Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2013

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
606 December 21 Whoremoans and Newfie Priest
1734 Tiffin Place (Gordon Head)
The Annual 12 Stops of Christmas Run.  It was sunny and cool but not cold with the usual stops of treats, a carolling stop at The Victorian Retirement Residence, and a potluck and gift exchange.  "Master Baited" was named for being baited by Stroke Alone to follow him past the beer check.
605 December 7 Hoopalong Chastity, Blue Balls and Just Rigel
Thetis Lake Park, cul-de-sac at the end of Bellamy Road - Langford
It was cold. The puddles were iced over. Though shiggy was promised the mud was rock hard. Purple tang was used to distinguish the markings from the snow. When it came to navigation of iced-over puddles there were more heavy turkeys than light eagles, and one wading heron too heavy for the ice.
604 November 23 Boomerang Boomerangs Place
603 November 9 Deep Shit Goldstream Park.  The parking area across from Ma Miller's Pub at 2903 Sooke Lake Road.
600 November 2 Richard the Turd
Bag Licker
Parking Lot Fairfield Gonzales Community Association, 1335 Thurlow Road
602 October 26 Stoolie Andrews &
Master Baker
Parking lot at Prior Lake (just north of Thetis Lake Park entrance off Highland Road)
Lots of hills.  Spectacular Sunny fall day.  Only Stroke Alone, and the Hares who set the run did the entire run.
601 October 12 Pickup-Hash organized by Dikkus - hared by Jack the Tripper, Little Blow Peep, and Stoolie Andrews (Stroke Alone ran down Stoolie 30' short of the BC, so was hare for only 30 feet.)  Carnarvon Park
A sunny, cleverly organized hash put on by Dikkus. Hares set deviously twisty trails. Stoolie lost the map to the BC, which was found by the hounds. Fortunately this was near the end of the run. When Stroke caught him at the NBC, Stools handed over the flour with a big smile saying, "you're the hare to the BC, but I lost the map, and can't tell you were it is.". Dikkus' truck near by, with SBC pulling out the beer resolved that quandary.
599 September 28  Pantsdownbooty &
Prize Prick
Horth Hill Park (North Saanich -- meet in parking lot off Tatlow Rd.)
598 September 14 Sir My Cocks A' Fallen
Cloverdale Elementary School 3427 Quadra Street. Circle up at the parking lot.
A sunny, accidentally short trail. Last of the warm weather.
597 August 31 Boomerang
Saxe Point Parking lot, Esquimalt
A sunny short, and confused run, but lots of fun.
596 August 17 Muck Sucker
Taylor Arm Provincincial Park, Group Campground #3, just west of Port Alberni, BC
Sproat Lake carry on of the Annual Blueberry Hash.
595 August 3 Bag Licker
Blue Balls
Parking lot of Lake Hill Elementary School 1031 Lucas Avenue
Sunny day with a Tequila and lime shooters stop.  Great views from the top of Christmas Hill.
594 July 20 Stoolie Andrews & Boomerang Lower parking lot (Provincial park), Sooke Potholes
593 July 6 Blue Balls
Hoopalong Chastity
Mount Work Regional Park - Ross Durrance Road Parking Lot
A warm day where the Hash took a swim before the BC, and dodged police who were out looking for lakeside imbibers.
592 June 22 Happy Sperm, Just Jim, and Premature Evacuation
Beacon Hill park, parking lot on Arbutus way, just before the playground area.
St-Jean-de-Baptiste day run, ostie de tab*rnac!   Just Jim is named ''Frogger".  Little blue Quebec dollars were handed out, but never used.
591 June 8 Boomerang
Sopranos Bar & Grill, 730 Caledonia (lots of parking)
16th Annual Red Dress Run
590 May 25
Pink Muffy,
Just Malcolm,
Westin Hotel Parking Lot, Bear Mountain Eiger Sanction Hash.  Great views, prizes, lots of maps, and some people actual came as a Eiger Sanction character.  "Steamie" the dog gets named.
589 May 11
Hoopalong Chastity
Dallas and Cook (dog walking park) A run though the urban beauty of Fairfield.
588 April 27 SBC
Stroke Alone
Richmond Elementary school at Richmond and Townley Rd
Set in a drizzle, but run in dry weather.  A Jubilee & Oak Bay run in close contact with Bowker Creek.  A gentler and less strenuous run than the last two with lots of hills.  Despite that Just John found a way to meet the paved ground with more than his feet, and was named "Jack the Tripper" for it.
587 April 13 Stoolie Andrews
The Munn Road parking lot at the south end of Mt. Work Park, top of Munn Road
A wet and cloudy run, with a BC with a view out over a fog and misty landscape that prompted one hasher to say it looks like the landscape  of Mordor. Stools said if we had been there when he set the trail, you would have seen all of Victoria and beyond, clear to the Olympic Mountains.  The RA had to have a blanket thrown over him as he looked close to hypothermic. 
586 March 30 Jonners,
Flirt & RCMP
Majestic Park, (Majestic & Dougall)
A fine sunny day and a very up and down trail of sawdust and dotty checks, with an Easter egg hunt at the beer check.  Just France was named "Happy Sperm", and Just Toby name "Semen on the Mount".
585 March 16 Prize Prick
& Pantsdownbooty
Esquimalt Gorge Park (in the main parking lot)
Annual Saint Patrick's Day Hash. Cool but sunny.  Lots of green, and luck charms.
584 March 2 Blue Balls Cattle Point
583 February 16
Little Blow Peep
2515 Victor St Post Valentine's Day Run
582 February 2
Central Middle School (1280 Fort Street) The Tutu Run.  Hashers wearing tutus on Groundhog Day ( Grundsaudaag, Murmeltiertag) repeat the same loop of Fernwood on the second day of the second month of the year.
581 January 19
Double Hump
Premature Evacuation
Dallas Road at the foot of Moss Street Annual Robbie Burns' Day Hash - lots of plaid skirts and two kilts, golf, poetry, and scotch. No haggis, but lots of sun.
580 January 5 Kitty Licker
1768 Dean Park Road
The Annual Chili Run
579 January 1
Muck Sucker
Cardinal Sin
3320 Lanai Lane, Colwood The Annual New Year's Day Hangover Polar Bear Run