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The VH3 Hares' Hash Glossary

What those strange words mean

An "Anything but clothes" run is like an anything but cloths party, but more care should be taken to ensure you can run in items being worn as cloths, but which are not cloths.  E.G. Paper plates, duck tape,  playing cards, pizza boxes etc.
The acronym for the Annual General Piss-up.
Annual General Piss-up
This is the Hash's annual general meeting, and primarily where the next year's Mismanagement are elected, and important decision are made.  With the VH3 it traditionally occurs late in the year, to co-inside with a hash run on the same day which is the second hash of November, or the first hash in December. It can be held at a pub or a member's home.  Anyone can set the trail, but often the outgoing GM volunteer's to set the trail, especially if they did not set the Red Dress Run trail.
are you!?
Question shouted by the pack to FRBs, meaning "Are you on the trail?"
A directional trail mark usually signifying true trail. For more detail see the trail mark arrow.
A trail that ends where it starts.
A point-to-point trail - ends in a different location than it started.
See beer check.
beer check
Beverage stop or trail mark indicating a beverage stop.  See the trail mark BC.
Bloody Early Arriving Bastard - first person to arrive to the run, or way to early (even before the hares have completed setting the trail). See also BLAB.
A hash using bikes.  The Victoria bike hash is the CRRAP
The act of cycling a hash trail.
Bloody Late Arriving Bastard - last person to arrive to the run. See also BEAB.
To fall on trail; doing a 'boke', or 'boking', or he or she 'boked'.  The tradition was brought along to Victoria by our Founder (Longest Member). Victoria HHH’s mother hash is Kuwait-1 H3 (1984). There once was a fellow named Boke, oh where did he go... oh he fell down again.. so often that the Kuwait-1 H3 honoured him with an award so that any hasher who fell down on the trail would have been known as "they boked", and deserved a down-down.  A boke can be described by the witness in the circle in any means - verbally, or acting out the transgression.  You could have a boke with full frontal face plant, or maybe you witnessed the rare boke with full windmill effect - this would be when the hasher is falling they have flailing arms. The more descriptive the witness can be may even be enough to get a down-down for excellence in boke description.
Brew Master / Beermeister
Mismanagement member; the official brewer of the VH3s beer.  The role is also our quartermaster, and hold the coolers, cider, water, flour, chalk, share four bottles, down-down cups, and basically anything the RA isn't holding onto.  Thing purchase by hares, and not used up, end up with the  Beermeister.
Trail mark 'O' indicating the true trail must be sought out from the false trails.
See looking.
Invitation given to the hounds by the hare or RA to find the true trail.
Assembly of hashers at trail's beginning and end.   At the end of the run this is also referred to as 'Religion'.
Dark Side of the Moon, The
The DSotM; a new moon evening run set the Friday of the month closest to the day of a new moon.
Dead F!@#$%^ Last
Dead on Trail ... hopelessly lost.
The ceremony of quaffing a beverage (a punishment or honour) that occurs at religion.
eagle trail
An optional section of trail, longer or more difficult than the standard trail.
International hashing event held in Europe.
false trail
A short trail terminating in the X sign.
Front running bastard - person(s) running out at the front of the pack.  Also see Triple FRB.
Grand Mattress
The VH3s Grand Master/Mistress (GM) : Mismanagement member, mostly ceremonial leader of the hash, until things go wrong.  He/she is generally responsible for resolving any disputes, initiating large events such as the Annual Red Dress Run (or just an Annual GMs run in the VH3), and setting a trail on the day of the AGPU.  This position is probably the least important role, and either an honour or a punishment depending  on your point of view.  Often a senior member of the kennel, but not always.  It is one of the most political positions in Mismanagement.  Even though we have such low expectation in the GM role, it should be rare but not impossible for a GM to be elected to any of the other roles as well - the role of GM as arbiter, the GM has to be able to be adequate impartial to his other role.  For this reason only a very fair and wise candidate should be elected as GM and any other positions.
