Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2001

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
December 15th
Whoremoan Gordon Head 12 stops of Christmas
November 24th
Deep Shit Goldstream Park No shiggy,only dying salmon
November 11th
6 teams Thetis Lake Remembrance Day Relay
October 27th Zero Discharge Fernwood Vh3/Darkside Halloween
287 October 13th
Shrink & Virgin Holly
Tillicum/Colquitz Sausage race. and Cliffbanger has a foury birthday
286 September 29th
Digger & Preemie
Mt.Work DFD jumps on car
285 September 15th
Whoremaon & Deep Fried Dick
Gordon Head Annual Japanese Run
284 September 1st
VPL & Bushsquatter
Langford Only 6 hashers; Stoolie is late!!
August 18-19th
Muck Sucker Port Alberni Tenting at the blueberry farm
282 August 4th
Cliffbanger & Bushsquatter
LayritzPark Toilet plunger & free food
July 24th Salted Nuts Oak Bay Hotdogs & the trampoline
280 July 7th
Shrink & Sweet Pee
Witty's Lagoon Beer in the sun
279 June 23rd Cinderella Sidney Spit
278 June 9th
Baby Dick & Penetration
Gyro Park Baby Dick is renamed "Dump on a Stump" Why?
277 May 26th DFD
Willows Beach
Visitors from Quatar and "Lost Seed" is named.
276 May 14th
Itchybuns & Deep Shit
Thetis Lake Night Crawler leaves us
275 April 28th Bushsquatter downtown
274 April 14th
Stoolie & Cliffbanger
Dean Park hills++; Prairie Inn
273 March 31st Testicular & Tongue Slipper Mt.Tolmie/Uplands Park Great soup at Testy's
March 17th Bushsquatter Fairfield Paddy Day's dress up
March 8th Crutch Cargo Esquimalt Silicone Valley sets the trail
271 February 24th Cus & Stefan from Scotland UVic Stretch Dickey's fancy tights
270 February 10th
Icebox, Cliffbanger & Bushsquatter
Royal Roads Valentine madness
269 January 24th
Slow Cooker & Kitty Licker
downtown Robbie Burns at the brewery
268 January 10th Cinderella Mt.Doug
267 January 1st
Slow Cooker & Homer
Fairfield Sea swim & hot tub