Stewart Mountain Hash Run
June 3, 2006

The circle

Well, the usually taciturn Itchy Buns liked this hash so much he had to email Bushsquatter in the homeland and tell her about it.  So Plumber's Mate, along with a little help from Stoolie, must have done something right! Perhaps Itchy was stimulated by the new un-hashed territory discovered by the hares.  Or maybe it was the invigorating summit vistas amidst carpets of broom running up and down the hills.  And then there was the floor-show performed in the circle by Shrink-a-dink and Poohkay.  Did I say Poohkay? Ah, yes, this hash was graced by the presence of the one and only Poohkay who gallantly escorted a visiting American hasher, Mossy Patch, over from the mainland.  Mossy Patch, thinking that she might just spend a couple of hours in Victoria just around the corner from Vancouver, ended up on a weekend expedition, including a hash that she probably thought was more endless vertical climb than a slow jog through the countryside.

Much to the surprise of Stoolie, some 20-odd hashers showed up to this hash.  June is usually a pretty thin month for participants, but this hash turned out to be well attended.  Not only did Poohkay and Mossy Patch attend, but we also had further international representation from the U.S.A. and a couple of Sheila's from Down Under.

A large walking contingent set out along with the runners and managed to follow most of the course outlined for them on a well crafted, hand-drawn map.  Unfortunately, the scale was a little off and the walkers strolled off-trail and ended up on Millstream Road kilometers off course.  Things could have gone badly awry at that point if it weren't for the finely honed instincts of Poohkay, who had joined-up with the walkers . A panicked Stoolie, who short-cut to try and link up with the walkers, discovered Pooks leading the walkers to within meters of the beer check from the wrong direction without a trail to follow.  Truly an amazing feat of dry land navigation!

The last obstacle was the dash across some home-owners backyard, much to the surprise of the homeowner.  Turns out that the strip of crown land running between lots was one lot further down and the hares ran the trail through private property.  Lucky for us the dog was friendly and the owner easily mollified by a beer offered to him by Slow Cooker.

Shrink ran the circle as RA since Stoke Alone was tardy in arriving (but Stroke still did his usual masterful job discovering false trails).  The more memorable charge was Kitty Licker drinking out of his sandal and a naming of one of the Sheila's - "Big Bloody Gash" - for the wounding she suffered on the trail.  On-afters were held at the Loghouse Pub and Pooks and Mossy Patch were later bundled off to the four star "Concierge de la Shrink" for a restful night's recovery.

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