Victoria Hash House Harrier Calendar for 2016
(Receding Hareline)

The VH3 runs every other Saturday afternoon.

The Dark Side runs Friday following or just before the monthly new Moon.

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Upcoming Regular Events

June 30th Dark Side #278 Dikkus
July 1st - VH3 700th and Canada‚Äôs 150th Jonners, Lakey, Double Hump, and High Beams
July 2nd CRRAP #90 / Start time 2:30 PM / Jonners & Lakey - 1848 San Pedro Ave / On Afters BBQ Pot Luck at Jonners and Lakey's Blue Balls
Monday July 3rd K9VH3 # 14 / Start time 2:30 PM / Location TBD / On Afters TBD Jonners and Lakey

Special Hashes and Events

Hashy Hour - Wednesday June 21nd  @ 9PM The Beagle Pub

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