Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2003

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
343 December 13
Whoremoan and
Newfie Priest
Gordon Head There were 12 stops, some very short; and 7 virgins.
342 November 29
Deep Shit and Hotnuts
Goldstream Park remembering Zero; salmon dance; naming of "Go Down".
341 November 11
Annual Thetis Relay
Thetis Lake There were 8 teams of 4; a record for us.
340 November 1 Penetration and Gunner
Gordon Head Soccer Club (on Tyndall Avenue).
Over 50 hashers turn up for combined VH3/Dark Side run.
339 October 18
Salted, Rod, and Always Cuming
Mt.Doug Salted forgot to put in any checks!!
338 October 4
Freudian Slip, DFD, and Dean
Oak Bay The NBC that wasn't and the naming of Dean as "Puss in Boots".
337 September 20 Bushsquatter Beckwith Park
336 September 6 Shrink Tillicum
335 August 24
Whoremoan, Newfy Priest, and Stuffer
Beachwear Hash Visitors from Sacramento, a virgin and a pool to cool off in.
334 August 9-10
Cliffbanger and Bushsquatter
Port Alberni Elvis weekend There were 15 hashers plus 2 hashlings had a great time and Janey was named "Penis Envy".
333 July 26
Wet Virgin
Cedar Hill area We conquered the hill to Jennifer Park; lots of whining.  Never Cums was renamed "Cumming Until Next Time" .
Special July 19 Island Relay
Courtney to Nanaimo
"Hash Backwards" team of 10 did us proud.
332 July 12
Dump on a Stump
Uplands The hashlings are here.
331 June 28
Freudian Slip
Gyro Park DFD goes wrong; Throbbus & Trailer return.
330 June 14 Stoolie
Hot Nuts
Prior Lake, Thetis Park
Only 5 turned up, including the Hares!!
329 May 24
Downtown Red Dress Beauties!, and naming of "Banged Up Between".
328 May 10 Floppy & Itchy Layritz Park
327 April 26 Shrink and Sweetpee Galloping Goose Sweetpee returns for the weekend.
326 April 19
Salted & Never Cums
Oak Bay Playgrounds & Eggs
325 April 5 Stoolie
The back of Thetis Lake
Pondscum appeared; virgin trails.
324 March 22 VPL & Beerman Mill Hill Park
323 March 8
Slow Cooker & High Beams
Fairfield Paddy Hash; snowy; red hair; Wynne named "Never Cums".
322 February 22 Cus UVic
321 February 8 Suck-me Peter
Cedar Hill area
Bath-robed in Hillside Mall
320 January 25
Beacon Hill/James Bay Robbie Burns;  poet Boomerang
319 January 11 Kitty Licker Dean Park
318 New Year's Day
Slow Cooker
Fairfield Cold ocean, hot tub.