Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2016

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
688 December 17 Whoremoan & Newfie Priest 734 Tiffin Place (Gordon Head)
687 December 3 Stoolie Andrews and Some Bitchy C The home of Some Bitchy C and Wet Taco
Victoria Hash House Harriers' Annual General Pissup - where some hashers who got elected to Mismanagement.  The run was just the right length, if not a bit wet, running through the North, South Jubilee, with a BC planned for Victor School, but ending up in the dry living room of SBC's home.  It wasn't so dry as Digger had brought, not one, but two kegs of beer from 4 Mile House Brew Pub - a Pilsner, and there Best Brown Ale. Stoolie provide a hearty beef barley soup, and there was bread and vegetable with dip, snack foods, and fruit turnovers.  Other out cums will come from our new Hash Scribe (I hope).  All I remember (after the keg) is winning a bottle of Hoyne Voltage Espresso Stout for having set the most hashes this year.  SBC put up 3 award (a new thing for the AGPU), one of the other was the most runs attended, of which, having already won the most hashes, the 'runner-up' won.  The election details can be found here. (there to the best of my memory)
686 November 19 Deep Shit Parking area across from Ma Miller’s Pub at 2903 Sooke Lake Road
685 November 5 Jonners and Lakey Sir James Douglas Elementary School, 401 Moss Street, circle up in parking lot  off Thurlow Rd.
684 October 22 Sir My Cocks A' Fallen Cloverdale Traditional School, 3427 Quadra St., park on Linwood Avenue, behind the school
"Life is full of adventure. There's no such thing as a clear pathway." (Guy Laliberte - co-founder and the former CEO of Cirque du Soleil.)  This was the 4th Cloverdale school run set by SMCAF, and it is becoming legendary - see last year's 656.  It was a lovely fall day, and perfect for running or walking.  Our hare, unable to run, had bravely set the trail on his own, and had set a very ambitious trail - the following week's bike hash was shorter!.  The walkers were led by the hare to the BC.  With no sweep, a  trail requiring some dodging of golfers on the golf course, slow runners, lost trail marks, a very long run, and at least one injured runner, the run would become an exercise in ... 'forgiveness'. After all the Hare is a good guy, and well meaning. Jonners came in first after short-cutting to where he predicted the BC would be.  He emphasizes some misgivings over the lack of a sweep.  The hare drove off in his car to go looking for the lost hounds (not all Hares would do that). The runners eventually made it in, got their beer (the following week's bike hash short changed some hounds on beer), and the down-downs meted out all 'due punishment'.  Getting back to my opening quotation, the measure of an adventure might also be the tales that come of it, and this trail gave hashers something to talk about over beers at the public house.
683 October 8 Yeast Infection Queens Park, corner of Queens Ave and Chambers Street (behind George Jay Elementary)
Group ShotI felt sorry for the Hare having to set the trail in the rain, but fortunately for the small number of  stalwart hounds that came out the weather was sunny, and perfect for running.  The walker out numbered the runner, but kept the circle and BC merry.  The FRBs were Stoolie and Stroke, with the DFL being Ice Breaker.  In fact, with the exception of Yeast Infection, the entire running pack, until the end, were those just mentioned.  Fortunately the Hare marked out the entire trail, solving all the checks and check backs, maybe with the hope that more hounds would follow in our wakeThe Hare .  The devotion to trail marking duties paid off for our BLABs; Little Blow and Digger, with hounds in tow (Little Digger and Itchy Bitch), who ran the entire trail.  More FRBs would have been welcome to have softened the load.  I think we ran up Summit Hill at least 3 times!  Though he swore it was a normal length trail, it felt longer.  Hmmm, okay, he still has my sympathy for setting the trail in the rain.  On On to the Hare.
682 September  24 Stroke Alone Monterey Middle School, 851 Monterey Avenue
Click to enlarge 'Back to School' Hash.  I last minutes trail,  planned Friday, executed Saturday, among the alleys and well healed homes of south Oak Bay.  The BC was in Anderson Park.  It was dubbed 'back to school' due to it being the alternative to Click to enlarge the last Stroke Alone trail, set from the samelocation on July 30th.  It was was a fine party cloudy day - perfect for running.  We had new hashers and a virgin join us (hope they enjoyed the outing).  There were even wolves on the trail, along with  cheezies too!
