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A Hares and Hounds Guide to Hashing in the Physical Distancing Era (updated March 21, 2021)



These are challenging and uncertain times.  Our goal is to allow members the opportunity to get outside and enjoy some exercise while at the same time keeping everyone safe and in compliance with the Public Health Officer’s directives.

The PHO order from December 2020 which restricts gatherings and events is gradually being eased.  The order that allows individuals to mix outdoors has been extended from four to 10 individuals.  However, the hash has decided to increase to six only at this moment.  A three metre distance has to be observed at all times.  The only exemption is if you are running/walking with a member of your household then you do not have to comply to the three metre physical distancing.

For this reason we are bringing back Lone Wolf Hashing for the foreseeable future, although as mentioned above you can run/walk in a group of four but you must comply with the new three metre physical distance.  The only exemption is if you are running/walking with a member of your household then you do not have to comply to the three metre physical distancing.

The hares will set the time period for completing the hash which could be from Friday to Sunday.  These will be one-hour time slots and hashers will have to book their time slot by emailing

Religion will be done via Zoom (usually 7 pm on the Sunday).  The link will be posted on the website or distributed by email.


Haring Guide:

Confirm your haring date with the hare raiser at

Planning - Plan to set a typical VH3 trail of length of 4.5 - 6.9km of true trail.

Time slots - as mentioned above hashes can be held from Friday to Sunday with one-hour time slots.  It is up to the hares to provide the time period. So for example it can be from 4 pm on Friday or the first time slots could be Saturday morning.  It is important to maximize the time slots and have a start time and end time on each day.

The hare needs to advise the webmeister ( the start location and the time slots for hashers.

Setting trail - Normal distances for backcheck (=) and checkbacks (X) are encouraged although as hashers are running either solo or in a small group, shorter checkbacks are encouraged. Special markings are at the discretion of the hare, but it is suggested that they use well known and well used markings to prevent any confusion.

If offering time slots over two/three days, please check your trail on the second and/or third day to ensure that it is still intact.

The BC - the beer cooler should be at the end of the trail and near where the trail started so hashers can grab their beer and leave.  Ensure that you have hand sanitizer available and a container for hash cash. Have a list of hashers that are expected so they can check themselves in.


Hounds Guide

You need to book your time by emailing  No exceptions – you can’t just show up and hash as we can’t risk having groups of 5 or 6.  You cannot book for someone else.  If for some reason you do not want to be paired with other hashers mention it during signup and we will make every effort to accommodate you.  If you cannot make the hash email and you will be removed from the list.

Show up on time and start on time. Do not kick out the checks on the true trail.  At the BC, check yourself in from the list provided, grab your two beers, pay hash cash ($5) and leave!


Visitor Protocol

Currently the hash is not accepting visitors from out of the Victoria area, in keeping with the PHO order of socializing within our household and small bubble.  When the PHO order is lifted we will welcome back visitors.


Virgin Protocol

Virgins – who reside in Victoria – are allowed on a hash but need to be paired with a local hasher who they know and is familiar with our Covid protocols and markings



If you are unwell or exhibiting worsening symptoms (including but not limited to coughing, sore throat, fever), or have returned from another province we ask that you stay home and avoid hashing for at least 14 days.  Hashers need to be in the region (Greater Victoria and Gulf Islands) for at least 14 days before the hash.

Be Calm, Be Kind, Be Safe and Hash on!

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