Slow Cooker's Extra Special Old VH3Photos with Captions

Island Relay - date unknown

Slow Cooker, Wrong Way Foreskin, July, Fucking Crazy, unknown, unknown (she was a chiropractor)
Ice Box, Maytag, Kitty Licker, Homer, Maybelline

Run #85

>Grunge Run Hash, April 16th, 1994 - the naming of Allison
Outside of Slow Cooker's: Whoremoans,?,?, Longest Member,?, ?, ?, Jukie, Slow Cooker, Laura, Grasshopper, another Julie, Takako, Allison, Homer, Hot Nuts, ?, Muck Sucker.

Run #?

Toga Hash Big Chew's.(1994?, run #?)
Andrew, Longest Member, Slow Cooker, Carmel,
?, ?, Shit Head, ?, Frozen Lips, Homer, Big Chew
Muck Sucker, and Dolly Boy

Homer as RA at Venom Pecker's (1994, Run # ?)

Homer's Naming at Venom Pecker's (1994, Run # ?) - Hardware, Swallowsit, Hot Nuts, Pooky, Liam, and Homer.
The background seem to be the same as photos of Homer's naming.
The 1994 gallery list Venom Pecker being made RA on run 87. It looks like Homer is RA on the same run he is named.

Homer and Big Chew

Homer and Big Chew (1994, Run # ?)

Rabble Shot(1998?, Run # ?)

Loose Seal, ?, One Size (rowed across the Atlantic), Shiggy Piggy, Cliffbanger, Just Dean, Hard Drive, Verbal Diarrhea, Ass Grabber, Bush Squatter, Dolly Boy, ?, ?, ?
Shrink-a-dink, ?,
Hot Nuts, Slow Cooker, Pet Me, Big Chew?, Muck Sucker, ?, ?, Penetration - (1994, Run # ?)

Venom Pecker RA

Swallow It and Venom Pecker as RA (1994, Run # ?)

Mastu Roberts Hash at Slow Cooker's (1994, Run # ?, Hare?)

Mouth Organ, Slow Cooker, Yumi
NC, Hally, Dolly Boy, Richard The Turd, Bush Squatter, Captain Blackwash, John (flower?), Cliffbanger, Gum Me, Stoolie Andrews
Prickhairyass, Aaron, Homer, Longest Member
Mastu Roberts Hash (Slow Cookers) - Turd, Homer, Yumi, Slow Cooker, Cliffbanger, and Bush Squatter

Pyjama Hash (1994, Run #86, Hares Big Chew, Poppa & Dolly Boy)

?, ?, Richard The Turd, Dikkus' wife, ?, Shit Head, Popa Chubby, Homer
Squilechuck, ?, Hard Drive, Dolly Boy
?, Big Chew, Sister of Dikkus' wife
Slow Cooker, Penetration, ?, ?, Takako
Longest Member (off to the side)

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