Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2003

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
343 December 13 Whoremoan and
Newfie Priest
Gordon Head 12 stops, some very short; 7 virgins;
342 November 29 Deep Shit and Hotnuts Goldstream Park remembering Zero; salmon dance; naming of "Go Down";
341 November 11 Annual Thetis Relay Thetis Lake 8 teams of 4; a record for us
340 November 1 Penetration and Gunner Gordon Head over 50 hashers turn up for combined VH3/Dark Side run
339 October 18 Salted,Rod & Always Cuming Mt.Doug Salted forgot to put in any checks!!
338 October 4 Freudian Slip, DFD, and Dean Oak Bay the NBC that wasn't and the naming of Dean as "Puss in Boots"
337 September 20 Bushsquatter Beckwith Park BS was a live hare but could they find the trail?
336 September 6 Shrink Tillicum only 9 of us; the rest chose the Beer Fest instead; how could they?
335 August 24 Whoremoan, Newfy Priest & Stuffer Beachwear Hash visitors from Sacramento,a virgin and a pool to cool off in.
334 August 9-10 Cliffbanger and Bushsquatter Port Alberni Elvis weekend 15 hashers plus 2 hashlings had a great time and Janey was named "Penis Envy"
333 July 26 Wet Virgin & BS Cedar Hill area We conquered the hill to Jennifer Park; lots of whining.  "Never Cums"  was renamed "Cumming Until Next Time
Special July 19 Island Relay Courtney to Nanaimo "Hash Backwards" team of 10 did us proud
332 July 12 Dump on a Stump & Erin Uplands the hashlings are here;a heron aims
331 June 28 Cus & Freudian Slip Gyro Park DFD goes wrong; Throbbus & Trailer return
330 June 14 Stoolie & Hot Nuts Prior Lake, Thetis Park only 5 turned up, including the Hares!!
329 May 24 Digger & Preemie Downtown Red Dress Beauties!, and naming of "Banged Up Between"
328 May 10 Floppy & Itchy Layritz Park here are the snaps
327 April 26 Shrink and Sweetpee Galloping Goose Sweetpee returns for the weekend
326 April 19 Salted & Never Cums Oak Bay Playgrounds & eggs
325 April 5 Stoolie the back of Thetis Lake Pondscum appeared; virgin trails
324 March 22 VPL & Beerman Mill Hill Park Itchy & Beerman's bike; rainbow
323 March 8 Slow Cooker & High Beams Fairfield Paddy Hash; snowy; red hair; Wynne named "Never Cums" .
322 February 22 Cus UVic Caroline named "Freudian Slip"
321 February 8 Suck-me Peter Cedar Hill area bath-robed in Hillside Mall
320 January 25 CB & Bushsquatter Beacon Hill/James Bay Robbie Burns;  poet Boomerang
319 January 11 Kitty Licker Dean Park great chili, Sambuca
318 New Year's Day Homer & Slow Cooker Fairfield cold ocean, hot tub.