Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2014

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
633 December 20 Whoremoan 1734 Tiffin Place (Gordon Head) Annual 12 Stops of Christmas Run.  It was wet and cold, but we were warmed by lots of alcohol and good cheer ... as long as we kept moving.
632 December 6 Sir My Cocks A' Fallen and Cock-a-Leeky Cloverdale Traditional School, off of Linwood Avenue
631 November 22 Lakey and Jonners Arbutus Middle School, Edgelow Road
630 November 8 Deep Shit Parking area across from Ma Miller’s Pub at 2903 Sooke Lake Road.
The 19th Annual Goldstream Hash. It was a perfect day for hashing in the woods around Goldstream Campground and Park. We had Edmonton hashers visiting us, and with the exception of Jack-off getting lost, and turning up eventually at the BC during the circle, we had no great miss-haps, and all the Albertans seemed to have survived. Blow Hole did get rename "Happyhole/Blowhole" , after first introducing herself as Happyhole during introduction - probably as a result of having just been talking to Happy Sperm. The naming came with the proviso that she can chose to call herself either Happyhole or Blowhole at any time.
629 October 25  Some Bitchy C  Hyacinth Park - parking lot
628 October 11 Premature Evacuation Horner Park Parking Lot on Palo Alto Road off Cedar Hill Cross Roads east a couple of blocks from Shelbourne Street
627 September 27/28  Baaaaad Boy, and  Twist n' Shit Show of Port Angeles 12:45 at the Barhop Brewing & Taproom 124 W. Railroad Avenue, Port Angeles, United States of America
626 September 13 Hoopalong Chastity, Blue Balls, and Lakey In front of Lido Waterfront Bar and Grill (Below Wharfside Bar and Grill)

The Annual Red Dress Run

An excellent warm day with a great trail - no shiggy though -, lots of stops, and no one got lost because everyone knew we were eventually going to end-up at Phillip's Brewery.  Lots of red dresses, and Just Andy (number 2) was named "Toolbox". On afters was at the Bard & Banker Public House.
625 August 30 Boomerang & Cock-a-Leeky Gyro Park Parking Lot, Cadboro Bay
Wonderfully sunny day, with a whiskey stop.  The first run where most of the pack discovered the only YBF, lead by the Cock-a-Leakie after Boomerang had placed and arrow pointing in the direction of the true trail after two hounds had already come back from the YBF.  She must have thought the arrow was their to misslead.
624 August 16 Mucksucker,  Cardinal Sin, and Bad to the Bone Taylor Arm Provincincial Park, Group Campground #3, just west of Port Alberni, BC
 Nut Job and Rim Job The Annual Blueberry Hash.  Just like last year,  it rained Friday, but Saturday and Sunday was warm sunny and dry.   The run was a suitably length, and ended in a swim in the lake.  The campsite had no water, ... but we had beer!   Boomerang was made the Wanker of the Week and successfull consumed his down-down with the VH3 Sleeve on his arm .  Both "Nut Job" and "Rim Job" were named.
623 August 2 Jack the Tripper & SBC Hollywood Park (~1600 Earle St, in Fairfield), somewhere near the Earle St entrance.
622 July 19 Stroke Alone Rocky Point Road crossing of the Galloping Goose Regional Trail, Metchosin
621 July 5 Ice Breaker Ross Bay, corner of Memorial and Dallas at the curved cement bench.
I sunny long portage through the history of Victoria ... and beyond ..., short-cutted in favour of beer.  All of which were highly enjoyable ... especially the beer.
620 June 21 Some Bitchy 'C' and Wet Taco The Hares' place.  In Fernwood. 
The summer Solstice run.  SBC running comback since she did-in her knee.  Hotdog and veggi 'protien' dogs were grilled by Wet Taco, on a warm sunny first day of summer.
619 June 7 Digger and Pisstifferous Lochside School Parking lot
618 May 24 Testicular & Pussy Whipped Blue Buck Francis/King park. Meet in the parking lot at the nature house off of Munns Road
Fine sunny day to go running through the woods, and discover that G&Ts go down well on trail.  Blue Balls and Hoopalong Chastity were welcomeg back from thier honeymoon as newly hitched.  Whether they are for now collectively names Mr & Mrs  Blue Hoopalong Chastity Balls is atogether another question.
617 May 10 Stoolie Andrews The École Élémentaire (Quadra Elementary) School parking lot at the intersection of Fifth Street and Josette Place.
Masterbaker: Click to enlarge
Masterbaker: Click to enlarge
Masterbaker: Click to enlarge A very hilly and sunny run with a welcome return of Masterbaker.
616 April 26 Happy Sperm  Queens park on the corner of Queens and Chambers, in Fernwood
The Chocolate Bunny and Beer Abuse Atonement Run Walk, happened on a lovely sunny day full of collocate, McGuinness Glazed Donut liqueur, and Beer.  Hashers got to devour some chocolate bunnies before the run to ensure they had something to atone for, and finished off liqueur that the Easter Dog Hashers couldn't finish. Once we did that the rabble decided they would all take the walkers' route. That didn't really exist, so we made it up as we went along. It was a extremely gentle hash.
615 April 12 Mucksucker and Cardinal Sin Springboard Road near Florence Lake. See photo. Parking is limited so team up where you can.
Skirt Mountain View: Click to expandThe Return to Skirt Mountain run, though we are not sure when the VH3 had had a run up Skirt Mountain for it to be a return to it. Still is was a beautiful summer like day, with fantastic views from top of the mountain. It was a short, mainly headed up hill. The BC was 'virtual' as it was on the trail from the bottom to the top, but only revealed by the live hare on the way back down the same trail. Root Beer Schnapps shooters were provided at the top of the mountain.
614 March 29 Cock-a-Leekie and Stoolie Andrews End of Stewart Mountain Road
It was a perfect Highland spring run with little 3 little fairies being found at strategic points on the trail. There were also a number of other non-fairy toys found on-trail. A flying pig, a flashing pink love bear, a slimy water nymph, a white stuffy polar bear soon to be torn to shreds by Hoopalong's cat, and other strange beasties - batteries 'embedded' -, were all found and played with. A write-up will soon be here about the run and a naming related to those Fairies.  Just Tracy is named "Faerie Fanny".
613 March 15 Bag Licker, Blue Balls, Pimp 'N Whore and Hoopalong Chastity Parking lot at Johnson and Vancouver (McCall's Downtown Funeral Home Parking)
Saint Patrick's Day Run
It rained!  It was a long cold trail.  Perhaps the run was cursed by mischievous leprechaun. The walkers were given a map showing where the beer check was, and the Hares kindly had a hash-halt at
The Hares.  Click to enlarge The Irish Times pub - though it was unplanned -, allowing the walkers to connect up with the runners, letting them know where the beer check was. Service at the pub wasn't fast, and the rabble was unaware that a hare was staked out at a hash-halt whisky-check waiting Blue Balls & Pimp N' Whore.  Click to enlarge in the cold rain for the rabble that never showed.  In the meantime the sweeping hare lost Just Justin, who another hare found, and while looking for Justin, loss the rabble in the pub.  A good number of hashers shortcut the trail, leaving Bag Licker waiting in vain.  Blue Balls was almost hypothermic, but he's young, and survived. Hs map shows you how wet it was, or how wet he was.  All-in-all, with hasher resilience, and no injuries, the run was a great success and a memorable experience.

