The 292nd hash was on New year's Day, Tuesday January 1st .

Hares were Slow Cooker and Homer!!!

The hare got up late; he'd been partying the night before. Understandable. So he delegated the live-haring to three people only one of them was to go the correct way. The correct way was led by Deep Fried. Not understandable. This is the guy who got lost going round Thetis Lake,so who in their right mind would follow him?

Wait a minute, was this a fiendishly clever plan by a hung-over dufus or what. What, I hear you chorus.

Anyway we all end up at the Lt Gov's place only she was out, so it was a quick dash to the sea.

Gonzales Bay looked scary; it had bits of wood floating in it and giant one foot waves. A little cove off Ross bay looked better and the ritual of cleansing of a year of guilt and excess began. Half did this vicariously.
Whoremoan and Bushsqatter were feeling extra guilty as they stayed in for more than the requisite millisecond.

A mad dash forCaptain Backwash's hot tub ensued. How we love that man, well once a year at least.

VPL is obviously giving a different tone to the Down-Downs. Her gentle but authoritative voice gave a touch of class to our hallowed ceremony.
Notable miscreants were Kitty Licker for trying to dry his feet whilst standing in the water, Dr Juicy for cumming again and Ice Box for being born.

The food was the best ever Hash potluck with Dr J's caribou stew being the stand out winner. Happy New Year you wankers.