September  10 Digger and Little Blow Peep Parkland School in Sidney A sunny day for a run.  Sort of a 'back to school' event.  The run twisted and turned through residential Sidney, though small grassy parks, and along a picturesque Tsehum Harbour, in a large loop, leading the hounds to the hares campsite in MacDonald Campground. There the hound got to lounge with many snacks (graciously provide by the hares),  and the traditional BC was a somewhat more relaxed affair. Rather than go back to school, the pack decided to circle up a do down-downs in the campsite.  On-after was at the Stone House Pub in Canoe Cove, where hounds enjoy the trail-end and near tail end of summer al fresca.
680 August  27 Blue Balls & Self Service On Salt Spring Island at the pull off just past Peter Arnell Park
The Salt Spring Island 'Hippy' Campout Hash.  A thoroughly enjoyable weekend, with glorious weather, where my meager camping gear was  put to use (another return on my investment). We, yet again, got to run a trail that hashers had not run before.  The trail led through woods and up hills to views (and a YBF), and through stinging nettles -Blue Balls couldn't find a swamp, so nettle was his consolation shiggy.  The co-hare made the trail interesting with devilishly difficult to find marks, and thus The Cuff was brought out and put to messy use punishing the 'innocent' (or so they claimed), and perhaps waste some beer.  This hare was glad to have had the opportunity to wash the sweat and beer of in another of Salts Spring Island lakes.  We also got to see how rammed  earth homes are build (E.G. see Randy Bachman’s Salt Spring home) visiting with Bachman's builders, Meiror Kranenhoff, of Terra Firma, at the builder's  home.  It was there where we swam in the lake off his back yard.  On-afters was pot-luck at the campground with a great variety of tasty food and great beer, sitting around the propane powers campfire, free of annoying smoke, and not a mosquito to be seen or heard (keep that a secret from the rest of Canada) with a wondrous canopy of stars over our heads!
679 August 13 Whoremoan 1734 Tiffin Place (home of the 12 Stops of Christmas)
The Gordon Head 'Olympics' Hash and BBQ pool party.  It was a perfect day for a pool party.  Whoremoan set 10 events at various local school grounds.  These included play set obstacle courses, basket ball nets, soccer nets, and swing sets.   As the day was warm, and the trial seemed  long hashers decided beer was about due when we got to the 6 events.  The decathlon became a sexatholon.  The route was a walkers, runners, and cyclist's route, so the slowest common denominator set the pace. Nonetheless SBC told me her cycle computer recorded 11KM by the time we got to the 6th event.  Hats off to Whoremoan for the imagination and ambitiousness of his trail.  It was a lot of fun.  On-afters had a swimming pool!  This was perfectly timed with hot warm weather, and a brand new BBQ.  We had burgers (various kinds), coleslaw, potato salad ,chips and salsa, and beer.   SHIT had bowed out of the run ("It's too hot"), but joined us for the BBQ, and Stuffer returned home from work to join in.
678 July 30 Stroke Alone and Pisstiferous Monterey Middle School, 851 Monterey Ave. - On-Afters at Pisstiferous
677 July  16 Blue Balls Oakland Park (On Kings Rd. between Victor and Scott)
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676 July 2 Stroke Alone Behind George Jay Elementary School, between the school and Queens Park, at the corner of Chambers St. and Queens Ave.
 June 18 Testicular & Pussy Whipped Blue Buck Langford Lake Park off Shelby Place beyond Goldstream Avenue and Leigh Road Intersection.
Click to enlarge The 'annual' gin and tonic run.  A perfectly relaxed run with the walkers and runner keeping up with each other.  It wasn't as warm as last year's G&T, but it was sunny. The gin and tonics were excellent, and made with tonic concentrate, mixed with sparkling water, by Preemie's son's company New Theatre Spirits & Tonics "Locally made, perfectly balanced tonic".   On-afters repeated what might become a tradition, going to a Thai restaurant.  This time it was the Sabhai Thai Restaurant 2800 Jacklin Road. I didn't go, but I haven't heard of any complaints.
674 June 4 Yeast Infection and Oh Candida Corner of Vancouver St. and Princess Ave. (behind Crystal Pool) 
It was a hot day.  The run was urban and devious. No 'Xs', and the run was very very very long.  Well at least from the perspective of Stroke, who had fallen behind at the first check, never able to catch-up.  The Hare didn't sweep the trail, and until the last KM of what seemed to be a 7KM true-trail run, none of the checks were marked out. Stroke missed the BC, the beer, and the circle.  On his way home Blue Balls found him just short of the BC, still doggedly following trail, and kindly redirected him to the On-After.  'You missed it all!', he said.  Stroke survived, a welcome cold beer handed to him from Double Hump, who had loyally kept safe his back pack keys and wallet. 
