Red Dress Run was on April 28th and was number 275.

Hey Twin Peaks, how did you get your name? I'm trying to be chronological but certain events keep coming to my mind.
It seemed that we passed through every back alley and churchyard in Victoria. We nearly crashed a wedding in the process but took sympathy on the bride and ran off through the Y instead.

Several hashers took the opportunity to visit the loo; of course Pukey used the ladies. He seemed to take his feminine role way too seriously, hence the deliberate misspelling of his name.

I saw enough of his nether regions to make me puke. I did see him and Shrink with their heads together (the ones with two eyes) obviously swapping notes.
Was that really VPL ripping someone's shorts off and dancing in such an uninhibited fashion? We should take her out more often.

Back to the chronology; after passing through the library we sauntered through Eaton's via the perfume counter and on to Bastion Square for tea.
Yes, Pond Scum was wearing a shower curtain, complete with mildew stains, for a dress and a towel for a hat.  His inventive bravado and poor taste put the likes of Hard Drive to shame. The latter using the fact that he wasn't happy with his outfit as an excuse not to attend.  Naturally we went through Fan-Tan-Alley and China town, some bolting straight from there to the brewery, others dutifully following Bushsquatter.

Conga Whoremoan showed up in his van at this point, not knowing which group to follow.  He missed the start and had been driving all over town looking for the run.

As we waited gasping for the brewery to let us in, DFD and Slow Cooker arrived in style in a Kabuki cab, a fitting tribute for their hard work.

We had an hour in the brewery and all the beer you could drink.  Dollyboy and Big Chew showed up dressed in black with masks on, fooling everyone for a while especially the latter who had grown an ass.  Much groping and fondling helped but a simple little laugh gave the game away.

There was a for a while back to the Inn then a long wait for food which turned out to be pretty good.

The down-downs had more flesh showing than the Victoria Hash is used to due, mostly to a lively and very welcomeVancouver contingent.  You see we could blame all lasciviousness down to them.  Leona was named Choice Bush and Mad Cow was belle of the ball.  There was lots of dancing and stroking of Testicular's thighs.

Hey Twin Peaks, how did you get your name?