Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 2000

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
266 Dec.16th/00 Whoremoan, Newfy Priest, & Stuffer Gordon head 8th Annual Xmas Run
265 November 25th Hard Drive & Deep Shit Goldstream Park AGPU under the stars. "Slippery Nipples" is named.
264 November 11th 5 teams Thetis Lake Remembrance Day Relay
263 October 28th DFD, Bushsquater & Suck-me Peter Songhees / downtown Halloween Run;the stocks!!
October 14th One Size & Shrink Tillicum Sausage Race; water bombs
September 30th Muck Sucker & Squilchuk Langford Music theme; great food
September 24th Whidbey hash Whidbey Island Whidbey weekend
September 16th Peter Gordon Head Naming of Peter "Suck-Me Peter"
September 2nd Shakesbeer & Spitter Shawnigan Lake Treacherous water crossing;
258 August 26th Big Chew Beacon Hill Park
257 August 12th BS & Cliffbanger Mystic Vale 3rd Annual Japanese Run
256 July 22nd Shrink & One Size Witty's Lagoon 2 teams;live hares
255 July 8th Homer & Cake-hole Reynold's Park After hash at Homer's
254 June 24th Cinderella, High Beams, & Digger ?? ??
June 10th Whoremoan & Stuffer Fleming Beach,Esquimalt Pirates galore
252 May 27th live hare ?? ??
251 May 13th Swet Pee ?? ??
250 May 6th Preemie downtown Red Dress Run,Bay Armoury
249 April 15th Virgin Bride & Tinky Winky The Gorge Stoolie's head broke fence
248 April 1st Testicular & BS Langford Lake False start, phony beer.  Just Rick is name "Twinky Winky"
247 March 18th Deflowered & Slow Cooker Fairfield A little flour, Irish stew, and "Deflowered" is named.,
246 March 4th Deep Shit Prospect Lake Stoolie's birthday rites.  Vince is named "CUS"
245 February 19th Cliffbanger & Bushsquatter Juan de Fuca/Royal Roads Xmas tree burning
244 February 5th DFD & Salted Nuts Fleming Beach Valentines,Stoolie as Cupid
243 January 22nd Stoolie & Sweet Pee downtown Burn's Day &home wrecking
242 January 8th Sexy,Preemie, & BS Braefoot Park Mash theme
241 January 1st Homer & Slow Cooker Fairfield Polar bear swim,hot tub.  Just Chris is named "High Beams"..