May 21 Jonners and Lakey Monterey Middle School 851 Monterey Ave. The "There is no Plan B" Run, with a Mr. T themed run in honour of his birthday.   Stroke Alone also was honoured for his birthday, which was the day before, resulting in flour on his head - lesson learned, once you're over 21, it doesn't pay to get older.  All in all it was an excellent run.  A bit overcast, but good views and a healthy turnout.
672 May 7 Yeast Infection and Some Bitchy C Belleville's Watering Hole and Diner
Click to enlargeThe Annual Red Dress Run
The weather could not have been better, the dresses were never redder, the beer as tasty as ever, and the trail never shorter.  Ah, it was a good red dress run!

In addition the proceeds of registration allowed the VH3 to give back to the community through a $425 donation to the Gift of Good Food.

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Click here to see a planned map found by in an flour bag by the Scouts of the following CRRAP BHash Wink
671 April 23 Little Blow Peep
Reynolds Park on Prestwood Dr off Union Rd.
I wasn't there.  I was likely perfect.  From what I could tell from the weather, the showers held off until the evening.  Given the that no less than 8 people registered that same day for the Red Dress Run (a high one day registration) I suspect the turnout was good.
670 April 9 Deep Shit In the parking lot of Esquimalt Gorge Park (Kinsmen Park) just west of Tillicum Bridge on the south side of the Gorge
The "Pain in the Ass" Run, in sympathy for sciatica sufferers.  It was a perfect, sunny day, A Goldilocks day - not to warm, not tp cool.  Deep Shit set a cunning trail through parts of Esquimalt that, in memory, no one had hashed through before, but only a handful of this pack has either, as the sweep didn't sweep, and various hound were lost long enough to have missed the new territory.  No one ran the entire trial as its convulsions naturally lead to intentional and unintentional short-cutting - except for Stroke who ended up long cutting (and no one followed him).  The Hare set the trail walking it, leaving this FRB to conclude, from the number of hills, that walking hares can be brutal!  The BC was at the top of High-Rock park.  And on this adventure there were plenty of walkers; the medium age was probably over 45 (and that's probably being kind). Boomerangs back too (so I am being kind on the medium age!) Gave Stroke the Yangong Hash from Myanmar, which was exceedingly kind of him.  Boomer will be headed back soon to the sun full-fill another contract. 
669 March 26 Double Hump and Stoolie Andrews View Royal Elementary School, 218 Helmcken Road
March 12 High Beams & Cock-a-Leeky Rainbow Park
Click to enlargeThis Saint Patrick's Day run came with all the trapping; lots of green, with hats with shamrocks on them (and some with other herbs), and one person with a little  talking Leprechaun on his shoulder with batteries in his groin (the Leprechaun not the hasher) - the Leprechaun was a 'carryover' from previous years event (may be more than one), and the engineers in the pack discovered the hard truth that the batteries were not replaceable.  The rain threatened, but held off, and there was Irish Cream on a cool windswept peak of Christmas Hill. Cock-a-Leeky pitched in to assist Highbeam on fairly short notice, which for that she should be honoured, along with the presence of jelly beans at religion - in some eyes, both were of equal important... except for the pink ones.
667 February 28 Blue Balls and Stroke Alone Parking Lot Beaver Lake School | Kids Klub (4828 West Saanich Rd)
666 February 15 Stoolie Andrews and Some Bitchy 'C' End of the road (Stewart Mountain Road).
Valentine's Day  Army of Darkness Run

It was a half decent day all things considered, and there were prized for correctly answered question about the film 'Army of Darkness'.  On trail were many pink plastic horse were to be found, and lots of water.  Keeping one's feed dry was the real challenge.   
665 January 30 Kitty Licker Windsor Park , 2451 Windsor Rd
Robbie Burns' "Behind the Tweed Curtain" Day Hash
January 17 Premature Evacuation & Digger Centennial Park (Central Saanich) on Wallace Drive by Picnic Area
It has been a while since a run had been set out in and around Saanichton, and it was about time.  Centennial park, with all its trails makes it an enticing choice.   On trail Stroke fondly remember the hash "Bowling for Grog" set in late July 2008 by dearly departed Frontal Lobotomy (A.K.A GROG!!!) and Deep Shit  where a similar trail took the hounds wine tasting at Marley's Farm Winery , it was 46 acres, and the only fruit winery on Vancouver Island, but was permanently closed later that year.  Preemie and Digger showed great hash cleverness setting trails that kept the FRBs working for their beer, even though the area covered wasn't huge, yet the trail was still a good 6 K.  We had only modest shiggy and mild weather.
663 January 1 Muck Sucker,  Frogger, and Happy Sperm 3320 Lanai Lane, Colwood