133rd Dark Side of the Moon Run

On Friday September 30th 16 hashers , including two new hashers (Boob Job and Phone Slut) who have moved down from Comox met at the home of Dolly Boy and Penetration. This is the perfect spot for hosting a hash as it is in a wooded area adjacent the Metchosin Golf Course.

The run was dark especially for those who forgot their flashlights. It featured a wonderful view of the Sitting Lady Falls (it sounded wonderful anyways). The trails went to Witty's Lagoon Park, some farmer's field (farmer no shoot us), residential streets (doggus no bite us), a Boys and Girls Club camp where the BC was located (plenty of cold beer to drink) and back to start (coitus non interuptus).

The run was remarkable for one thing. That was considering how dark it was and the scarcity of flour nobody got lost.

The down downs and on-afters were held by a fire pit. After Jackoff was awarded the Prick of the Month Award (not sure what for) we all roasted smokies and had salads prepared by Penetration and Mrs. Dusty Bag. It was definitely a memorable night and one to remember to take in the next time a hash is set out there.

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