Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2010

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
December 11 Whoremoan, and Just Connor 1734 Tiffin Place (Gordon Head) Annual 12 Stops of Christmas and the naming of Just Connor "Santa's Helper In Training" (SHIT) 
November 2 Jonners and Lakey Southwest Corner of Topaz Park; junction of Topaz Ave & Glasgow Street, opposite SJ Willis Alternative School A New British-Style Pub Run - The Moon Under Water
November 13 Deep Shit and Land Ho Across road from Ma Miller's Pub (2903 Sooke Lake Road) Annual Goldstream Run & Annual General Piss-up
October 30 Prize Prick Flagpole at Beacon Hill Park Summit Annual Halloween Run
October 16 Dikkus Parking lot east of Spinnakers Pub on Kimta Road 20th Anniversary Run
This run was 2 days past the exact date of the Victoria HHH Run#1A (October 14, 1990). Runs 1A&B started from Spinnaker's.
October 2 Stoolie Andrews Layritz Park at the end of Layritz Avenue off Glyn Road which is off of Wilkenson Road. "A bucolic amble in the countryside (in reality I am going to run your wanker butt off)" Run
September 18 Boomerang Boomerangs residence 1619 Kisber Ave Boomerang Return (again) Run
September 4 My Cocks A' Fallen Reynolds Secondary School 3963 Borden Street A Lazy Labour Day Weekend Run
August 21 Mucksucker & Cardinal Sin Port Alberni Annual Blueberry Campout Hash
August 7 Double Hump Colquitz Middle School 505 Dumeresq St. Summer 'Hawaiian' Run in the Rain
July 24 Stoolie Andrews The first parking lot. (The Provincial Park parking lot) Annual Sooke Potholes (optional campout)
July 10 My Cocks A' Fallen Lochside School at the junction of Royal Oak Avenue and Lochside Trail A Summer Broadmead Ramble
June 26 Beaver Fever Vantreight Park - 4576 Vantreight Drive Gordon Head Run, a visit from Buster Hymen and Lipsdick, and the Wanker's Shirt shows up.
June 12 Pisstifferous and Just Ryan View Royal Portage Park parking lot View Royal Run 
May 29 Digger, Premature Evacuation, Little Blow Peep At the Poolside Lounge at the Travellers Inn (old Imperial Inn) 1960 Douglas at the corner of Discovery and Douglas Annual Red Dress Run
May 15 Double Hump 3908 Braefoot Road Stinko de Mayo Run
May 1 Testicular and Pussy Whipped Blue Buck 3621 Crestview Road May Day and Spring Celebration Run
April 17 Floppy Snatch & Itchy Buns Hyacinth Park which is on the corner of Marigold Road and Interurban Road. A Post-Easter Spring Run
April 3 Double Hump & High Beams Gyro Park Cadbora Bay The Easter Bunnies on Campus Run
March 20 Prize Prick & Slow Cooker Saxe Point Park (parking lot at the south end of Fraser St. in Esquimalt) Prize Prick's first Haring and St Patrick's Day Run
March 6 Stoolie Andrews Parking lot at Prior Lake in Thetis Lake Regional Park off of Highland Road A Regional Park Shiggy Adventure
504 Feb 20 Boomerang, Pisstifferous, and Just Virginia (Pink Muffy) Lochside School, on Royal Oak 1145 Royal Oak Drive
500 Feb 13 Dikkus and Richard the Turd Strawberry Vale Community Hall 11 High Street (at West Burnside Road.)
503 Jan 23 Squeeky and Sumpyton Chez Squeeky and Sumpyton, 8012 Wallace Drive Saanichton
502 Jan 9 Kitty Licker 1768 Dean Park Rd.
501 Jan 1 Lakey & Jonners 3320 Lanai Lane, Colwood