Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2015

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
December 19 Whoremoan
Newfie Priest
734 Tiffin Place (Gordon Head) A very mild, but dry, and slow, 12 Stops of Christmas.   The Hershey Kisses stop has hashers kissing Santa's Helper In Training, rather than Whoremoan.  A long lineup quickly formed, the majority of the first part of he line were women hashers.  So, we can say its better the kiss SHIT,  for a Hershey Kiss, than Woremoan.    I would seem that aspect of the 12 stops has been passed on from father to son.

We also had a number of very enthusiastic younger hashers.  Hope they come out more often as we could us some FRBs.

Stay-tuned for the photos and write-up.
December 5 Grand Mattress Digger, and RA Double Hump Digger and Little Blow’s place Victoria Hash House Harriers' Annual General Pissup - where some hashers who got elected to Mismanagement.  Other out cums were:
  • SBC will be taking Itchy Buns' designation as secondary account holder.
  • VH3 will now have a book that will track all of the runs. Hashers are being asked to confirm the number of runs they have done to date - Stroke has created a shared worksheet for them to enter the data. The intent is to have this worksheet link sent via email.
  • Website. The current set up has been in place since its inception. DH had put a suggestion forward to change the navigation in order to make it visitor-friendly (i.e. have the opening page display the next runs)
November 21 Stoolie Andrews (Blue Berry tea supplied by Deep Shit, who did something to his back before setting the trail) Parking area across from the old Ma Miller’s Pub, now liquor store, at 2903 Sooke Lake Road. The 20th Annual Gold Stream Hash Run
November 7 Jonners, Digger, and Double Hump Opposite Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub & Guesthouses 25th Anniversary Run 1b Hash.   A rainy day through Vic West and Esquimalt left some wet flour by the trail.  Hashers travelling through the area of the original run 1b, set on November 4th, 1990.  Perhaps back in 1990 some of theses hashers were as young as some of our current runner are now, and some of those are young enough to have been just wee ones in 1990, or not even born yet. To honour the original 1b and 1a runs a YBF was set at the top of Highrock Park, there was a special drink stop, and we had Longest Member make  an Click to enlarge appearance, with Icebox, and Dikkus, all honoured for having been at the inaugural runs, and having been founding members for the VH3.  On afters was at Spinnakers, where Deep Shit provided a show and tell of some of the various special VH3 shirts created over the years.  
October 24 Sir My Cocks A'Fallen & Pisstifferous Lochside Elementary School, 1145 Royal Oak Drive, Saanich Click to enlarge A run with some confusion near the beginning, and end, but nice weather, and plenty of elevation gain to make the FRBs earn their beer - with lot of shortcutting opportunity for the wise, and ways of getting lost from those not keeping up. Good turn out too.  We had a naming!  Just Bill was named Bloc Head.  It had something to do with French Canada, and maybe his head.
October 11 Preemature Evacuation & Dikkus Esquimalt High School
Run 1a - Click to enlarge The VH3 Esquimalt Run 1a Anniversary Run. The rain poured down just after the trail had been set, and the hares had to quickly reset some key point on the trail. It was a cool, windy and wet start, but the weather cleared soon after, the sun came through the clouds, and, with the exception of a little wind, the run was great.  It followed some parts of the trail that Dikkus could remember of the first run set by Sheepshagger, Drip Dry, and High Beams all of Vancouver H3, October 14 1990. That trail started at Spinnakers Brew Pub, yet it ran by Esquimalt High, and so this is where the Hares started the anniversary run.  The second anniversary run will be on November 7th, in honour of the first trail set by Victoria hashers.  
September 26 Sir My Cocks A' Fallen and Cock-a-Leeky Cloverdale Traditional School Another hash on a fine sunny and warm, first hash in fall 2015, day.  It seemed long, but there was no shiggy, and the beer was good.  It is a irony that this hash starts from a 'traditional school', as it is fast becoming a tradition of its own.   No doubt there are those among us who like stability and predictability, and certainly Sir My Cocks A Fallen has been able to provide it.  In his own words, "… we concluded that although I have hared a hash from Cloverdale Elementary School twice previously, there is still a good hash to be had from there (I will use other locations for future hashes over the next 12 months)" . So this will not be the last we see of the Cloverdale School hashes!  Past runs were run 598 in 2013, and 632 in 2014.
