Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2004

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
369 December 18 Whoremoan and Newfy Priest Gordon Head The Annual 12 stops of Xmas Hash - "Tinkle Belle" was named.
368 December 4 Dog's Arse and Salted Nuts Lochside Trail and Mt.Doug A haven't we been here before trail; but great soup
367 November 20 Deep Shit and Cliffbanger Goldstream Park Annual salmon run; mine shaft; salmon dance
366 November 11 Annual Thetis Relay Thetis Lake we put in 8 teams again
365 October 30 Jack-off & Running Bare UVic Halloween and AGPU Run;  the headless wonder
364 October 9 Jack-off & Running Bare Beacon Hill Park Running Bare renamed "Running Sore", Mike was named "Dewormed", and Sheila was named "Nuneater".
363 September 25 Bushsquatter & CB Glinz Lake Run Mushrooms galore at Camp Thunderbird
362 September 11 BUB Hyacinth Park Run A colourful run
361 August 28 Big Chew and Cakehole Elk Lake Run Pirate Run
360 August 14-15 Mudsucker Port Alberni Annual Blueberry Run
359 July 31 High Beams 4 Mile Pub Scenic Views Run
358 July 17 Preemie combined Darkside/VH3Beaver-Elk Lake Beaver-Elk Tails Cuntry Piknik Run
357 July 3 Mr Crispy Cobble Hill Run Cobble Hill Run
356 June 19 Deep Shit Princess Mary The Princess Mary Run
355 June 5 Stoolie Prior Lake The Nude Beach Run
354 May 22 Mucksucker & Squilchuk Langford The Kiwi Run, where Just Erika was named "Inside Passage"
353 May 8 Cliffbanger & Bushsquater Downtown The 7th Annual Red Dress Run, and the naming of Jack "Jack-Off", and, a returnee visitor, Sue is named "Kerb Humper"
352 April 24 Dump & Erin Fairfield A run from Dump's new abode;2 namings: "Dog's Arse"; and "Whippit Good"
351 April 10 Dancing Pair & Thumper UVic The 1st Duct Tape Run
350 March 27 BUB Langford A birthday cake for the VH3
349 March 13 Shrink & Sheila Cattle Point DFD's last VH3 run pre moving to Kamloops Joe is named "Virgin Snipper"
348 February 28 Itchy & Floppy Marigold Park Run Slow Cooker's birthday and Amelia is named "Camelia Hairfart"
347 February 14 Rod,Testy & Debby Valentine's Day 60's love in A hippy day on the Lochside trail and Mt.Doug
346 January 31 Slow Cooker & Homer 11th Annual Robbie Burns A cold Scottish day and haggis
345 January 17 CB & BS Return to Royal Roads A short run; DFD off to Kamloops to work
344 January 1 Virgin Bride & Tinky Winky Thetis Lake Polar Bear Hash Icy cold water;great hot tub