set 4 - but really good!
709 October 7 Stroke Alone Margaret Jenkins Elementary off of Chandler Ave.
708 September 23 Some Bitchy C' and Double Hump Circle Drive, Beacon Hill Park, Parking lot near the Petting Zoo
707 September 9 Shigella, Lovely Lady Bush and Blue Balls Burgoyne Bay, Salt Spring Island.  Camping at 685 Stewart Road & 691 Stewart Road
706 August 26 Boomerang & Hooter Shooter Gyro Park, Cadboro
Click to enlarge: the 706th Boomerang Birthday Run Rabble Click to enlarge: Boomerang likes the name of this scotch, so he has frequently treated us to it. Click to enlarge: The FRBs Boomerang's Birthday Run
A fine run that was made fine by it being a sunny warm day, the hares giving up on setting a long run, and the customary Whyte & Mackay scotch stop, ... oh, and it being Boomerang's  Birthday.  The trail ingeniously meandered through Ten Mile Point to a lookout where we took a break for  a toast to Boomer, and to linger and enjoy the sea view.  Then we Click to enlarge: The view Click to enlarge: The FRBs headed back to Cadboro bay finding the BC at the entrance to Mystic Vale.  It took a while for the walkers to catch the runners - there were no real short-cuts.  Rather than disturb the beach goers at Gyro Park, down-down were held at the BC.
705 August 12 Yeast Infection Queens Park, corner of Walnut Street and Chambers Street

A perfect run.  A perfect length.  Well marked.  Well swept - no one got lost. It took advantage of Summit Hill so we had views, and a short bit o bush to wander through.  Our only disappointment was their neighbor, who works for Phillips Brewery, wasn't in-on the run and couldn't supply a keg!  The BC was predictably at Yeast's home, but that was fine as we now know we need them to recruit their neighbor
704 July 29 Stoolie Andrews Sooke Potholes - Parking Lot 3
703 July 15 Some Bitchy C Camosun Interurban parking lot 8 (south lot near Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence)
SBC works in the neighborhood of where this run started.  It took as through trails that the Hash has never used before.  Again underscoring one of the principle reason to come out to the hash, it fulfills mans' primal desire to explore his environment.  I know, 'what kind of bull patty is that?'   Anyway, I think it's wonderful to get a chance to discover places in a comfortable distance from familiar watering holes.  Out there in the Saanich woods we also had Cuntjungle.  That's not some new slang for something you have in the woods ... or with wood -, and said I had a charming accent (well that's how it came across to me).  Cuntjungle was a visitor from the Burlington HHH (Vermont).  Cuntjungle is a linguist.  For part of the time she was out in front with me, so one could say she was very smart; almost cunning.
700 July 1 Click to enlarge: The 700th Run Circled-up Video
Jonners, Lakey, Double Hump, and High Beams
Braefoot Park - Braefoot Rd. near Harrop Road
702 June 17 Testicular & Pussy Whipped Blue Buck Parking lot Oak Bay Rec Centre 1975,  Bee St.
701 June 3 Richard the Turd and Yeast Infection Richard the Turd's house at 2841 Rockwell Avenue
699b May 27 Stoolie Andrews & Cock-a-Leeky Lizard Lake, outside of Port Renfrew
699a May 20 Stroke Alone The north side of Victoria High School
Click to enlarge
Let's see who's actually looking at these pictures.  The first person on the run to find the actual wall with this image will win a Rogers Icewine Truffle in Dark Chocolate bar, and maybe something else.
A warm, sunny, civilized, Fernwood and Rockland run.  No one got lost, the runners and the walkers all got to the BC at the same time, and there were Cheezies. On the Next Hash web page Stroke put up a photo of a large piece of Graffiti found at 2015 Stanley Ave, with a promise to reward Graffiti IPA a chocolate bar and 'something else' (which were two cans of Graffiti IPA by Parkside Brewery) to the first hasher to find the wall on the run.  Sadly no one noticed the caption, remembered, or claimed the prize.  It was Stroke and Circle Jerk's (of Ottawa hash) birthday, so both had cakes on there head, and Stoke named 'Wanker of the Week' for setting a trail on his birthday.  Stroke thinks his next strategy might be to avoid hashing on his birthday.Winking Smilyface
698 May 6 Pisstiferous
 Double Hump
(with faithful K9's Cougarbait & Just Gord)
Windsor Park
697 April 22 Boomerang & Hooter Shooter Metchosin, Rocky Point Road crossing of the Galloping Goose Regional Trail, just before Matheson Lake Road
