Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 1999

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
December 18th Whoremoan Gordon Head 12 stops of Xmas
December 11th Digger & Bushsquatter Mt.Doug Maria cycled up Road!!!
November 27th Hot Nuts & Hard Drive Goldstream Salmon galore
237 November 13th
Spitter & Shakesbeer
Shawnigan Lake Wet Loo Attendant
236 October 30th
Cinerella, VD, & DFD
Ross Bay Cemetry Wet +Hiro leaves
October 16th Shrink & One Size Tillicum Sausage race; "Analvice" is named.
October 2nd Cliffbanger & Stroke a Loaf UVic AGM at Uni Grad Centre
233 September 18th Stroke a Loaf ??
232 September 2nd
Cliffbanger & Bushsquatter
Millstream Millstream mountain bike area
231 August 26th
Testy & Hot Nuts
downtown On the parkade roof
230 August 12th VD & kid
Gryo Park/UVic
229 July 29th
Zero Discharge & kids
Fernwood Stoolie breaks new hot tub!!
228 July 15th
Preemie & Sexy
Gorge Magical mystery tour
227 July 1st Salted Nuts Beacon Hill Park ??
226 June 21st Cinderella & Preemie Sidney Spit ??
225 June 10th Penetration ?? ??
224 May 29th Muck Sucker Langford ??
223 May 15th Sweet Pee Cattle Point Longest beer check
May 1st Preemie & Sexy Fisherman's Wharf/downtown #2 Red Dress Run; photo IDs "Shakesbeer" is named.
221 April 17th Stoolie Swan Lake ?
220 April 3rd Pet-me & Assgrabber UVic Easter; Douch It
219 March 21st Cliffbanger & Bushsquatter Xmas Hill/Beckwith park Hang over after DSide 50th
218 March 6th Bushsquatter & Sexy Mt.Doug ?
217 February 20th Penetration & Douch-it Oak Bay ?
February 6th Icebox & BS Royal Roads Valentine's Day Run
January 23rd Dikkus & Preemie Beacon Hill/downtown Robbie Burn's Run #6
214 January 9th Cliffbanger & Bushsquatter Willows Beach ?
January 4th Homer & Slow Cooker Fairfield New year Run