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The VH3 / Dark Side / CRRAP website  contains approximately 4,500 pages of text (35,500 images).
Here are some notes on using the search:
  • CRRAP pages are currently excluded from the output due to poor displaying of the results following the search results links from the VH3 to the CRRAP site.  Besides the is probably not much text there to index on.
  • The search results shown 50 items per page.  Click the page number or Next and Previous to navigate to more results.
  • Each result allows you to go to the resulting web page, or go to the resulting web page with the text that was found highlighted on the page.  This highlighting probably doesn't work with photo captions.
  • Unlike the old search engine there is no 3 letter words restrictions.
  • You may match all or any words in the search criteria, so if you enter 'Kitty Licker' the default 'Match ALL' will display pages only containing both those words.   You may also select  'Match ANY' to find pages with 'Kitty' or 'Licker'.

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