September 12 Some Bitchy C and Wet Taco Carnarvon Park A sunny day run through the  Victoria's North and South Jubilee communities. and North Oak Bay.  Udderly Stupid, having allows life to cause him to backslide,  saw us checking out his 'free' stuff from his immanent move, and Happy Sperm scored a cocktail shaker from him. He joined us at the BC, and has since been to a CRRAP bike hash.  It amazing what you'll find on-trail. 
September 3 Double Hump, Jonners, Lakey and High Beams Ogden Point Cruise Ship Pier (next to Camel Point)
The largest red dress run in the history of the Victoria Hash House Harriers.  This was an InterAmericasHash Pre-Lube.   We had over 170 participants, the vast majority of whom came from Babe’s Hash Cruise. It was sunny, and warm.  The Four Mile House BreweryPhillips Brewery, and our own Brew Master provided beer, with Phillips kindly allowing us to use their facilities and one of there staff to server beer from their growler station.  On afters was at the Belleville's Watering Hole & Diner.
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Click to enlarge - Start PreLube InterAm Red Dress Rabble Shot
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August 29 Boomerang and Jonners Chez Slow Cooker’s 1759 Richardson St. Whyte & MacKay Glasgow Special Blended Scotch - Click to enlargeJonners 45th, and Boomerangs 75th birthday plus farewell to Boomerang.  Boomerang is Myanmar (Burma) bound volunteering with Cuso in Myanmar.   The run had a Gin and Tonic and a Whyte & Mackay scotch check, in additions to a Beer Check.  Victoria broke its drought, but rain held off until religion started . Slow Cooker with assistance from some others, cooked up a storm, and fed almost 30 of us with wonderful Burmese influenced food punctuated with lemon, and ginger, and fish sauce.
August 15 Stoolie Andrews Parking Lot No. 2 of the Sooke Potholes Regional Park Annual Sooke Potholes run (without a campout).  It was a rare cloudy day, perfect for running in.  Up to the historical Sooke Flowline, and then down to the water, then we swim to a point close to the BC.  Not as warm as it had been earlier in the week.  The drought had cause the Sooke river to be slightly lower than in the past, and the water temperature was, just about what we expected, if not a bit warmer than in past swims.  If we can take it as a measure, 'the Blue Balls hypothermia effect'  (not that we actually looked at his balls), when he exits the water, he actually made it to the end of the swim, shivering but not blue.  All enjoyed the swim.  Dry clothes, chips, and Cheezies were at the BC.  On afters at the 17 Mile House Pub where all those who went took advantage of there prime rib special.
August 1 Stoke Alone Margaret Jenkins Elementary Margaret Jenkins - Click to enlarge The "Civilized Fairfield" Run, where a 'drinking group with a running habit' started their run an institution named after that great mother of 17 children, Margaret Jenkins, and founding member of the Victoria chapter of the Women's Christian Temperance Union (1883) , and later vice-president of the provincial WCTU.  So, of course, the run had to start off with some tailgate refreshment.  It was sunny and warm, with the runners taking advantage of a short, impromptu BC at the home of Wrongway Foreskin and his charming wife Maytag.  Then on to Gonzales Hill Regional Park, where the real BC was, along with Hawkins Cheezes.
July 18 Jack the Tripper and Just Pirouz Gyro Park in Cadboro Bay   
Click to enlargeThe "Bush" Run. A long run up through Mystic Vale Where we were all bushed by the time we got to the Bushmills stop, most of the way up Mt. Tolmie, before the BC, and Just Pirouz was named "Blewb'y" for being the first hare to escorted hounds to a YBF, blowing by every other runner.  Bush could have meant many things, and the hares provided us a number to teases us to come out and find out what they meant by bush.
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YKH3 run