696 April 8 Some Bitchy C The tennis courts at Shakespeare and Kings
695 March 25 Richard the Turd, and Dikkus The Durrance Lake parking lot.
694 March 11 Little Blow Peep and Digger Elk / Beaver Lake Regional Park Eagle Beach upper parking lot
693 February 25 Blue Balls Uplands Park entrance on Midland Road near the intersection of Lansdowne Road
This was another shiggiful Uplands Park 'Wild' Hare Run, and no one caught the hare!  It was well engineered; checks with 0, 1, 2, and 3 dots in them all having meaning; 1 = runners, 2 = walkers, 3= both, and the 0 dots meant the Hare was undecided at the point he made the check.  Runners were slow!  There were no dry feet following this run so maybe runners were hopelessly trying to keep their feet dry (despite the warnings), or trying not to get scratch on brambles and bushes.  It was also Hare setting trail in a hurry.  Clik to enlarge. probably one of the shortest runs, in distance if not time (slogging through shiggy takes time).  There was a midway Kraken Rum stop - good choice as its inky blackness was the colour of the mud.  That stop was within 200 meters of the BC (as the mud flies). The walkers (i was one of those on a count of pesky bronchitis)  found the Kraken stop and the BC before the runners.  Despite short distances the walkers oddly seldom saw the runners, though we did hear them, like an "oh fu@#$ its" roared, from Boomerang somewhere off in the distant Hare setting trail in a hurry.  Clik to enlarge. bushes.   At one point the Hare ran upon us, spun in a circled about 4 times, probably trying to get his bearings, but not unlike a dog before taking I crap, set a runners check, and headed off running through ankle deep water and inky black mud.  The walker struggled though bushes along the sides of the trail.  At the end the Hare found the walkers at the NBC, and a short distance in the Hare setting trail in a hurry.  Clik to enlarge. wrong direction, until it was pointed out to him the path we were on was too dry, and the wettest path was likely the correct way to go, and it was, so the Hare had lost his own trail.  The runners were not far behind, using the walking trail, short-cutting the runners trail from the NBC to the BC.  At the BC we had the circle and "Shigella" was named, hopefully for what she said, as to what else the reason could be is far from my imagination. (Shigella being a genus of bacteria closely related to Salmonella.
692 February 11 Stoolie Andrews Hyacinth Park off of Marigold Road
691 January 28 Kitty Licker, Stoolie Andrews, and Jack Off 1049 Monterey Ave. 
690 January 14 Double Hump 5410 Lochside Drive Parking lot for Cordova Bay soccer fields
689 January 1 Muck Sucker and Deep Shit 3320 Lanai Lane, Colwood
Blue Balls said it was sooo cold, he had thought he would run in his swimming shorts so that, at the end of the run, he could hit the hot tub first. That was his plan.   By the time the initial circle was done, he made a beeline for his car for some running pants; I guess things were getting blue down there.  Much of the snow had sublimated from the cold, dry, northerly wind, so where it hadn't the hares made trail with some small pieces of paper - like they do in the tropics.  Despite the inclemency of the weather, a good crowd turned up.  Many more walkers than runners,  The runner headed down towards the beach, then up past the gravel pit to catch the cruel chill wind on the hilltop, while the walkers took their time in the shelter of the woods. By the time the runner found the BC, the walkers were already into the cooler (not that they needed to be any cooler).  The BC was near the Penis Tree on grounds of Royal Road University (you have to look for it).  Deep Shit swept for the runners, while Muck had the walkers, and both had treats on trail, and party hats, and party horns to make new year's day a whole lot less peaceful.   Religion was in the warmth of Muck Suckers garage, which was well heated and came with a supplie of Costco-sized bags of chips.  Penetration, Dolly Boy, Just Julina, and Itchy Buns came late to circle. I missed on-afters (had another event), but think there was a lot of different warm dishes with beans.  I suspect Blue Ball finally made it into the hot tub.