Hare Raiser
Mismanagement member; in charge of lining up hares for future trails.  This is one of our most visible roles, and must be able to convince and coordinate hare, and provide advice on where to go to get supplies, approval on extra expenses, get reimbursed for such expenses, advice to new hares on trail setting, and to line up co-hair where necessary, and where to drop of left over supplies at the end of a trail.  He/she is the primary contact for hares.  He she approves the posting of hares to the website.
Depending on contents this could be an abbreviation or pronoun for the Hash House Harriers, or for a specific chapter of the Hash House Harriers. E.G.  'I ran with the Hash in Barbados.' rather than, 'I had eggs, bacon, and hash.'
Hash Cash
Mismanagement member; the treasurer.  This is among the most important, least casual, most invisible, unsung heroes of our kennel.  The person in this role must have  demonstrated accountability. He/she writes checks, makes deposits, and provides financial reports to Mismanagement, primarily to determine if hash cash  collection are meeting expenses and projected expenses.  This hasher doesn't set run cost, but provide the most important advice to help the kennel keep in the green.
Hash Flash
Mismanagement member; the official photographer.  Provides photos to the Webmeister for processing, and publication.  He/she may also coordinate photos from other hashers to be delivered to the Webmeister, especially assisting in establish timing shots when there are more than one photographer - photos being taken at the same time of the same thing.  Typically once the Hash Flash hands off photos to the Webmeister a gallery can be created and posted, and no other photo must go up.  Hash Flash should know how to take photos, and know how to share them - know how to provide full resolution rather then thumbnail photos.
Hash Haberdasher
Mismanagement member in charge of T-shirts, shorts, hats, mementos, etc.  This person is responsible for keeping all decal designs, and artwork used in hash trash.   They will pass-on these to whomever is next elected to the position.  Funding and pricing strategy for trash is negotiated with the GM and Hash Cash with the primary goals that the Haberdasher is never left out of pocket, and hash finances do not go into the red.  At the end of their term the Haberdasher will hand over remaining stock to the next Haberdasher, and settle all financial matters with Hash Cash.  The Haberdasher need not come up with art for trash, but can recruit other who have more skill at doing such, and the at the very least they will coordinate efforts.  The Haberdasher will provide the Webmeister material for the Hash Trash web page, and the Webmeister endeavor to give new trash high visibility on the web site during related events.
hash halt
A trail mark indicating an intersection where true trail may take another direction, but requires hashers to wait until ordered by the hare.  This is not unlike a re-group.  See the trail mark 'HH'.
Hash House
The Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur, meeting place of the Mother Hash.
hash name
A nickname, usually bestowed after a number of runs or in honour of a notable incident; not used by all hashes.
Hash Scribe
Mismanagement member; the official writer and documenter of hash activities.  Has the final word on the spelling of hash names.  Has editorial oversight for all textual material on the VH3 web site.
hare, Hare (The)
The hasher who sets a running trail, or in the case of a live hare, is the first hare to go live.  The hare always sets the beer check, and should ensure that their is a sweep.  See Things Hares Need to Do When Setting a Hash.
A female hasher (a female Hare in called The Hare).
Any Hash House Harrier.
The act of running/walking a hash trail.
See hash halt.
Hashers' children; a.k.a. ankle biters, or puppies.
Hashers on trail.
ice seat
An Ice Seat is used as extra punishment during circle. Instead of merely having to drink their beer in front of the rest of the hash, the accused are required to sit bare-assed on a block of ice (bag of ice, in a snow bank, or some variation) while they are being accused and through the completion of the down-down song. If the hasher has done something truly despicable (or truly disrespectful), they can be forced to sit on the block of ice through a nice long song or for more than one accusation. In these instances it is in your best interest to just grin and bear it and hope that your butt goes numb quickly.
Regional, national, or world hash gathering.
Junta, The
An unelected version of Mismanagement lead by a Tyrant. The Dark Side of the Moon has kind this of Mismanagement, but with only 4 members with the roles of On Sec, Hare Raiser, and Religious Advisor.  Those roles that the Junta does have they get filled through clever doubling up on the roles , or 'borrowing' people from the better organized local Victoria Hash House Harries - E.G. The Dark Side of the Moon's Tyrant was elected VH3 Beermeister from 2013 through to the present day (2024).
live hare
Hare who gets a nominal head (who said head?) start and is pursued by the pack as he lays trail.  See Things Hares Need to Do When Setting a Hash.