612 March 1 Lakey and High Beams Uplands Campus, 3461 Henderson Road
Saint David's Day run with daffodils, and High Beams very welcome, and quickly snarfed down Welsh Cakes.  We had to huddle out of the wind to keep warm, with occasional showers of ice pellets.  Just Jennifer earned the name "Cock-a-Leeky" for carrying a leek in a baggy through the entire run.  For confusing Wales, and making the sound of whales, Just Mary Jane was named "Blow Hole".
611 February 15 Dikkus, Just Ian, and Just Fred from Ottawa  (on his virgin hash run) 1590 York Place (off Oak Bay Avenue)
It was our own mini-Olympics with white, blue, and red team, Kool-Aid and Vodka (to reflect the host country colours), and two game stops in addition to the BC.  It was a rainy cool day where the best place was out of the wind.
610 February 1 Some Bitchy 'C' and Full Service Vic West Elementary School 750 Front St, Victoria BC
609 January 18 Happy Sperm, Frogger - with Jackoff for cultural support Robbie Burns statue in Beacon Hill Park
Click to enlarge Burns Day Mucksucker Creations: Click to Expand The Annual Robbie Burns' Day Run
A sunny and fun day with a spectacular haggis dinner with neeps and tatties at Happy Sperm and Froggers abode. Just Tawney is named "Cheap Trick"
608 January 4 Kitty Licker 1768 Dean Park Road
Annual Chili Hash. It was sunny and above freezing, and the Chili was delicious.
January 1 Mucksucker, Cardinal Sin, & Bad to the Bones 3320 Lanai Lane, Colwood
Annual New Year's Day Hangover Polar Bear Swim Run. The Hare injured himself before the run and had to us a bike. It was a long run, and a cold swim, followed by a hottub party and great pot luck dinner.  Richard the Turd's second generation Just Paul gets named "Rubber Buster". Click to enlarge