The 391st Victoria HHH Hash was on Saturday October 29th

The Combined Darkside - VHHH Halloween Hash

On Saturday October 29th at 7 pm about 25 hashers along with some hash horrors (I mean prodigy) arrived at Homer and Slow Cooker's abode for the annual joint VH3-Dark Side Halloween Run. There were the regular characters you would expect on a Halloween run including witches, goblins, clowns and cavemen. There was even a whole box of crayons although mostly oranges and blues in colours. We needed a black crayon to go along with the oranges for festive purposes only as I wouldn't want it known I'm prejudice against blue crayons. Stoolie, our hare and RA, came dressed as a flying monkey. He had my vote for the most original costume.

The run brought out a few hashers we haven't seen for awhile i.e. Hash Hole, Cuts Like a Knife and Night Crawler. It also brought out Dump on a Stump and his family.

The hares were Stoolie and Banged Up Between (BUB) who had each set their runs separately in different directions. The end result was we never did do any of BUB's run. Rumour has it will be used at a future date.

Stoolie took us through the Rockland and High Fairfield areas or where all the elite people lived a hundred years ago. The highlight of the run was going through the pumpkin display at Government House. After that the hashers were getting a little ornery so we were live-hared back to Homer and Slow Cooker's where we had the beer check in the front yard and the down downs in the back yard. The virgin blue and orange crayons, both who came with Puss and Boots, were welcomed and we headed in for the pot luck food. It really was a feast and we need to commend our hosts Homer and Slow Cooker for making us all feel at home as always.

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