VH3 Victoria Hash House Harriers - In Memory of Grog - A Hasher Through and Through - September 6, 2009

A few photos to remind us of our fellow hasher Grog (aka Frontal Lobotomy).

Grog and I talked on the phone last week about his role as hash scribe.  As we all know, he had an incredible wit and command of the English language.  He loved life and hashing, and wanted to find the right person to assume his role.  The last thing he said to me was "I may not be able to run but I'll always be a hasher".  Hard to believe he is gone. 

On on buddy! 

Deep Shit

FL (GROG!!)'s obituary is here

The Hasher's Cartoon Shirt

Frontal Lobotomy (Grog!!!) amassed a very large collection of shirts, and mugs, from many years of hashing throughout the world . Somewhat true to hashing some of these shirts are more outrageous than others. On October 4th 2009, following a rare Sunday memorial run (Run# 494), these items of memorabilia were donated by Cock Killer (Frontal Lobotomy's loving wife) to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to the Victoria Symphony. This Hasher doesn't have available with him the monetary results of the auction, but when he finds that number he will post it. Due to the unfairness of life - lived at the whim of luck and chance - I was unable to maintain my presence at the auction, but a kind deputy of me bid on, and won a couple of shirts. One of these shirts contained nine cartoons, all suitable for hashers, but likely not for more polite environments. I suspect it was worn only at a few events. So, typically, many hashers wanted to read the shirt. Eventually I committed to producing the following secondary memorial to Frontal Lobotomy. Be warned, these shirts represent the more outrageous aspects of hasher humour; they are not suitable for a juvenile audience (without a lot of explaining). I am sure these would have given Grog a good chuckle, and so in that way they too are a memorial to a True Hasher. Enjoy. (Click Here)

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