Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2008

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
473 December 13 Whoremoan, and Newfie Priest 1734 Tiffin Place (Gordon Head) Annual 12 Stops of Christmas, where Just Ludmilla is named "Full Service".
472 November 29 Deep Shit Across road from Ma Miller's Pub Annual Goldstream Park Run
471 November 15 Squeeky and Sumpyton Squeaky's Laundromat on the corner of Pear and Shelbourne Annual General Piss-Up
470/DS170 October 31 Premature Evacuation Preemie's House Preemies Halloween Haunt 2008
469 October 18 Dikkus & Double Hump Francis King Park - parking lot on Munn Road What Shiggy?
468 October 4 High Beams and Slow Cooker Lambrick Park parking lot on Tyndall Ave Vodka Day Run
467 September 20 My Cocks A'Fallin Lockside School off Royal Oak at the Lockside trail. My Cocks First Hare
466 September 6 Jonners and (sweet) Flirt Lakewood Elementary School. 2363 Setchfield Avenue
465 August 23 Mucksucker & Cardinal Sin Port Alberni Annual Blueberry Campout Hash, and Just Phil is name "Pussy Whipped Blue Buck".
464 August 9 Ass Slipper and Stoolie Parking Lot #1 at Sooke Potholes Provincial Park on the Sooke River Road. Another "Up the creek without a paddle" hash
463 July 26 Frontal Lobotomy and Deep Shit Central Saanich Lawn Bowling Club's grounds. Saanichton Bowling for Grog Run
462 July 12 Stoolie Andrews Intersection of Woodridge Place and Eagles Lake Road. Tropical Mountains Run (no snow to be seen), and Helen is named "Cock Killer"
461 June 28 Sumpyton and Squeaky 8012 Wallace Drive, Saanichton The Queen Victoria's Coronation Anniversary Hash
460 June 14 Cliffbanger and Bushsquatter Gowlland Tod Provincial Park of Caleb Pike Road Cliffbanging Again
459 May 31 Beaver Feaver and Just Paul Lockside School off Royal Oak at the Lockside trail. Broadmead Hills Run, where Paul is named "Ambisextrous".
458 May 17 Little Blow Peep and Digger Pub Pool Area of Traveller's Inn (City Centre) Motel 1961 Douglas Street Annual Red Dress Run
457 May 3 Itchy Fairfield at the bottom of Foul Bay Road Welcome to My Neighbourhood Hash
456 April 19 Double Hump & Stoolie Andrews Talon Ridge  which became The Monkey Tree Pub Snowy Detour Hash
455 April 5 Ass Slipper & Call Boy Beklen's in Cordova Bay St. Patricks Day Hash
454 March 23 ACD & Nipple Detector Lund - Sunshine Coast of BC, 28km north of Powell River SPLHash
(Sunshine Coast-Powell River-Lund Hash)
453 March 8 Testicular and Floppy Snatch Testy's off Shelbourne and Hillside The Ides of March Toga Hash
452 February 23 Stroke Alone Bear Hill and Elk Lake Stoke's Country Hills & Horses Hash
451 February 9 Pussies Galore and Deep Shit Gowlland-Tod Provincial Park Pussies Galore and Deep Shit's Warm Your Cockles Hash
450 January 26 Squeaky, Sumpyton, Jonners & Lakey Centennial Park VH3 450th Run and Annual Robbie Burns Run, where Greg got named "Call Boy"
449 January 12 Kitty Licker John Dean Provincial Park Where's the Snow Hash-Annual Chili Hash, and the naming of "Frontal Lobotomy"
No Number January 1 Muck Sucker and Plumber's Mate Muck Sucker's The 2008 Polar Bear Run, where "Plumber's Mate" is renamed "Ass Slipper"