Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2018

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
717 January 27 Kitty Licker

Jackoff prepped the on-afters Click to enlarge: BagPipes
Kitty Lickers home 1049 Monterey Ave.
Click to enlarge: DrambuiThe annual Robbie Burns birthday party run, with a scotch and shortbread BC, bag pipes, ode to the haggis by Jackoff, and pot-luck Robbie Burns dinner with haggis, neeps & tatties, prepped and cooked by Jackoff while the hounds were on trail .   The Hare(s) did an excellent job setting an interesting trail.  The rain had eroded  the trail marks, but no one got lost.  The BC was never actually reached by the Hounds on account of the beer being parked at the 'scotch and shortbreads' stop.    Actually that  wasn't  a scotch stop, but, even better, a Canadian Rusty Nail (made with Drambui and Crown Royal Canadian whisky) stop. The 'scotch stop' became the BC.  The day was sunny, if a bit breezy, and not too cold, and there was a great turnout.
716 January 13 Puss 'n Boots 1218 back of 1220 Haultain St.
Puss n'Boots' Neighbourhood Run.  I missed this run, but the hasher on the following Dark Side commented that it was a very good run.  Good trail mark, and the right length.  Obviously years of hashing played a part in setting a good trail.  Hope to see another trail set by Puss, so I can get a chance to run a 'Boots' trail.
715 January 1 Muck Sucker 3320 Lanai Lane, Colwood
2018 New Year's Rabble Shot: Click to enlargeWhile the rest of the country was freezing their body parts off,  this was one of the mildest New Year's day runs we have ever had.  Muck Sucker set the trail himself.  At the start the Hare seemed to forget all the names of hashmarks, so I am going to use some hashing terms here, with hyperlinks to their meaning, just for the Hare -  who has agreed to set another trail later in the year to reinforce his memory of trail marks.  I think he even forgot that those 'blobs of flour' are called On-ons.  It was a lazy trail, with only one Back Check, and only a few Check Backs, and the runners had to wait at each Check for the walkers.  It was indeed a masterful use of  an A to B run.  The trail even crossed itself, and no one even notice - or I didn't.  Even through it was lazy it was good exercise as the hounds had a number of stairs and hills to run up.  The hare forgot to mark a Hash Halt, so he had the hounds remember to stop at 'the bridge for a treat', but they ended up missing a Back Check (because there wasn't one), and ended up at said bridge well before treat time.  That was on Charlie's Trails, named after Charlie Johnson, a family friend and forester.  I have permission from Sue Johnson to post a photo of her and Charley in front of a waterfall Charley had just build outside his home (July 07) Charley pasted December 29th, 2007 2018 New Year's Trail Map: Click to follow link.  At the bridge we had a chocolate almonds and an approriate beverage.  The BC was near the Penis Tree (now almost a tradition).  At the circle a call for hares had Homer agreed to set the next Dark Side, and finally we have Puss'n Boots setting the next run - his first haring.  On-afters had a wonderful pot-luck with Mucks room mate Vern and his hound Ben, a hot tub, and at least 3 rounds of that great Canadian game Crokinole - thanks to Deep Shit we actually remembered the rules.    On On