Answer shouted by FRB to pack when asked "Are you?", indicating that FRB has lost the true trail.
Hash officials; mostly elected at the AGPU, sometimes appointed." The current VH3 Mismanagement are listed here.  Mismanagement generally consists of the Grand Mattress, Religious Advisor, Hare Raiser, Hash Cash, Hash Flash, Beermeister / Brew Master, Hash Haberdashers, Webmeister/Web Mister, Hash Scribe, On Sec, Special Events / Hashy-hour Coordinator / Hash Cheerleader, and Virus Vetter. The positions are elected at the AGPU.  An unelected version of Mismanagement is The Junta.
naming (hash name)
By tradition a hash name is an attempt to protect our hashing politicians, lawyers, doctors, public servants and other people that may have a position in life that would frown upon hashing, the Harriers have aliases, usually of debaucherous or humorous nature. A naming comes about at an undetermined amount of time, because a hasher has run a certain number of trails, because a hasher does something particularly stupid at a hash, or because certain damning information about a hasher comes to light - non-hashing information is rarely used at the VH3 (the 'kinder gentler hash'), and done so with discretion and some agreement with the hound being named. The VH3 also tend not to name virgins (even if there may be cause for it), unless they seem to have the temperament for it - we don't want to scare them away. The naming happens at religion after a run. It may not be for an event that happened on the run (a tail from the trail), but it could be for something that had happened on another run. The RA calls the hound to be named into the circle. At the VH3 this tends to happen after hares, virgins, and visitors have all been down-downed, and often at the end of normal charges, before announcements or wanker of the week (See The Wanker's Shirt). A name is proposed by the RA (or acting RA), or anyone at the circle can propose a name, and naming options are weighed. The RA (only overrode by the GM) picks the name. The RA at the VH3 tends to let the rabble chose, and then the RA settles on one based on rabble consensus. The hasher is told to knee, and remove items of clothing they do not want covered in flour. The RA will mix or be given a gooey mixture of beer and flour, and while making the sign of an H on the hashers forehead, the RA announces 'In the name of Gispert, henceforth and forever more your hash name shall be _______. For now on, and wherever you hash in the world, your mother hash will be the Victoria Hash House Harriers." The new hasher is then given a beer (a down-down), the RA calls for a song, and hound sings

'Here’s to _________,
He’s/She's true blue,
She's/He’s a hasher through and through,

He’s/She's a piss-pot,
So they say,

Tried to go to heaven,
But she/he went the other way.'
nash hash
A national interhash.
First time hashers who traditionally get a free beer, and are told that their mother hash is now the hash they first hashed on.  Typically these are called virgin hashers.
Trail's end; trail mark indicating proximity to end.
on on
Shouted by FRBs or hounds to indicate they're on trail, sometimes used only to indicate true trail
Mismanagement member; the secretary to the hash normally in charge of public relations, hash rosters, on-line run records, event registration, moderation of social media, etc.  More than one member can be elected to this position based on the workload, interest. and skills.  This role can be highly technical, and often works closely with the Webmeister and the GM during special events.
pick up hash
Hashes that follow traditional hashing guidelines minus the pre-selection of a hare. At a pick up hash, the hare is decided randomly at the beginning of the event.
See horrors.
Receding Hareline
List of up-and-coming hash events, found on the web site.  Click here to go to the Receding Hareline.   (Also the 'calendar' button will take you there on VH3 main pages)
Red Dress Run and what has become of it in the VH3
The RDR is a hashing tradition where hashers dress in red dresses, and run a hash in an urban/semi-urban area.  It is a traditional event with most kennels, except for the VH3.  The first VH3 Red Dress Run was set by Premature Evacuation on run 98, May 16th, 1998.  Often the VH3 raises money for a charity, decided by the Grand Mattress, but not always.  After After the red dresses became symbolic of the crisis of missing an murdered women in Canada and the US, by 2021 the VH3 Grand Mattress had decided it was better not to collide with the Red Dress Day (held in May 5th).  This had been inspired by Métis artist Jaime Black’s 2010 REDress Project.  Since that decision following GMs have initiated a different run each year, with an Annual Black Dress Run, an Annual Tutu, an Annual Kilted Runs... the only tradition remaining is the GM's involvement.  The Hash House Harriers tradition remains elsewhere, so for more information about the Red Dress Run follow this linkClick here for an updated list of VH3 Annual Red Dress runs.
