The 370th VH3 Annual Polar Bear Run was on Saturday January 1st

ready to dip

The Hares didn't like us. The trail was challenging with steep slippery climbs along Craigflower Creek and then through slushy fields of snow that were sure to garner a bevy of bokes.  the creek The back of Thetis Lake has a labyrinth of trails and on poor befuddled hung-over brains it seemed we did them all.  The frigid waters of Thetis looming large all the time, and when we got there it was Dog-Poo beach of all places.

Paunches were manfully sucked in for the few microseconds that flesh was exposed.  The theory that if you get in and out of the water fast enough the water doesn't have time to touch you was finally dispelled.  virgin bride When the whisky eventually hit the back of the throat, icy water and dog poo were forgotten and the mad dash to the hot tub was on.

As Deflowered's icy butt rested upon my thighs the count got to 16 in the hot tub.  There was a universal call for more beer and the profits of the VH3 were drained at a proportionate rate to water slopping over the back of the tub.  I can't think of a better way to spend it. It was ironic that the hash cash was too sick to share in the bacchanalia.


At the down-downs the Hares were congratulated on the best New Year's Run in a few years.  Preemie was the token boker as he couldn't hide the evidence on his ass.  There was a coy joke from another of Puss in Boot's virgins.  BS & CB drank as it was there last New Year hash; with at least 10 more hashes until their final departure they are expecting a lot more beer.  Stroke Alone forgot his name; obviously too much stroking alone is not good for the memory.  Stoolie was wanker for wearing a towel girly style all through the down downs.