Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2011

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
December 10 Whoremoan,  Santa's Hare In Training, and Newfie Priest 1734 Tiffin Place (Gordon Head) Annual 12 Stops of Christmas Run and naming of Just Carl  "Hoseout", and Just Jessica "Biteandsuck"
November 26 Sir Wobbly Knob, Pantsdownbooty, and Just Leah Goldsteam Park main parking lot at the corner of The Island Highway and Finlayson Arm Road Annual Goldstream Run
November 12 Little Blow & Digger Jonners and Lakey's 1848 San Pedro Ave The AGPU where yet another Missmanagement got themselves elected.
October 29 Prize Prick Summit Park (playground) Hallowe'en hash & costumed Haunted havenger scunt.
547 October 15 Masterbaker, Self Service, and a virgin Beckwith Park (north Quadra, off Beckwith Ave) The Hare spends to much time shooting zombies, but cleverly ropes in help to prevent the "distinct lack of trail."
546 October 1 Numbnuts The playground at James Bay Community Centre Mr. Salty first hash in Victoria. A devious wander through James Bay where pubs were the view points, a misleading arrow mislead, and the live hare wasn't, but everyone did eventually find the BC.
545 September 17 Sir Wobbly Knob Banfield Park parking lot @ 500 Block Craigflower Road and end of Raynor Ave. A sunny Vic West trail and the naming of Just Auna to "Hoop-along Chastity"
544 September 3 Boomerang & Hairball Gyro Park, Cadboro Bay Cold water swim after a warm sunny day's run.
543 August 20 Digger & Little Blow Peep @3PM (!) Beaver Lake Parking Lot Did we say it was half an hour early at Beaver Lake?  Just Stephanie got named "Water Nympho".
542 August 6 Mucksucker & Cardinal Sin 215 Franklin River Road, Cox Lake, Port Alberni 
Click to enlarge: Blue Balls is named Click to enlarge: Blue Berry Run group shot Annual Blueberry Hash where Just Chris was named "Blue Balls".
541 July 23 Stoolie Andrews & Pisstifferous TLC campground (now theT'Sou-ke Nation Spring Salmon Place Campground) at the north end of Sooke Potholes Annual Sooke Potholes (optional campout)
540 July 9 Jonners and Lakey Doris Page Park in Cordova Bay. This was a 'for every hill there is a down side' run.  Check out the embedded map (on the second link below the photos - it use the Google Maps' application program interface to show where Dikkus ran based on GPS data captured on his cell phone.. 
539 June 25 Numbnuts & Lady Dee-Lay Witty's Lagoon Regional Park Main Entrance Lots of twists and turns, and ups and downs, and a view points hash halt being moved by the FRBs on account of couple's private tea party. What was it they were smoking?
538 June 12 Little Blow Peep In the Blue Heron Park parking lot. Just Kevin's first hash. Numbnuts made him cum.  No photos.
537 May 28 Prize Prick, Just Stephanie, and Dee-Lay The VIA Rail Station parking lot, 450 Pandora Avenue at Store Street. We circle-up at 2:30PM SHARP!
536 May 14 Testicular and Pussy Whipped Blue Buck Cadboro Bay , Gyro Park parking lot, at bottom of Sinclair Rd. A wander through Ten Mile Point
535 April 30 Stoolie Andrews Main parking lot, Thetis Lake Easter Bunny Run
534 April 16 Just Tommy & Dikkus Bow Park, Hopesmore Drive entrance
The 'Bring a piece of bread.' Hash - for duck feeding, and Just Tommy get named "Masterbaker"!
533 April 2 Dikkus Durrance Lake parking lot. Post April Fools Day Run - Driving rain, hail, calf-deep mud, foul, stinking puddles, thunder and lighting, raw, chilling humidity, and uphill through tsunami-like torrents. What a great hash!
532 March 19 Prize Prick Playfair park off Rock Street which is off Quadra. St Patrick's Day Run and the naming of "Two Sips One Cup"
531 March 4 Double Hump Travelodge - 229 Gorge Road East Dark Side 200th Weekend Pub Crawl
530 February 19 Mucksucker, Cardinal Sin, and Bad to the Bone 3320 Lanai Lane Valentine's Hot Tub Pot Luck Run 
529 February 5 My Cocks A'Fallin Parking lot of the "Broadmead Commercial Park" at the junction of Chatterton Way and Emily Carr Drive (4400 block of Chatterton Way), outside the Caf?ahamas. Chinese New Years Run
528 January 22 Slow Cooker & Dikkus 1759 Richardson St. (Slow Cookers home) Annual Robbie Burns Birthday Party
527 January 8 Kitty Licker 1768 Dean Park Rd. Kitty Licker's Annual Chili Run  - and 50th Birthday!
526 January 1 Digger and Little Blow Little Blow Peep At the beach parking lot in Mount Doug Park. The Annual New Year's Day Hangover Polar Bear Run