Religious Advisor
Mismanagement member; the member normally in charge of tradition and primarily in running the circle and down-downed ceremonies.  Every circle needs an RA, so if the RA is not present another hasher (typically a Mismanagement member) has to fill the role.  The RA and On Sec jointly manage the recording and tracking run participation and namings.  The RA is responsible for relics of the VH3 such as the The Wanker's Shirt.  As the member in charge of 'tradition' she/he are expected to be the member most familiar with the VH3 glossary of terms.  To better ensure there is an RA at each event, there may be more than one RA elected.
Sometime called the Shout Up, or just in the circle this is a ceremonies at the end of the run where the Hares are honoured, visitors and virgin are down-downed, and charges are made with hashers punished or honoured (such as drinking from brand new runner).
To be shown to the Religious Advisor, or whoever is running the circle.
See are you!?
Scare-a-thon BC coordinators
Mismanagement member; responsible for coordinating a the beer for the annual Victoria Marathon BC.  This is a historic position now, since the VH3 last marathon BC was in 2016.
Short-Cutting Bastard.  A hasher who tries to guess where the trail will go to bypass some rough terrain, or just shorten the trail to the beer check.
Thick vegetation, streams, etc.; especially mud.
Special Events & Hashy-hour Coordinator / Hash Cheerleader
Mismanagement member; responsible for coordinating Hashy Hours and any special events. Special events would not include normal events like the Annual GMs run.  During COVID-19 the hash ended hashy-hours, but came back in 2020 with 2 that year, none in 2021, 2 in 2022, and a record 10 in 2023.  This position can be busy.  While organizing special events this position can get help from the On Sec especially if advertising is needed.  The Webmeister has regular hash hour and special event scheduling automated on the website, and the Hash Haberdashers can be asked to come up with some hash trash for funded events.
Shout Up
This is an alternative term for Religion. You might here this term at the Yukon HHH..
The act of following behind the pack to ensure no hasher is lost, marking out checks, and marking the true trail.  Also called the Sweep, and in most cases is one of the Hares, but can be recruited by a Hare.
A euphemism for a guideline that borders on being a "rule".
triple FRB
A polite Canadian way of saying 'f!@#$ing fast FRB'
true trail
A trail of on-ons that leads ultimately to the beer check.
A roll in a few hashes which is universally unelected, and can vary from hash to hash in what the role does, or is for.  The VH3 does not have this position.  In some hashes, rather than having an elected GM hold the position for a year ore more, some hashes believe in the Divine Right of Tyrancy, where the title is held for as long as the person wants the position, and is effectively the Grand Master for that hash.  The Dark Side of the Moon (DSotMH3) has a Tyrant position following this definition, as does the Agana Hash House Harriers, Guam (AH3).  In the case of the Dark Side of the Moon H3 their Junta even though power was never taken by force, but rather acquiescence.  The second definition is also an unelected position but is purely an honourary role earned by a hasher who has held a Mismanagement position for many years.  The Dayton Hash House Harriers (DH3) define the role as a permanent honorary title given to past Grand Masters who have made significant contributions to the group and served a minimum of 6 years as GM.  They don’t have to do anything but can be counted on to stick their nose in and do whatever is needed on pretty much a moment’s notice.'  The Victoria H3 has a tradition of electing a new GM every year, and not repeating GM's, probably so as the role never goes to anyone's head. Once a hasher has left Mismanagement, regardless of years of selfless service to the hash, left with no honourary title.  In the VH3 GMs get to write their name on a sash, which they could do anyway as they are the GM.
See newbies.  In the circle at the beginning of a run virgins are asked who made them come; are told that instead of calling out 'on on' when they see a trail mark, to call 'hard on' (so we know we haven't lost them); and are given the task to come up with a short joke (appropriately dirty if no puppies are present), or they can show a body part during religion at the end of the run.