July 4 Prize Prick and Pantsdownbooty Vic West Elementary (750 Front St) The Yellowknife Invasion Hash:  Prize Prick was told there would be a welcome back run, but there wasn't a Hare.  Being always helpful, he said he would consider setting the trail if the VH3 was Click to enlarge desperate for a Hare, so naturally, he and Pantsdownbooty were immediately made the Hares. Squeezing in setting a trail with a visit with her mom, and a relaxing walk around VicWest, Pantsdown was able to set trail as she strolled with her mom, while Prize ran about setting the false trails.  At the run Pantsdown became the RA  for the day.  I think their vacation was a vacation for the VH3, so of course they called the run a Yellowknife run - perhaps VYH3 run 19½..   It was sunny and warm, and a bit smoky. At the BC a few hasher even cooled off in the Gorge Waterway.  It was really great to see the dynamic duo back! 
June 20 Blue Balls & Hoopalong Chastity On Salt Spring Island, from the Ruckle Park Campground
A long and rocky run in the park, with beautiful views of the Gulf Islands, and two beverage stops.  This was part of a 2 day camp-out hash, with a very successful pot-luck dinner after the run and the circle.  Nothing really beats a crackling fire pit and marshmallows and beer.
June 19 Self Service On Salt Spring Island, behind Gulf Islands Secondary School on Kanaka Road A very short pre-lube run for the run the next day.  On afters was at the Salt Spring Inn Restaurant.
June 6 Testicular & Pussy Whipped Blue Buck Maynard Park in Cadboro Bay near Maynard and Hobbs A Ten Mile Point and Cadboro Bay run.  It was a wonderfully sunny day. Warm and ready for a cold drink with a view out over the Salish Sea.   The Hares, for some reason, told the hounds where the BC was.  Hot Nuts was our BLAB.  I still don't know where he showed up, but only that Dikkus headed straight for the BC and must have stumbles on him along the way.  They both showed up waiting at a check in the middle of the trail about a KM from he BC - Dikkus missed a secondary beverage stop perhaps not previously disclosed.  Stroke Alone had a cake made on his head, after both of those with significant birthdays had not showed up, and Stroke, having reminded the RA of such, and  the RA not wanting to waste the egg, used the ingredients on Stroke.  Stroke probably will not remind the RA of such things in the future.
May 22 Dune Dodger & Cheap Riser, Stroke Alone, and Blue Balls By the water, Holland Point Shoreline Trail, near Dallas Rd and Paddon Ave.
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Designed by Gary Burden, photographed by Bob Seideman, and graphic lettering by Rick Griffin, for the album by the same name .
On The Beach Run pickup hash.   This was cleverly organized by Jack the Tripper, who actually escaped being the hare by making the hound pick a random shoe from a pile in the centre of the circle.  Dune Dodger's shoe was picked.  Cheap Riser went with him.  Probably a kilometer into the run Stroke Alone stumbles on them as they doubled back behind the pack, and less than a KM from that point Blue Balls caught Stroke.  Blue was given a bit more time to carry the heavy bag of flour into Beacon Hill park, leaving the hounds on a merry chase to the BC, which he himself missed. The BC had been set in advanced by Jack the Tripper, who must have lead the hounds to it.  Blue set the BC where the map seemed to indicate it was to be.  It was probably the only run where two BC's were set, one by the last hare, and one by the Jack the Tripper, the guy with the beer.  The BC with the beer is probably the real BC.
May 9 Stoolie Andrews Thetis Lake overflow parking lot at the corner of Atkins Road and Six Mile Road
I was a nice sunny day with a hill climb to the top of Mill Hill through the latest subdivision of small lot homes in the Langford area. Great views from the top of the hill and Geenmansion Place, where the lots have more home than green on them, but some have great views.
April 25 Some Bitchy 'C' and Stroke Alone Colquitz Middle School. The entrance is off of Dumeresq street
 A spring flower count run in Strawberry Vale. The showers and rain a couple of days before made for a devilishly shiggyful path across the southern quarter of Panama Flats. Shiggy almost being a trademark of SBC's.  A perfect trail, mainly devised by SBC, with an extra hill and a bit of length added by Stroke. Pisstifferous won a large bottle of beer for having the correct count of 8 streets named after flowers, and for naming 3 of them.  Despite a shower before the run, the run was done in warm spring sunshine.
April 11 Blue Balls Cattle Point (Scenic Drive, off of Beach drive)

