Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2012

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
578 December 22 Whoremoan, SHIT, and Newfie Priest
1734 Tiffin Place (Gordon Head)
Some Bitchy Cunt is named: click to enlarge No rain, no snow, sun and mild weather. It was a fine 12 Stops of Christmas Run. We also named "Some Bitchy C"
577 December 8 Stroke Alone & Blue Balls
Fisherman's Wharf Park - James Bay
No rain and lots of fun.  Squid Lips from Vancouver makes a return appearance - he seems to like us.
576 November 24 Deep Ship & Ambisextrous
In the parking lot across from Ma Millers Pub at 2903 Sooke Lake Road
Sun, showery, fishy, muddy, and leafy Annual Goldstream Park Salmon Run
575 November 10 Jonners and Lakey Jonners and Lakey's - San Pedro Ave, Gordon Head
October 27 Pantsdownbooty & Double Hump 1326 Moorgreen Place - Digger and Little Blow Peeps A soggy run but with treats and trick, and a great on-afters at Digger and Little Blow's
573 October 13 Sir Wobbly Knob & Water Nympho Beacon Hill park, right by the wet and wild watering can
A winding trail to bridges with trolls.  Just Rob was named "Pimp 'N Whore
572 September 29 Sir My Cocks A' Fallen
Glanford Elementary School in the parking lot off Glanford Avenue
 A well timed run.
571 September 15 Just Matthew supported by Dikkus
Behind Lambrick Park Secondary School / approx 4158 Torquay Drive
Another warm and sunny run through Gordon Head with the longest on-in from the BC in recorded history.
September 1 Froot Loops & Space Case & Little Loop End of 2800 block of Phyllis St., Ten Mile Point near Cadboro Bay Sunny run with a partially live-Hare-trail of flour and froot loops. Vancouver-style trail marks leading some astray. BC in the middle of the run, rather than near the end. .Renaming of My Cocks A' Fallen to "Sir My Cocks A'Fallen". 
569 August 18 Muck Sucker & Cardinal Sin The Blueberry Farm at Cox Lake
568 August 4 Blue Balls & Hoopalong Chastity
Up Mount Maxwell Road at the "Maxwell Water Shed" on Salt Spring Island and campout at Ruckle Park
Hot and wet, great camping, lost-and-found-beer-in-the-lake-under the-wrong-log-beer-check run.
567 July 21 Stoolie Andrews with some help from Boomerang Parking Lot #1 at Sooke Potholes Provincial Park on the Sooke River Road.
566 July 7 Prize Prick & Pantsdownbooty
Goudy Turf Field, Langford Parkway
Run, swim in Langford Lake, and bowling at the Lanes - we has 3 Lanes of 5 bowlers, and all had a lot of fun with balls and pins.
565 June 23 High Beams & Little Blow Peep The Poolside Bar and Grill of the Capital City Centre Hotel
The Annual Red Dress Run
We collect $588.98 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  A feet considering the pouring rain, and lack of hearty tourists.  Connie at the Heart and Stroke Foundation sent many thanks to all the crazy wankers!!!  Full Service's baby was named "Inutero ".
564 June 9 Preemie and possibly Little Blow
Rainbow Park (off MacKenzie) The run will be somewhere over the rainbow.
Muzzled Meat" is named. This is a good lesson on how to do a naming, even if its takes a bit long. Lakey does the naming as if she were icing a cup-cake with her fingers.
563 May 26 Testicular & Pussy Whipped Blue Buck
Falaise Park at intersection of Falaise Drive and Deventer Drive
Broadmead Parks Run with a surprise rum and ice tea check.
562 May 12 Mr. Salty
Macauley Elementary (Meet at Macauley St & Moody Crescen
A warm and sunny day for May.
April 28 Numbnuts Hampton Park Tennis Courts on Seaton Street Suburban shiggy found in Cuthbert HolmesPark
560 April 14 Double Hump & Udderly Stupid Central Middle School 1280 Fort Street.
Adult chocolate filled Easter eggs galore hunt, 8 virgins, a journalist, and a naming (virgin Just Pat gets named "Bag Liquor ") all on a sunny day's run.
none April 7 Nipple Detector and Annie Cockadoo(ACD) Sunlund Campground, Lund, mile 0 of Highway 101
March 31 Jonners, Lakey, Flirt & Cash Uplands Campus, 3461 Henderson Rd April Fools Day's Eve Run
March 17 High Beams & Hoseout Vantreight Park (corner of Leyns Rd and Vantreight Dr in Gordon Head) St. Patrick's Day Run and Just Quinn was names "Lucky Shite"
March 3 Boomerang & Pisstifferous 514 Beach Drive Oak Bay from Sea to Sky Run
February 18 Pantsdownbooty & Prize Prick Francis King Regional Park (main parking lot off Munn Road) A shiggylicious Valentine's Day run
555 February 4 Premature Evacuation Cattle Point Parking Lot by Kiosk
554 January 21 Jack Off In the car park of Beacon Hill Park at the foot of the road going up the hill.
553 January 7 Kitty Licker 1768 Dean Park Road
552 January 1 Muck Sucker & Cardinal Sin 3320 Lanai Lane, Colwood (A to B from Albert Head Lagoon