Virus Vetter
Mismanagement member; who is responsible for providing advice to the GM and Mismanagement translating BC Athletics COVID-19 restriction for the VH3.  She/He will provide the content changes to the Webmeister for the Things Hares Need To Do When Setting Covid-19 Hash!  web page.  The GM and RA will support and re-enforce the VH3 COVID-19 guidelines.
VP or view point
Normally a optional place to stop, and only mandatory if the hares state such when they explain their trail mark.  See the trail mark 'VP'.
wanker, or wanker of the week
A pejorative term of English origin common in Britain and other parts of the English-speaking world (mainly Commonwealth nations), and adoped by the hash to award a hasher at religion who did the most agrevious thing during the current hash. If availible the wanker of the week may be awarded to wear an item such as the Wanker's Shirt, or drink from a bed pan or Wanker's Cup.
The Wanker's Cup
The Wankers Cup in 1994: Click to enlarge'Whoremoan's naming, and the Wanker's Cup
(New Year's Day 1994).
The Wankers Cup in use: Click to enlarge'Shrink, Deflowered, Digger and Testicular calling the Wanker' is the caption to this photo taken at religion for run 244, February 5, 2000.An old rather dilapidated silver plated cup used to down-down hashers who have distinguished themselfs on a run, usually in a bad way.  It is also the oldest relic of the VH3.  It has a history of being augmented, abused, replaced for years, kidnaped and ransomed, lose and found.  The Wankers Cup in use: Click to enlarge'Bight My Nuts is awarded the Wankers Cup for being absent for so long.' is the caption to this photo taken at religion for run 486, June 13, 2009. In the summer of 2005 Cinderella and Stoolie Andrews had dropped and accidentally ran it over.  Banged Up Between restored the cup, and it was resurrected at the 400th- Return to Snowy The Wankers Cup returns in 2015: Click to enlarge'The latest incarnation of the VH3 Wanker's Cup. Found AGAIN!' is the caption to this photo taken at religion for run 651, August 1, 2015. Mountain Hash.  It had legs and runners added to it.  It was at this time that the cup was kidnaped with a ransome note that turning up at the 403rd - Daffodil Hash.  The ransom asked for 14 good micro-brewery beers along with a bottle of malt liquor 'for the mother-in-law' in return for 'your tawdry idol'.  The Hash refused to pay - doing so would only encourage copy-cats.  For many years after that the cup was replaced with a plastic male urinal with legs and runners attached.  Nothing was know as to what happend to the cup, then at the "Civilized Fairfield" Run - August 1, 2015 the orginal wanker cup was returned to the hash.  It had been found by Premature Evacuation. To this day you can use it to punish a wanker with a down-down drunk from a clean - food safe - cup inserted into the Wanker's Cup as it has long since been deemed unsafe to drink directly from it. It is now rarely used.
The Wanker's Shirt
Boomerang with the Wankers Shirt and VH3 Sleeve: Click to enlarge
At religion of run 624, the 2014 Blue Berry Sproat Lake Campout run, Boomerang gets to wear the Wankers Shirt, and is down-down with the VH3 Drinking Sleeve.
Blue Balls as Wanker of the Week at SBC's Century Run: Click to enlarge
At religion of run 696, Some Bitchy C's 100th run, Blue Balls gets to wear the Wankers Shirt and is down-down with one of the 3 special drinking vessels.
The Wanker's Shirt is worn as a punishment (see wanker of the week), and may or may not be left in the care of the hasher who received it until the next run.  It first appeared in 2005 on run 374, Francis King Run, Feb. 26th and was donated by Trailher, who was visiting from Perth, Western Australia. It was first worn by Stroke Alone for making the trail too short.  Many would follow. The RA is responsible for keeping track of the shirt.
Mismanagement member; the Web Master.  Highly technical role.  Publishes all textual and photographic media.  Supports the technical needs of the OnSec(s), including providing support for mailing lists, registrations, participation information, and event calendar details.  Holds administrative access to the website and associate applications, manages domain, and web site hosting fees, keeping Hash Cash informed of expected contract renewals.
You've been fucked.  This is like a very long false trail masquerading as true trail.  See the trail mark 'YBF'.
On On!

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