Victoria Hash House Harriers Runs - 1995

The run numbers are highlighted in green if photos are available, and yellow if only a write-up exists.

Run Number Date Hares Location Comments/Photo Links
December 16th Whoremoan,Prickhairyass & swollen Bag Gordon Head Xmas Run
129 December2nd Dikkus & Hard Drive Thetis Lake ?
128 November 18th Kitty Licker & Hot Nuts Dean Park ?
127 November 4th Carmel Land's End Stonehouse Pub
126 October 21st Icebox & Longest Member Oak Bay ?
125 October 7th Homer & Dikkus Monkey Tree/Swan Lake Pick Up hash
124 September 23rd The Turd & Wrong Way Foreskin Kinsman Park ?
September 9th CB &BS Songhees Toilet seats in the car park.
August 26th Piss in the Park & Magic Oyster Mt.Doug Nerd Run
121 August 12th Prickhairyass & Squilchuk Qualicum Beach A weekend at Qualicum
120 July 29th Dikkus & the Turd Durrance Lake Return to Snowy Mt,*1
July 15th Hareless &Mouth Organ Maplewood Toga Run
July 3rd CB & BS Laryitz park Canada Day Run
June 17th The Turd Gorge Turd's baby run. and "Deep Shit" is named.
June 3rd Dolly Boy & Penetration Gorge Gabriola Island
115 May 27th Broken Rubber & Frozen Lips Elk Lake Smells like fish run
May 22nd Dikkus & Throbus Joe's Trail,Royal Oak Bird of Paradise Pub
113 May 6th Venom Pecker Roche Cove, Sooke not enough chilli and one fork!!
112 April 22nd Wrongway4skin Gorge ?
April 8th Throbus & Good Humour Girl Uplands Easter Run
110 March 25th Hot Nuts & Blown Lochside Friday's Pub
March 11th Homer & Hareless Fairfield "VPL" is named.
108 February 25th Pop a Chubby Maplewood 1550's restaurant
February 11th CB & BS Gowland Range Naming of "Cliffbanger"
January 28th Dikkus & Venom Pecker Tillicum #2 Robbie Burns
105 January 14th Hard Drive & Boner Royal Oak Bird of Paradise Pub
January 1st Squilchuk Thetis lake Ice breaking; hot tub.