It was a 'live hare'.  Our Hare Raiser couldn't get anyone to Hare the trail.

May be it was punishment that this trail ran the pack through a swamp in Uplands Park.

May be Blue Ball just likes lots of mud and scratches.

It was very sunny day, and hashers oddly seemed to enjoy the mud and water.  Jonners caught up to Blue Balls, but seemed to think he was having too much fun running from the hounds to take over the role of the Hare.  Some Bitchy C and Stroke alone at the earliest opportunity jointly volunteered to set the next run, Stroke with fresh blood coagulating on his legs.
March 28 Boomerang & Just Susan East Sooke -- end of Parkheights Drive and Leda Road --which is off East Sooke Road after junction with Gillespie Road It rained most of the day before, but sunshine broke through Saturday morning, and the spring rain only started again just at the end of that Saturday's run.  I finely tuned, spectacular run through west coast rain forest, where walkers and runner crossed path more than once, and the shiggy spiced the trail just enough to have some mud to show, but not enough to leave one's feet uncomfortably wet.  A run for the kinder, gentler hash.  Happyhole/Blowhole got renamed  Twatasoreass and presented a necklace by Double Hump with her name on it.  She had a hard time remembering her name, so this way she wouldn't forget it.
March 14 Little Blow Peep and Digger Claremont-Goddard Park off Haliburton Road
Saint Patrick's Day Hash.   A rainy morning cleared up for a wonderfully sunny and mild run, with lots of greens and oranges.  It was short but hilly, with a couple great view point stops, and paths seldom if ever trod by harriers. Digger supplied some of his own bourbon keg ages brew to celebrate with.
February 28 Lakey and High Beams The park at Chambers and Princess behind George Jay Elementary School, 1118 Princess Avenue.
2nd Annual St David's Day Hash  sunny hashing day.  It was even warm for February.  Great Welsh cakes baked by the Hares and supplied to the hashers at the BC.
February 14 Cock-a-Leeky and Happy Sperm Monterey middle school in Oak Bay (851 Monterey) The Valentine's Day BEDROOM ATTIRE Run.   The last one of these the Victoria Hash House Harries did was the Pyjama Run, April 30th, 1994, and then it was warmer.  Though on this run it was sunny, it was still mid-February, and even Victoria can be a bit nippy that time of year, so there was no revealing bedrooms attire worn on this run.  It was still a very nice day for a run through south Oak Bay.   
February 11th
Stoolie Andrews Parking lot at Topaz Park
   Gispert Memorial Hash
January 31 Some Bitchy 'C' and Tin Titties Margaret Jenkins Elementary School: 1824 Fairfield Rd.

Robbie Burns' Day Hash
January 17 Kitty Licker 1768 Dean Park Road
Dead Man's Drop
The LAST Chili Hash! - Kitty is moving.  Next year it might be the Oak Bay 'tweed' hash, with bangers and mash.   On this final run we had some visitors from other running groups, and hashers we haven't see for a while.  It is always great when we see people coming out who we haven't seen for some time.  The weather held off raining during the run, but there was no shortage of wet shiggy and hilly terrain.  A group of runners also paid their respect to Dead Man's Drop, perhaps one last time, however, this will likely not be  the last time we run in Dean Park.  The move to Oak Bay will mean the next Kitty Licker run will be less predictable, even thought this year's run did have us run some virgin ground.  The chili was wonderful and plentiful, and we should be ever grateful for Kitty's mom's  kind effort towards this endeavor of feeding hungry hashers.  On On!
January 1 Mucksucker, Cardinal Sin, & Bad to the Bones 3320 Lanai Lane, Colwood Annual New Year's Day Hangover Run and Polar Bear Swim.  No rain, no snow, lots of cold water.  We ended up with 19 hashers in Mucksuckers hot tub, which is the new record for that hot tub.  The following pot luck dinner was a great success, with a good selection of foods.  Virgin Shayna gets named Handsy Hooters.